Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
487 How is this country bumpkin worthy of our young master?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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487 How is this country bumpkin worthy of our young master?

His forehead creased tightly together as he surveyed the ingredients before him.

Cooking oil, tenderloin pork, water, marinade, tomato sauce, corn starch, vinegar, sugar, white sesame…

His frown deepened as he concentrated further on the ingredients.

If they were not in the kitchen, he would be mistaken for someone hosting a large-scale meeting.

"Young Master, as per your request, all the ingredients have been gathered." The female chef cautiously watched him inspect the ingredients on the kitchen top.

"Mhm." He acknowledged her statement softly, yet his forehead remained scrunched up.

It was only yesterday that he had learned how to cook this dish… Since Old He told him that it was acceptable, it should be… acceptable, right?

"Then, Mr. Ji, do you have any other instructions?" The female chef cautiously posed this question to the man whose attention was elsewhere.

"No…" The man trailed off mid-speech before he proceeded again. "Get me an apron."

"…" She widened her eyes at his request and nearly thought that she was hearing things.

"Quickly." He shot her a cold look when she merely stood there.

"All right, all right; I'll go get an apron for you now." With that said, she hurried off in a dizzying state.

His words played a loop on her head.

'Bring me an apron…'

Apron… apron…

Heavens! She must be dreaming!

Otherwise, why would her young master, who had never done anything menial, suddenly tell her that he wanted to cook?! He even chose a dish he disliked eating! Now, he was asking for an apron from her!

Heavens! This was too earth-shattering! This must be a joke, right?!

However, even if her heart was complaining and her spirit had lost its willpower, she must still do what she ought to do.

"Young Master, this is… the apron you requested." Her mouth twitched at her mention of the item.

Their young master was not really going to wear an apron, right?!

"Mhm." Receiving the apron from her, he proceeded to put it on seamlessly.

"…" Seeing him put on the apron without a fuss and with familiarity, she was stunned beyond comprehension.

This must be a hallucination! She must truly be dreaming!

However, his next actions made her even more stunned.


The sound of the cooking oil sizzling in the pan pulled this female chef out of her reverie and back to the present.

The sight that greeted her was of the man not only switching on the stove but also pouring oil into the pan!

"Be careful, Young Master! The oil may splatter on you; perhaps I should…" She trailed off when she saw the man elegantly transfer the ingredients into the pan and sauté them with practiced ease.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The scene of this high and mighty man standing before a stove in a white apron and cooking with ease gave her a great shock.

Their young master could actually cook?!

He was also cooking sweet and sour pork tenderloin – a dish he had never eaten before!

Heavens! Their young master was really in love!

That country bumpkin, from goodness knew where, was truly their young master's girlfriend!

How was that country bumpkin worthy of their young master?! She had neither the looks nor the figure!

Moreover, she was so uncultured! How was she worthy of their young master's affection?!

Amid her internal rant, the man finished frying the pork tenderloins in another pan.

Swash, swash!

Everyone in the kitchen was attracted to his elegant and well-practiced actions and subconsciously stopped working as they watched him cook.

One must admit that the man was born to be eye-catching.

Whatever he wore or did, he was meant to catch people's attention.

Even now, while wearing a white apron, his noble aura did not diminish.

His elegance remained despite holding a pot and a spatula, and he even continued to emit a high and mighty air.

"Young Master Ji is really handsome."

"Yes. No matter what he wears, he can still carry himself well."

"Now I know what it means to have an innate disposition."

All the people brought over by the female chef were men, yet his charisma still managed to captivate them.

The man was so focused on his activity he… did not notice that everyone in the kitchen was staring at him and was getting bolder with their words.

The brazen whispers of the other employees in the kitchen jolted the female chef out of her reverie.

"What are you all doing?! Get back to work!" She reprimanded the group of employees huddling together to gossip fiercely.

Getting reprimanded by her, all of them dispersed to do their respective tasks again.

However, whenever she was not paying attention, they would steal glances in the man's direction.

"Young Master, go and rest; I'll fry that for you." Her heart ached when she caught sight of the beads of perspiration on the man's forehead.

However, he did not pay her any heed and simply continued cooking the sweet and sour pork.

"Aiiii!" At the man's act of ignoring her, she started berating Pei Ge inwardly again.

That woman is too much! Doesn't she know that a man works outside and a woman works inside?! How can she let our beloved young master cook?! This is preposterous.



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