Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
502 Is there something in the kitchen that should not be seen?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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502 Is there something in the kitchen that should not be seen?

Tak, tak, tak!

The sound of a knife chopping something on a cutting board echoed in the large kitchen.

Just by listening to the sound, one could tell that this person possessed a rather decent standard of chopping.

However, it was not the act of chopping itself but the person doing the cutting that made everyone gawk.

"Am I blind?"

"Not blind, but you could be having an illusion."

"Yes. How is CEO Ji's cutting skill so good? Look at those finely sliced potatoes…"

Everyone in the kitchen stood transfixed at the man wearing an apron as he cut vegetables on the countertop. They stared in awe at their young master. How was his chopping skill so good? They could not wrap their heads around it.

In fact, the man had just started learning how to cook, so his knife skill was not at an exceptional level, but with that face and identity, his action was enough to shock everyone.

Moreover, even though the man had just started taking lessons for less than a week, his knife skill was really quite good.

Even Old He felt that he had talent in cooking.

Tak, tak, tak!

The fair, slender fingers cut through vegetables at a decent speed. He was clearly just preparing vegetables, but his disposition and face made the action seemed elegant.

It even looked as if the man before the countertop was not cooking but was making art, instead.

At this point, everyone in the kitchen was fully engrossed in watching his actions with faces aglow with admiration.

They could not help thinking to themselves that, if their boss were seen by any woman right now, she would immediately be smitten over him!

Just as the group of people in the kitchen stared transfixed on the man, a particular woman quietly exited the study room and stealthily walked down the stairs.

This woman slowly made her way forward with feathery light footsteps.

For once, she felt grateful for having the etiquette course. If this were in the past, she reckoned t she would be unable to walk without making a sound.

Having learned to walk with grace from the etiquette teacher, she found it very easy not to make a sound while walking.

Hmm! I just want to see what that man is doing and why he requires me to stay upstairs every time the meal is being prepared.

With that thought, excitement bubbled in her.

Once she was on the first floor, she quickly discovered an anomaly in the living room. It was strangely quiet.

That's weird…

She blinked at the empty living room.

Where is that annoying person?

Looking around and failing to find the man, her brows knitted tightly together as doubts filled her heart.

Could it be that the annoying person have secretly snuck out?

That thought had just come to her mind when she heard a commotion in the kitchen.

Oh, yes! Someone should be making lunch in the kitchen right now. Perhaps… I should check the kitchen? While I'm at it, I can look for where that annoying person is.

Thinking up to that, she did not bother keeping her steps light and just quickly made her way to the kitchen.

As she was not as cautious as before, her steps when she walked produced some noise, though her footsteps were not very heavy.

"That annoying person really isn't here…" As she walked toward the kitchen, her eyes darted all over in a bid to find the man, but it was to no avail.

She was almost to the kitchen at this point, and the noise coming from it was becoming louder.

Tak, tak, tak!


The sounds of vegetables getting cut and being stir-fried reached her ears.

There was also an occasional fuzzy sound entrained amid this noise.

As it was too chaotic, she could not discern what the people inside were saying but could vaguely pick up the words 'young master'.

"Are they talking about Ji Ziming?" She blinked suspiciously, her footsteps hastening.

Standing at the doorway to the kitchen, the sounds were now more distinct.

She was now looking at this open kitchen. As the kitchen was big, to prevent the smoky fumes from escaping, one must round a corner first to enter.

Therefore, even though it was an open kitchen, one would be unable to see what was going on inside from the entrance, and they had to walk in first to do so.

She was preparing to do just that when Sister Yun's face, which was full of vicissitudes, loomed before her.

"Ah!" she cried out in fright.

"Miss Pei, why are you here?" Sister Yun's face was stony-cold and her tone was unfriendly.

She looked at the old hag's face and rolled her eyes inwardly.

"Why can't I be here?"

She shrugged, her mouth twitching.

"I believe I heard the young master instructing you to stay on the second floor and not come down," Sister Yun merely said curtly.

"…" She must admit that, although Sister Yun was spouting too many garbage words, the man had indeed strictly instructed her not to come downstairs at this time.

However, she was one that preferred gentleness over harshness. She would return to others whatever attitude they treated her.

As such, although she was being slightly unreasonable, she did not grow soft on Sister Yun.

"I heard it, too, but so what? Do I need to report my whereabouts to you?" She lifted her chin and pursed her lips.

"He he. Of course, I don't dare to manage you, Miss Pei, but I have to act on our young master's instructions." She chuckled mirthlessly, her eyes cold and fierce.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

How ridiculous this was for such type of woman to dare peek at their young master!

"Miss Pei, please return upstairs and don't wander to places, especially to the kitchen, where you aren't supposed to be."

Suspicions grew in her heart at Sister Yun's severe insistence on her not to enter the kitchen.

If her memory served her right, Sister Yun previously mocked her for not cooking. Why was she telling her not to enter the kitchen today, then?

Was there something in the kitchen that should not be seen?

She must take a look, then!


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