Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
501 How should I save you, my young master?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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501 How should I save you, my young master?

Pound, pound!

Someone's heartbeat was pounding, and she felt that it belonged to her.

She could feel the sturdy chest of the man behind her, she could sense his palms around her waist, and she could smell the refreshing soap wafting off his body. Anytime now, she expected her face to burn up like a loser!

"Why are you always so careless?" He frowned at her. In contrast to her strongly pounding heart, his was beating fast from the scare she had given him.

Her brain finally came online when she heard his voice.

Before the man could find out that her cheeks were red again, she sat up straight and pushed him away.

"You are the careless one!" After she pushed him away, she lowered her head.

Feeling the emptiness in his hands, his heart suddenly felt empty, too.

His gaze turned quizzical when he noticed her lowering head and refusing to look at him.

This dumb woman has been acting a little weird since yesterday.

"Are you really not sick?" he asked with uncertainty.

"I'm not; I'm not. How many times do I have to say it before you believe me? Do you want me to be sick?" She could not help feeling a little embarrassed and a little angry when he asked her that question again.

You call me stupid every day; I think you're the stupid one here! In what way do I look like a sick person?!

"…" Ji Ziming frowned. He had this nagging feeling that something was not right with this dumb woman.

When she perceived his hot gaze on her, her heart suddenly accelerated like crazy. At the same time, she felt somewhat anxious.

This annoying fellow… couldn't have found out that I—

"What do you want to eat today?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Before she could finish her line of thought, she heard him ask a question again, but this time, it was of a completely inessential topic.

"…" Oh, please, big brother! Don't you think that your jump from one topic to another… is a little too quick?!

"What do you want to eat?" When she did not say anything in response, he merely patiently repeated his question.

"Oh. It's nothing special. Anything will do. Yesterday's was pretty good." She raised her head to meet his dark eyes and seemingly spotted a bit of anticipation in them.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?! Anticipation? Am I seeing wrongly?

She widened her eyes and carefully studied him again.

This time, however, when she looked at him again, his eyes were back to its apathetic one, as though the anticipation she had spotted just now was but a hallucination.

Er… It must be my hallucination, she mumbled to herself.

"Mhm-kay." He nodded with a blank expression before he ordered coldly, "Go to the study room to read some books. Someone will call you when the food is ready."

Her eyes opened wide in confusion at his words.

"Hah?!" She looked at him quizzically. Why is this annoying fellow making me read books in the study room again?

"Why do I have to read books in the study room again?"

It is weird and doesn't make sense why he insists on having me read books in the study room every afternoon before lunch.

"To make up for your lack of knowledge." He made it sound as if that was obvious.

Hearing his reply, she almost coughed up blood from anger.

What do you mean to make up for my lack of knowledge?! Are you implying that I have no knowledge?!

"But the books in your study room are boring," she mumbled.

"That's why I'm making you grow your knowledge." The man continued to provide her with explanation.

"…" Hur hur! You just want me to read those complicated and pretentious books, right?

"Go now. Stay on the second floor and don't come down unless I say so." He noted her silent protest but did not change his stance.

"…" Again! He's even resorted to restricting my freedom now!

She grumbled about it inside, her curiosity mounting.

Why is this annoying fellow hell-bent on preventing me from going back here? Should I go down secretly to take a look later?

"You're not allowed to go down secretly." He guessed her intention when he saw her eyeballs turned in their sockets.

"…" F*ck! She nudged her lips and glared at him indignantly. "You should at least tell me the computer's password and let me surf the net."

"If you don't want to tell me the computer password, at least give me the one for the WiFi!" she added.

He looked at her pitiful appearance, then thought of the books in his study room, and realized that they were really topics she would not be interested in. Hence, the soft-hearted him nodded.


"Really? Yay!" she whooped in delight. I finally don't need to look at those uninteresting books! I finally can go online!

The man's lips curled up slightly at her thrilled look.

"Let's go! There should be no secret in your computer, right?"

The two walked abreast out of the etiquette room and then in the corridor leading to the study room.


"Really? That means I can use it to my heart's content!"

"Up to you."

The two of them walking alongside each other while chatting looked pretty intimate to anybody looking. They soon reached the study room amid their chatter.

"All right. Stay here in the study room; someone will call you down when it's time for lunch."

She sat in front of the study desk and smilingly nodded at him. "Relax; I won't go down for sure!"

However, after she said that, she added more in her heart. Like real!

"Mhm." He took one last glance at her and left the study room.

She blinked and thought for a while after his departure. Eventually, she decided to play with the computer until the defense of her 'enemy' was down before she went sleuthing in their territory.

"Young Master, are you cooking today as well?"

In the kitchen downstairs, the female leading the cooks, Sister Yun, asked that question with a frown when she saw the man appear at the doorway just as she was about to start cooking.

"Mhm." Humming to affirm, he then ordered, "Prepare some potato and green peppers for me."


My gosh! What should I do to save my young master?!


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