Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
493 Sister, why do you like my cousin?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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493 Sister, why do you like my cousin?

The corners of her mouth twitched as she observed the fierceness on his face.

How could she know why? Was this annoying person behind it?

The cluelessness on her face only served to fuel the fire in his heart.

This dumb woman really doesn't know how to appreciate others' kindness!

"I'm going to the office." Sweeping her with his cold eyes, he got up off the sofa.

The expression on his chiseled face seemed to say, "I'm angry. Come and appease me!'

Alas, he was fated to receive a different reaction from her, for she… apparently had a misconception of what his expression meant.

"Oh. Go ahead, then," she acknowledged with a smile.

Aiya! This annoying person is finally leaving! While he looks are pleasing to the eye, his temper, on the other hand, can really cause one to lose their appetite!

His mood swings from happy to angry rapidly. How very strange!

Just take now for instance; this annoying person is suddenly angry again!

"…" Seeing her smiling mercilessly at him, he coldly snorted and took large strides out of the villa.

As she watched him leave, a sense of loneliness crept into her heart.

Once their lunch affair was over, Sister Yun and the others cleaned the kitchen and dining area, and then they were gone.

Hence, his departure made the sole her lonely in this huge villa.

Besides recorded sound of birds chirping, no other noise could be heard in this building.

"I should be able to rear a pet here, right?" she mumbled.

As she considered raising a pet in this place, a particular CEO, who was in his car that was parked outside of the villa, reached for his phone with a cold face.

"Hello, cousin! What a miracle! You actually called me first!"

The moment the call connected, Qin Qitong's excited voice came through.

"Cousin, you're too unkind! You actually stealthily took away my Sister Pei Ge! You're really great!"

"… My mom wants to meet Pei Ge?" Listening to her excited chattering only made his forehead crease, so he just straight up asked her his question.

"Yes! Auntie wants to meet Sister Pei Ge!" She quickly affirmed this and then asked her own question. "Cousin, how do you know of this?"

The moment this question left her mouth, however, she connected the dots, so she hastily added, "Ah, I know! You were with Sister Pei Ge before, and she told you this, right?"

Her propensity to gossip made his forehead fold even tighter, and he coldly interrupted her to convey his purpose. "Change the location for the meetup this weekend. Don't go to a dessert shop."

"Ah, why? Why can't they meet at a dessert shop? Aunt and Sister Pei Ge love eating desserts; it's a good idea to meet at such a place," she said in confusion, unable to fathom the reason for his request.

However, after the words departed from her mouth, she screamed again.

"Ah, cousin! Are you saying that Sister Pei Ge agreed to meet auntie this weekend?"

"…" He inhaled deeply at her ear-splitting scream. Ignoring her words, he coldly said, "Bring mom to the private room at I.D. High Class Recreational Club for the meetup."

"Ah? Why? There's no delicious dessert in that place! Also, they usually serve food without any sugar content and the menu is mostly composed of health and wellness food. Sister Pei Ge won't like it," she objected.

Her objection was futile apparently.

Without a word, he hung up the phone.

He was clearly not concerned about her opinion.

She flared up when the disconnect tone sounded.

"What of us being cousins?! How dare you hang up on me?! Hmph! Don't you know that me and your future wife are like sisters?! Rascal cousin of mine, you just wait and see; I'll complain to your girlfriend now!"

What he did not anticipate was that, the moment he ended his cousin's call, she would call that woman to rant.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Pei Ge was in the middle of sunbathing on a soft grass patch in the viewing room when her phone rang particularly loudly, intruding to the peace and quiet in the surroundings.

"Who could it be?"

She took out her phone from her pocket, and once she saw the caller ID, she thought to herself, Is Qitong calling to inquire about the weekend date with that man's mother?

"Hello, Qitong—" She did not get to say what was on her mind…

"Sister Pei Ge, my cousin is so terrible!"

… For the girl's angry voice traveled through the line and effectively cut off her words mid-speech.

"Sister Pei Ge, do you know what my cousin did? To prevent us from meeting at a dessert shop, he made a reservation at a place serving tasteless food! How terrible! Sister Pei Ge, he clearly knows that you like desserts!" She ranted about her cousin.

She was amused by the girl's ranting about her cousin and thought to herself, That annoying fellow is really quick to take action. He just told me that I'm forbidden from eating sweets, and he already changed the location for the meetup this weekend.

Ze, how efficient.

"Sister Pei Ge, say something. My cousin is bad, right? Therefore, you must teach that rascal who disregards others a good lesson!" This was when the girl realized that the other had not uttered a single word during her rant.

"All right, Qitong, don't be angry anymore. You clearly know his temper," she gently consoled.

While she was clueless on what that man did to antagonize his cousin, she could somewhat understand her reaction.

The girl gradually calmed down under her coaxing.

However, the moment she calmed down, her gossiping nature returned in full blast.

"Sister Pei Ge… why do you like my cousin?"


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