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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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504 Deeply Enchanted by Pei Ge

One, two, three…

She moved to pull it with all her might.

Before the curtain could be drawn, however, her phone suddenly rang.

"Miss P-Pei, your phone is ringing. I think it's better answer that first," Sister Yun stammered, gulping in fright thereafter.

She released her hold of the curtain and fished out the phone from her pocket.

When she saw the flashing name on it, she became mum for a moment, and by the time she moved to accept the call, the screen, which displayed 'annoying person', had already darkened. The call was disconnected before she even had the chance to answer it.

"Yi?" What's up with Ziming? Why did he hang up so fast?

She was askance. Still, because of this call, she forgot about opening the curtain.

"How strange…" she mumbled. She was about to keep it back in her pocket when the screen flickered on again to notify her of an incoming message.

She felt even more suspicious when she saw who the sender was.

Why was that annoying person not calling her and sending a text, instead?

She unlocked the screen and read his text.

[I heard from Sister Yun that, not only are you downstairs, you are even causing a ruckus in the kitchen.]

She shot Sister Yun a glare when she read that.

How dare she complain about me?! This is too much! I didn't even do anything!

Hold on. When did Sister Yun find the time to complain to Ziming?

Shooting Sister Yun another scathing glare, she scrolled the message down.

[Dock half a month's worth of pay.]Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"…" D*mn, what?! I merely went downstairs and took a peek in the kitchen. Is it worth a half-month's pay?! This is really too much!

As she was cursing the man while staring at the screen, the phone flickered on with a buzz again.

She was pissed off when she saw the sender.

Why is it that annoying person again?!

[In five minutes, I'll check if you are in the study room. If I don't see you there, I'll surely dock your pay.]


She inhaled sharply at this threat and did her best to calm down and not to utter any expletives.

"Miss Pei?" Suspicion fleeted across Sister Yun's eyes when she saw the woman hold her phone tightly.

"Huuuu!" Exhaling, Pei Ge kept the phone in her pocket and looked up at Sister Yun with a stiff smile.

"Sister Yun, I didn't expect you to take such quick actions."

"…" Ah? Sister Yun eyed her coldly, clueless on what she was talking about. Thankfully, the clever her did not reveal any of her thoughts.

"All right, all right, all right. I'll return upstairs obediently. There's nothing here to see, anyway." Pei Ge pursed her lips.

Sister Yun's heart relaxed when she changed her mind.

Thankfully, this woman didn't discover young master!


Greatly affected by the man's messages to her, she no longer paid attention to that yellow curtain she was attempting to draw aside just moments ago.

Turning around, she left the kitchen.

D*mn! That annoying person, how vicious can he get?! Terrible! He can't be serious, right? A half-month's pay gone just like that…

She grumbled inwardly as she walked back upstairs.

What she did not know was that, the moment she left the kitchen, everyone stopped moving.

This was especially the case for Sister Yun who was standing before the curtain as she tentatively called.

"Young Master…"


The yellow curtain was pulled to the side in an instant.

Right at that moment, the warm rays of the sun flooded the kitchen.

Bathed in this sunlight was one of greatest captivating existences in the room.

A man donning a white apron was enveloped by a layer of golden rays, causing his already flawless face to look even more exquisite.

Owing to these golden rays and his white apron, a touch of gentleness and ethereality was added to his alluring face.

Sister Yun could only look at him in awe. While she was already getting on in years, his otherworldly beauty still enchanted her!

Of course, as a middle-aged auntie, getting bewitched by him did not say much. As for the young people in the kitchen getting captivated by him, now that was saying a lot.

This was even more so when a burned smell permeated the air in the kitchen due to their inattentiveness.

Ji Ziming's forehead wrinkled with displeasure at this scorched smell.

"The dish is ruined." He coldly relayed that to the man frying the vegetables as he walked toward him.


His voice was like a dousing spell, and it pulled them back to reality.

Chaos filled the kitchen in an instant.

This ruckus did not affect the man, however, and he simply returned to where he was earlier.

Seeing that the sliced potatoes in the frying pan had turned cold, his forehead folded tightly together.

That dumb woman! I told her time and again not to come down, but she refused to listen and even came into the kitchen!

She really has no respect for me!

"Young Master, this dish isn't ruined; we just need to reheat it." Standing behind him was Sister Yun. She started comforting him the instant she saw him frown at the pan.

"No. Prepare another plate of green pepper and potatoes." He threw the beautifully stir-fried green pepper with sliced potatoes into the trash can.

Sister Yun's lips moved at his series of actions but eventually did not say anything.

Aiii. Looks like our young master is truly smitten over that woman!


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