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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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496 Xiao Ji likes our daughter!

"Ge Ge, why are you home so early today?"

After she closed the door, her mother's voice was heard from the kitchen.

"Mhm. I hitched a ride from someone, so I got home earlier than usual." Changing into slippers, she passed a pair of disposable shoe covers to the man.

He frowned at it and then looked at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Hurry up and put this on. I just mopped the floor yesterday. Wear these so your shoes won't dirty it," she hastily explained.

Who knew that he would keep his eyes on her as he raised a leg?

"…" The corners of her mouth slightly twitched at his action, and she stared at him with exasperation. "You can't be asking me to put them on for you, right?"

Shockingly, he really nodded expressionlessly.

"D*mn! Wear it yourself!" she exclaimed angrily.

He did not move. Clearly, no matter what she said, he would not bend over to wear them on his own.

"…" D*mn! She could only curse and grit her teeth at how obstinate the high and mighty man was before she helplessly knelt to help him put on the shoe covers one after another.

His lips curled into a smile when he saw her kneel and put each shoe cover on him.

"What ride…" Zhang Manhua, who had just finished preparing dinner, walked out of the kitchen at this moment.

She trailed off at the sight that greeted her eyes in the living room doorway.

Before her were her daughter, who was busy putting a shoe cover on Xiao Ji while kneeling, and the young man, who was occupied with surveying her daughter while smiling gently.

Inexplicably, this scene resembled the interaction she had with her husband.

The shock on her face soon gave way to a satisfied smile.

Indeed, she was right all along! Her daughter and this young man could become a pair!

"Mom? Mom, when did you come out?" Once she finished helping the man and was about to tease him about it, she saw her mother standing in the living room and smiling at them.

Somehow, her mother's smile made her feel guilty.

"He he. Xiao Ji is here. Hurry and sit." Zhang Manhua did not pay attention to her daughter and merely warmly beckoned the young man inside.

He nodded and greeted politely,

"Hi, Auntie. How are you doing?"

"Good, good, good!" She beamed at him. She then looked over at her daughter and asked, "Xiao Ji gave you a ride home?"

"Mhm." She nodded.

"He he. Xiao Ji, are you here for dinner?" Zhang Manhua beamed at the man again.

"Yes. Sorry to bother you," he admitted politely, obediently even.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This middle-aged woman already thought that he had killer looks, and with the addition of his obedient attitude, she was quickly over the moon.

The longer she observed him, the fonder she became of him.

He was a great match for her daughter! The main point was that he clearly liked her daughter!

"No bother; no bother. Hurry and sit." Smiling at the man, she shot her daughter a reproachful look.

"Ge Ge, you child, you should've called to inform me that Xiao Ji is coming over for dinner."

She, as her daughter had predicted, only prepared some leftovers and a pot of porridge for dinner.

Such simple dishes were definitely not for hosting a guest.

Her mother's accusing look made Pei Ge feel wronged.

How could she know that this annoying person was going to have dinner at their house when she was only informed by him when they were alighting from the car?

"Auntie, don't blame her. She only just found out, too; I told her after we got out of the car," he softly explained.

Hmph! At least, you have the conscience to explain!

She snorted to herself.

Zhang Manhua was made happier by his words.

Aiyo! Not bad, not bad. Xiao Ji is really good and protects my Ge Ge so much. He he!

"Xiao Ji, you sit in the living room first. Auntie will whip up some dishes for you," she said happily.

The man did not protest at her suggestion.

Instead, it was Pei Ge who became unhappy with it. Pouting, she grumbled, "Mom, is there a need to cook more? Whatever you prepared is fine already."

"You child, what nonsense are you saying?" She frowned in reprimand at her.

Never mind this young man, even if the guest was a total stranger, she would still never let that person eat leftovers and would certainly whip up a few more dishes.

My daughter probably got into a tiff with Xiao Ji.

She shook her head in amusement as that thought crossed her mind.

"I will help you prepare, then," she muttered eventually. Deep down, she knew that her words just then were quite inappropriate.

Zhang Manhua glanced at her and shook her head with a smile. "No need. You can sit here and accompany Xiao Ji."

She, thus, returned to the kitchen alone.

Soon, only the two were left in the living room.

"Why exactly did you come over for dinner?" She stared at him crossly, depressed that her mother had misunderstood her again.

"I told you I'm hungry." He shrugged once more.

She had the strong urge to choke this annoying person before her when she heard that reason of his again.

Hungry? Hungry, your sister!

She was not buying it, all right?!

All right. Even he himself did not believe his poor excuse.

Still, if this great CEO did not speak the truth, no one would be able to guess that his reason for being here was to find out more about her taste. Dining at her home was really an impromptu idea of his.

Mhm! No one should be able to guess it.


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