Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
498 The Great CEO Ji with Too Much Pheromones
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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498 The Great CEO Ji with Too Much Pheromones

"All right, Xiao Ji. It's pretty late now; you should return home to rest." Saying that to the young man, she then faced her daughter. "Ge Ge, send Xiao Ji off."

"…" She blinked her eyes exasperatedly at her mother before she shifted them on to the man. "He is already a grown-up. Why do I need to send him off?"

"Stop nagging and hurry."

Zhang Manhua glared at her daughter and then pushed her toward the door.

She was left feeling helpless by her mother's action.

"Mom, if someone else sees this, they'll think that I'm not your daughter…" Instead, they'll think that this 'Xiao Ji' beside me is your biological son.

She did not dare to voice that aloud, though.

As such, under her mother's forceful push, she put on her shoes and accompanied the man in the corridor.

Tak, tak, tak!

A series of footsteps echoed in the corridor, and this was accompanied by the activation of the sensor lights.

As the lights went on one by one, she suddenly recalled that all of them were installed in this building under the man's directive.

"Right. I heard that you were the one who had all these sensor lights installed in this corridor." She looked at him curiously. When she first learned of this, she was really very surprised.

"Mhm." He nodded. In fact, he had ordered lights to be installed not just in this corridor.

Even the streetlights on that road leading to this neighborhood were changed under his order.

"Why did you help change all the sensor lights in our building?" she asked, trying to find a topic to talk about.

However, before the man could say anything, the sensor lights in the corridor dimmed.

"Ah!" She shrieked at the sudden flood of darkness.

Soon, she felt her hand being held by a well-defined hand.

Her anxiety and fear dissipated in that instant.

"Don't be afraid." The man's unique low voice, which was unforgettable, sounded in her ear amid the darkness.

Pound, pound! Indeed, she no longer flustered, but this time, it was her heart that was disturbing her, and her face heated up as a result.

This annoying fellow probably has overabundant pheromones! If not, why else will my heart flutter and my face blush every time he comes near me?

The current her was truly thankful that it was dark. This way, the man would be unable to see her face. Otherwise, she would feel really embarrassed!

"I'll hold you; just follow me," he said, his voice not sounding cold.

"Mhm." She nodded and trailed after the man obediently.

Shrouded in the darkness, the two held hands rather intimately.

Maybe it was because of the sudden darkness, but the two were also leaning closely against each other.

"Hah… hah…"

The corridor was extremely disquieting in this darkness, especially with only the sound of their breathing and footsteps.

She was holding his hand and leaning against him as they carefully made their way down the stairs.

For some reason, she recalled that heart-pounding moment she had shared with him right in this staircase a long time ago.

"Hah!" Her breathing grew heavier and her cheeks became more heated up at that.

Pei Ge, what the hell are you thinking about that for?! Why did you choose this time to recall that?!

Thinking up to this, she, out of embarrassment, lifted her free hand and gave her head a knock.

"What are you doing?" He vaguely noticed her action.

"No-Nothing." With the fresh recollection of her time with him in this very corridor before, she suddenly did not dare to look straight at him.

"… What do you mean 'nothing'?" He looked at her hand, which was still on her head, with a frown and reached out to hold it as well.

"You are originally stupid as it is. Don't go hitting your head for no reason," he coldly said.

All the embarrassment she was feeling in that moment vanished instantly at his remark.

"How am I stupid?! You are the stupid one!" Your whole family is stupid!

She indignantly muttered that inside.

He chuckled at her sudden display of rage and, for some reason, could not stop himself from caressing her cheek.

As his hand touched her cheek, both parties froze instantly.

"Per-Pervert!" She quickly swatted his palm away. Her heart was pounding like crazy as her eyes became filled with shyness.

How hot.

Feeling the lingering temperature on his fingertips, he asked, "Why is your face so hot? Are you sick?"

Her face heated up further at his question.

"What sick?! I'm just feeling hot!" she quickly denied.

"Hot?" It is now winter; why do you feel hot?

"Are you having a fever?" He moved to place his hand on her forehead.

She spotted his hand moving toward her and quickly swatted it away again.

Alas, the man was ready this time, and he did not let her succeed.

His cold hand naturally caressed her head.

"It's burning." He felt for her temperature and frowned. "You have a fever."

You're the one with a fever! D*mn it!

"I'm not. I just feel hot! All right. You can let go now." She shifted her head away from his palm. "Quickly return home, okay? I'll go back now."

With that said, she struggled away from his hands and tried to flee.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The man was not having it, however, and firmly held onto her wrists. Pushing her against a corner, he trapped her between his arms and the wall.


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