Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
516 Treating Pei Ge as Her Daughter-in-law
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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516 Treating Pei Ge as Her Daughter-in-law

"Y-You are that woman who saved Madam's Love!"

Qi Hui did not expect to meet again that woman who had saved his madam's handbag in the past.

It was not unexpected for him to remember her face since he was a chauffeur Father Ji had specially hired to counter Mother Ji's condition.

Since his wife could not identify people through their faces, he arranged a chauffeur with exceptional memory, especially when it came to identifying people, to accompany her twenty-four seven.

Hence, this chauffeur easily recognized Pei Ge.


Mother Ji incessantly shifted her eyes between her son's girlfriend and her chauffeur incredulously.

"Ah Hui, are you saying that she's the woman who saved my Love?"

Her question received a nod from the chauffeur.

"Madam, that's right. She is that woman."

He actually had a really strong impression of Pei Ge. Alas, as something cropped up back home, he had to be away from his madam for a while.

If it were not for that, with him shadowing his madam twenty-four seven, there was no way anyone could make use of her condition to trick her.

It was likely for that imposter to be chased away by him before she could even get near their madam.

"Auntie, it shouldn't be wrong! The woman who saved your Love must truly be Sister Pei Ge! I remember that that woman called Liu Yue used to be close to Sister Pei Ge; she probably heard about that incident from Sister Pei Ge!" Qin Qitong immediately spoke up from beside Mother Ji.

Connecting this girl's words to Mother Ji's reaction, Pei Ge finally learned the truth of the matter.

It turned out that Liu Yue's sudden rise in fortune back then was because of her.

She no longer wondered why Liu Yue had such an odd reaction at that time. That conniving woman was most likely afraid of her finding out the truth and exposing her lie.

"My gosh, Ge Ge! So the person who saved my Love is actually you!" Mother Ji looked at her with shock.

Similarly, Pei Ge was also feeling shocked. She really did not expect that the beautiful middle-aged woman she had helped back then was actually Ji Ziming's mother. Life is truly full of surprises and serendipitous encounters!

Now, I understand why I find Ziming's mother to be familiar-looking!

After the chauffeur identified her, Mother Ji's fondness for her instantly skyrocketed!

She was already very satisfied with her son's girlfriend to begin with, and now she felt even more assured of her son's happiness with Pei Ge by his side. She was almost ready to take her in as her daughter.

Upon returning from the dining room to the living room, Pei Ge could feel a stark contrast in Mother Ji's attitude toward her.

Right now… the middle-aged madam was acting too passionate!

"Ge Ge, I haven't thanked you yet for what you did back then." It was clear that Mother Ji had forgotten that she was her son's girlfriend as she squeezed him away and held her hands happily while speaking intimately with her.

After being pushed aside by his mother, Ji Ziming could only look on helplessly.

"Auntie, there's nothing to thank me for." Pei Ge smiled at her.

The incident had happened a long time ago. If it were not for her recognizing 'Love', she would really not remember about it.

"Sister Pei Ge, you don't know how much my auntie treasures Love! Among all her handbags, Love receives the most affection! She brings her everywhere, especially when it is an important event," Qin Qitong grinningly explained.

Pei Ge blinked at the vivacious girl before she directed her focus on to that pink handbag sitting beside Mother Ji.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She had heard of people rearing dogs, cats, and even pigs, but this was truly the first time she had encountered someone treating a handbag as a pet.

"He he! That's right!" The man's mother stroked her pink Armani with exasperation.

She really did not expect for her son's girlfriend to be the 'benefactor' who had promptly disappeared after saving her Love in the past.

Besides feeling exasperated at this happy coincidence, she was more satisfied with her son's great eyesight!

"Ge Ge, auntie really likes you a lot. How about… you come to our house for a meal tomorrow to meet Ziming's father?" She smiled widely at her and said this with much anticipation.

Everyone in the room gawked when she issued that invitation.

By inviting Pei Ge to their house, it meant that Mother Ji was officially recognizing her as her future daughter-in-law.

Take note: It was 'her daughter-in-law' not 'her son's girlfriend'.

"This…" Pei Ge looked at her hesitantly. This scene is progressing a little too quickly!

She could not keep up with Mother Ji at all!

She looked imploringly at the man.

Ji Ziming was still feeling delighted over his mother's invitation when he noticed Pei Ge's hesitation and lack of joy. His mood instantly plummeted.

This d*mn woman, how dare she hesitate?! How dare she think of rejecting it?! Doesn't she know what mother's view represents?!

"Sister Pei Ge, you should just go tomorrow! Although my uncle looks a little fierce, he is still a good person deep down! If my auntie likes you this much, my uncle definitely won't dislike you!" Unlike the pair, Qin Qitong did not think too far ahead and just gave this suggestion wholeheartedly.

She seemed to be genuinely happy that Pei Ge had attained Mother Ji's affection and recognition.

"I…" Pei Ge pursed her lips. As her relationship with the man was fake, her heart was not fully prepared for all this!

Mother Ji's attitude toward her was beyond her expectations. She was expecting to receive extreme objection from the man's parents the moment they found out of their relationship. Who would have expected…

She turned to look at Mother Ji, and when she noted the latter's anticipation and fondness for her, she momentarily did not know what to say.

"She won't be coming. She's not free tomorrow."

The man coldly rejected on her behalf while she was still hesitating.

She, who was about to agree to it, froze and swallowed her words upon hearing his reply.


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