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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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486 CEO Ji is prepared to cook!

As the man ended the call, she, who was sitting on the sofa, wondered about the chef's identity.

Unexpectedly, the person who would had shown up was a familiar face. Sister Yun!

Just like their first meeting, the woman entered the room with an entourage of people in uniforms; each was carrying a variety of ingredients.

"…" When she saw her enter in such pomp, she instantly recalled their first meeting.

"Young Master." Sister Yun respectfully greeted the man before she shifted her sight on to her. "Miss Pei…"

She did not know if she were seeing things, but she felt that the woman's look on her was a little odd.

This look was not friendly, but it was also not as unfriendly as when they first met.

"Mhm," the man lightly acknowledged.

"Hello, Sister Yun." She smiled at the woman in greeting. As the saying goes: never snubs a smile!

Since the woman was not as high and mighty as she was during their first meeting, she did not want to sour their relationship. After all, it was not often that they met each other.

"Young Master, the fish today is very fresh; why don't you let Miss Pei cook—"

"Today, she's good; you cook." Ji Ziming coldly cut her off with a slight frown.

His order stunned the female chef first before she nodded with a smile.

"All right, Young Master."

Seeing the woman's happy smile, she whispered in her heart, Could it be that she was hostile toward me before because she thought that I was usurping her job?

As wild thoughts were galloping through her mind, she heard the man's voice.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Pei Ge, do your reading in the study room on the second floor and don't come down unless I tell you to."

"Huh?!" She gawked at him.

His cold face said he was not joking, so she asked with exasperation, "Why?" She was not in the mood to read books right now; why would he suddenly send her upstairs and forbid her from coming down?

"No 'why'; just do as I say." He fleetingly eyed her coldly.

"…" Gosh! This dictatorial, annoying person!

Forget it! He is the boss, and the most supreme one at that! Fine; I'll go upstairs!

With her lips twitching, she glared fiercely at the man and then wordlessly walked toward the second floor.

Along the way, she was grumbling about the man to herself.

He watched her leave in a huff and his initial stone-cold face showed relief.

He looked at her back until she was completely gone from view. Having confirmed that she really went upstairs, he retracted his eyes from the stairs and walked toward the kitchen.

"Young Master? What brings you to the kitchen? This place isn't suitable for you; please leave here before the smoke gets to you."

Just as the female chef was giving out order for her subordinates to wash and cut the vegetables, the man suddenly showed up in the kitchen. She quickly took off her gloves and approached him.

"Why is this place unsuitable for me?" He coldly rebuffed her.

"Uh…" His response startled her. "Well…"

Young Master is so delicate; how can I let him stay in a place filled with smoke and fume?

Although she had such a thought, his cold face deterred her from voicing it out.

When she became speechless, he went past her to enter the kitchen.

His oppressive aura made everyone in the kitchen hang their heads low and avert their gazes from him; everyone was suddenly very focused with their work.

"Young Master, did you come to the kitchen to give me further instructions?" The sight of him entering the kitchen and, even more so, paying close attention to those dealing with the vegetables gave her a shock.

"Help me prepare some loins." He drew back his gaze on the workers and gave her this instruction.

"… Huh?" She did not get what he meant.

"Loins," he coldly repeated.

"Young Master, are you craving for some tenderloins?" She became lucid under his frosty gaze.

"I want to cook sweet and sour pork dish; prepare all the necessary ingredients," he requested with patience.

She was too stunned for words.

Everyone else in the kitchen was flabbergasted as well.

Did they hear him correctly? Their boss was going to cook?!

"Young Master, are you all right?" The woman finally came around and looked at him with doubt.

"…" Perceiving her disbelief, the man's eyes gradually grew frigid. "I don't repeat my words thrice."

She could not help but quake at the frostiness in his voice.

"Yes, yes, yes…" She nodded hurriedly and, not daring to question him again, prepared the required ingredients for making sweet and sour pork quickly.

Having already mentioned on the phone about home-cooked dishes, the ingredients brought over included pork tenderloins.

As such, the needed ingredients were easily gathered.

"Young Master, all that you asked for is here." She respectfully informed the man.

She was extremely puzzled by his sudden desire to cook when he was all along leading a pampered life, but because of his disposition, she did not dare to ask any questions.

The man nervously inspected the ingredients laid out on the marbled kitchen top with wrinkled brows.

I… can do it, right?


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