Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
510 An Exceptionally Different Mother Ji
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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510 An Exceptionally Different Mother Ji

Taking note of the two people staring at her with twinkling eyes, she sighed inwardly before she said aloud in a helpless voice, "You two are overthinking this. It's not like that."

These two really… Qitong said that the annoying fellow's mom has a lot in common with me, but I'm not the gossipy type at all!

"That's not possible!" the two exclaimed in harmony.

"…" I'm really speaking the truth here! In fact, we're not even a real couple! Please stop letting your imaginations run wild!

"Sister Pei Ge, who are we, and what is our relationship? I even magnanimously forgave you when you didn't tell me about this last time. If you still hide the truth from me, I will be very angry with you," Qin Qitong threatened.

She could not help feeling helpless at this. As she moved to speak, she noticed Mother Ji, who had lowered her head to look at her phone, suddenly look up at her with excitement.

"I found it!"

"…" Mother Ji is dressed so elegantly, but…

"Look! Here's evidence!" This middle-aged lady loomed the phone before Pei Ge's face. "I'll see how you explain this."

"…" God above the sky… and below the ground… Is she really that annoying fellow's mother?

Why is that man's mother this… this… down-to-earth?!

I can't really feel her lofty status from her action right now!

Other than her clothes, her natural looks, and her aura, she could really not feel that the man's mother was a madam from a noble bloodline.

In fact, this madam was no different to her mother.

Oh, no. That's not accurate as well. Actually, she's livelier than my mom.

Sigh… Where is that promised cold and harsh treatment? Where is that promised scene of her throwing a stack of banknotes or a check at me while telling me to leave Ji Ziming?

Indeed, soap operas are all lies!

Just as her mind was on full throttle because of the shock Mother Ji had given her, she caught sight of an extremely familiar photo before her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?!

She widened her eyes in shock and disbelief at the photo in Mother Ji's phone.

Isn't this…

"Look! I said that I have evidence. Now, you should properly explain this me." Mother Ji looked especially proud of herself upon seeing the shock on her face.

Pei Ge's lips could not help twitching at that smug look.

She was still unable to get used to the lively personality of the man's mother.

Who would have expected that the man's mother would have such a personality?

Noting her shock, Qin Qitong also moved to take a look at the phone display. The moment she saw the photo, she burst out into laughter.

"Ha ha! Auntie, so you still have this photo!"

"That's right. I feel that it would come in handy someday, so I didn't delete it." Mother Ji gave her niece a proud smile.

"Auntie is still the sharpest! Why didn't I think of that?!" She looked at her with eyes sparkling in awe.

The middle-aged madam became prouder of herself.

Watching the two's interaction, she only felt that the man's mother was not their elder at all. Instead, she was like someone of the same generation as them. She did not give off even a sense of pressure.

Still… Why does she have this photo, which was once circulated in the office by Liu Yue through Pei Shishi's instigation.

"Auntie, why do you have this photo?" she asked, baffled.

Hearing her question, Mother Ji laughed. "Oh, you're talking about this photo… The hospital you guys went to is owned by my friend. She could be considered as my spy!"

"Hm?!" Her eyes widened at that.

The its origin was actually this auntie, but… why would she have it?

"What's wrong, Sister Pei Ge? Why do you have that expression?" Qin Qitong noticed her shock and blinked at her quizzically.

"This photo…" She paused. Frowning slightly, she continued. "Wasn't this spread by Liu Yue?"

"Ah! You're talking about that bad woman!" This girl easily understood. Gnashing her teeth, she spat, "That bad woman stole this picture from my auntie!"

Her niece's words sank into Mother Ji, and she proceeded to look at Pei Ge with contrite.

"Ge Ge, I was responsible for that scandal about you! It's all because I mistook a bad person for a good one."

"Huh?" She was confused to find Mother Ji looking contrite, unable to understand what the latter meant.

"Sigh… When I first got this picture, I sent it to Liu Yue in hopes of identifying you, but who knew that…" She did not complete her words, but the guilt in her eyes grew stronger.

Pei Ge more or less figured out the whole story from Mother Ji's tidbits.

So, that picture, which spread like wildfire in the company, wasn't Liu Yue and Pei Shishi's personal handiwork. It's actually the doing of Ziming's mother.

Still, what relationship does Ziming's mother have with Liu Yue?

Something popped up in her mind, but just like fireworks, it disappeared again.

Before she could ponder on this further, the warm touch on her palm brought her back to reality.

"Ge Ge, auntie is feels apologetic to you! I made you suffer so much injustice!"

Feeling the guilt-ridden and very remorseful Mother Ji's comforting hands on hers, Pei Ge perceived her heart softening.

Toward such a woman, she did not think anybody would be able to harbor any ill-intent.

It's totally different from that annoying fellow…

Still, I really think I've met her somewhere else before. I find her to be awfully familiar.


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