Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
517 Daughter-in-law, Son, have you two cohabited?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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517 Daughter-in-law, Son, have you two cohabited?

The air stilled after Ji Ziming spoke.

Noting the man's icy look, her mind cleared up instantly.

I am just his fake girlfriend and shield! I totally don't have the rights to meet his parents at his house!

I'm thinking too highly of myself again!

"That's right, auntie. I have something on tomorrow, so I won't be able to visit your house. I'm really sorry about that." She smiled apologetically at her. The happiness in her eyes dimmed quite a bit with this statement, however.

Wake up a little, Pei Ge.

She numbly reminded herself inwardly, her expression dulling.

Despite having face blindness—rather, it was because of that condition that Mother Ji was more perceptive of the changes in a person's expression.

Hence, she easily picked up on Pei Ge's mood plummeting a little because of what her son had said.

"You brat, what did you just say?" Mother Ji glared hatefully at him.

"That's right, Cousin. Auntie invited Sister Pei Ge and not you." Qin Qitong also glared hatefully at him, completely forgetting that he was her relative in the process of helping the 'outsider'.

She quickly spoke up for him upon hearing the two women reprimand him.

"Auntie, Qitong, I really have something on tomorrow, and it's not because of Ziming," she reasoned softly but genuinely while looking them in the eye.

"Tomorrow… I am shopping with my mom. We agreed on it a long time ago, so…" she playfully said, "accompanying you tomorrow is not possible for me, Auntie, as I will have to fulfill my promise with mom."

Instead of the expected look of regret, Mother Ji beamed at her excitedly.

"Ge Ge, you are shopping with your mom tomorrow?"

"That's right. Why?" She nodded and then looked at her questioningly, not understanding why she was happy with that.

"I'll just go with you guys! I have nothing to do tomorrow, anyway!" Mother Ji's eyes twinkled merrily.

"…" Pei Ge's mouth gave a twitch at her declaration, unable to think of anything to say for a bit.

"I am only accompanying my mom in small shopping districts…" Gathering her thoughts, she sucked in a deep breath and tried to reject her subtly.

Stop kidding me! Disregarding my complicated relationship with Ziming, just from auntie's status, her shopping standard should totally be on a different level to ours, so how can we shop with her?!

"Really?! I've been wanting to shop at the small shopping districts for a long time now. Too bad I don't know where they are located, and Ah Hui won't take me there." Mother Ji's excitement just grew further with her subtle hinting.

She really did not know how to handle the situation when she noted his mother's seriousness.

Although she liked Mother Ji a lot as an elder, she had no intention of letting her expose her bogus relationship with him to her mother.

Hence, she could never let the two mothers meet. Otherwise… the bogus relationship she had with him would definitely be found out by her mother.

Thinking up to this, she directed her gaze on to the man. Her clear eyes were filled with a silent call for help.

The man felt rage slowly build up inside him when he perceived her intention to reject his mother's request again.

I don't get it. Am I too unpresentable to her that she doesn't want to have any connection with me?

A certain great CEO Ji, whose pride had suffered a blow, looked at her with a gaze filled with hurt and grudge.

Although he felt frustrated at her, he repressed it when met with her pleading gaze and helped her reject his mother again.

"Mom, dad is at home tomorrow; you should stay and accompany him. He only has one day of rest per week." He coldly pointed out.

However, his mother did not take the bait he had thrown at her and just snorted. "I can see your dad every day, but Ge Ge is the opposite case. I want to go shopping with her tomorrow!"

"Pfft! Auntie, count me in, too! I want to go shopping with you guys!" Qin Qitong burst into laughter when she saw him eating a loss at his mother's hands.

"…" No way! Pei Ge felt a sense of helplessness assault her when Ji Ziming failed to convince his mother otherwise and when a little tail even decided to join them.

"Sure, sure! Qitong, let's go together tomorrow!"

"Mhm! Auntie, after shopping tomorrow, we can go look for a restaurant and have dinner together…"

Pei Ge had no tears left to cry as she watched the two happily discuss their next day's agenda.

I really only want to stay at home tomorrow!

It's all this annoying fellow's fault!

She shot him a look of resentment.

What should I do if my mom finds out about my relationship with Ziming from his mom tomorrow?

Mom will definitely think that it's real…

"What's wrong, Ge Ge? You seem worried about something." Mother Ji, who was discussing their plans for tomorrow with Qin Qitong, noticed Pei Ge's awry expression.

Pei Ge gave her light smile and replied, "It's nothing."

As someone who was sensitive to the changes in a person's facial expression, Mother Ji easily detected that something was amiss. She subconsciously looked at her son.

One look, and she noted that he also looked off.

For some reason, she felt that the couple, who should be in their honeymoon phase, were behaving opposite that.

She then thought back on how her son clearly wanted his girlfriend to visit their house earlier but still coldly rejected the offer in the end, and then a frown slowly surfaced on her forehead.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No way! Although my son already has a girlfriend, his EQ is still too low! This can't go on…

"Ge Ge, Ziming, have you two cohabited?"


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