Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
512 The one I love is Ziming and not his money.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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512 The one I love is Ziming and not his money.

"What?! You slept in the same room as my son!"

"Sister Pei Ge, you are actually this powerful! You are amazing!"

She sucked in a deep, calming breath as she watched the pair opposite her react hugely.

Calm down… calm down…

D*mn! How am I supposed to calm down?!

I just said that I had mistaken myself to be pregnant and had just entertained the possibility of Ji Ziming being the father of it!

I even quickly explained that it's all a big misunderstanding brought by my drunkenness!

In the end, these two people filtered all those things I've emphasized on and filled in the blanks with their imaginations! Can we please communicate properly?!

"Aiya! I really didn't expect this! Our Ming Ming actually fell in love at first sight with you! Not bad! He is just like his dad! He took it down the first chance he had when he liked something!" Mother Ji happily noted.

I was actually worried that my son won't be able to find a wife with his low EQ, but it turned out that my baby son's EQ is still slightly higher than his dad's!

"Sister Pei Ge, you are amazing! No wonder you are my idol! You actually took down my cousin that simply! You are truly amazing!" Qin Qitong giggled mirthfully.

As she looked at the aunt-niece pair, with one being happy and another being excited, her lips twitched uncontrollably.

My gosh! Ji Ziming, quickly come and save me! I really can't communicate with them!

At this moment, she suddenly wished that she had met a haughty, rich madam who would throw a check at her face, instead. That way, she could say in a proud and cold manner, 'The one I love is Ziming and not his money,' before she stalked off handsomely.

"Auntie, Qitong, I think you guys are misunderstanding something. We didn't sleep in the same room. I was just so drunk Ziming had a waiter bring me to a suite to sleep. You guys are reading too much into this. We! Are! Really! Innocent!" she enunciated the last few words very clearly.

Wu, wu, wu! Is this easy for me?! I actually gave them a wholesome story, but despite how 'innocent' I made us seem, these two still perfectly ran wild with their imaginations…

"He he! That's still amazing. You actually managed to make our Ming Ming help you out on your first meeting. That means he cares a lot about you even then!" Mother Ji grinned at her with an expression that said, 'I understand. I totally understand. Don't bother hiding it.'

"Yes, yes. Sister Pei Ge, my cousin is such a cold man. I've never seen him show compassion to anyone even to—" Mother Ji interrupted her at that point.

"Cough, cough, cough! Qitong, are you hungry now?" She gave her a vicious glare.

"Huh? I'm not really hungry yet." The girl did not catch on it immediately, but when she saw her auntie's pointed look, it dawned on her.

"Ah! I'm hungry! I am very hungry!"

Looking at two people sitting across her wear unnatural expressions, she blinked suspiciously.

These two seem to be hiding something from me. Their attempt to change the topic is a little too stiff!

Still, what was Qitong meaning to say just then?

"Ge Ge, it's almost time. What do you want to eat?" Mother Ji smilingly interrupted her reverie with this question.

She smiled politely. "Auntie, I am not picky; I like anything as long as it tastes good."

"Aye! Auntie likes girls like you. Then, I will just order anything, okay?" Hearing her answer, Mother Ji did not insist further and just quickly gave this suggestion.

She nodded and said, "Okay, Auntie. You can just order whatever you like."

Still, she was quite curious on how they would order food in this place which resembled an apartment.

She soon found out, though.

She saw Mother Ji lifted a gadget on the coffee table and tapped a few times on its screen, seemingly selecting a few dishes.

Soon, they heard the elevator ring.

Ding! That sound was followed by the elevator doors opening.

She reflexively turned to look at the doors.

In strode a man who greatly resembled a butler from TV shows. He wore a black suit and looked spirited.

Behind the man were many people in similar uniforms with baskets.

The familiar sight instantly reminded her of Sister Yun's entourage. She easily figured out that the baskets were filled with fresh ingredients.

Indeed, she was right.

"Madam Ji, these are the fresh ingredients delivered today. Do you want us to start preparing your meal now?" The man, who resembled a butler, gave Mother Ji an appropriate smile.

She smilingly nodded. "Go ahead."

"Please wait a moment."

This man quickly led the people behind him in the direction of the kitchen.

Watching this scene unfold, Pei Ge finally understood what Sister Yun's job title was.

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"Sister Pei Ge, how about I bring you around the area? My auntie's recreational room is really amazing!" Seeing her staring ponderingly at the group of people moving about, the girl mistakenly thought that she wanted to go exploring the area.

Pei Ge's mouth moved to reject this, but Mother Ji beat her to the punch. "That's right. It's your first time here. Go explore my place."

"Oh." Since the owner of the place already said so, she could only nod in agreement.

She stood up, and Qin Qitong quickly locked arms with her.

"Let's go, Sister Pei Ge! I'll be your guide!" The girl happily led her away from the living room.

By the time they finished exploring the area, Pei Ge was already in a state of Sparta.

She initially thought that this huge house was just like an apartment, but… Who knew that this place was so spacious it literally had everything one needed, be it pleasure or business?!

She could only think with exasperation, This is really a place owned by the rich. The things they play with are totally different from the things commoners like me play with.

"Sister Pei Ge, my auntie seems to like you!" The girl started teasing her at this point.

However, before she could reply, an astonishing scene unfolded before her, which made her wonder if… she really looked that common!

"Aiya, Ge Ge. How did you end up serving me tea and snacks? You child, you are too polite! He he!"


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