Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
525 Mother Ji comes knocking at the door!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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525 Mother Ji comes knocking at the door!

Early in the morning of the next day, Pei Ge was woken up from her slumber by the ringing of her phone.

"Who is it?" She sleepily mumbled this as she rubbed her head. With her eyes still shut tightly, she proceeded to pat around from under her blanket for her phone.

Finally managing to get a hold of her phone, she opened her blurry eyes to look at its screen. She then answered the call while she was still out of it.

"Hello, Qitong. Why are you calling me this early in the morning?"

The girl's lively voice had a ready answer.

"Hello, Sister Pei Ge! I just wanted to remind you of our plan to go shopping this afternoon!"

"Hah…" She yawned and nodded dreamily. "Okay. I won't forget it."

"Really?! That's great! Auntie and I will be coming over to your house in the afternoon!"

"Mhm-kay." Having binge-watched a TV series last night, she was still sleepy even now. Thus, the sleepy her murmured a reply thoughtlessly before ending the call quickly.

She placed her phone back on the bed and mumbled dreamily, drifting into sleep once more.

When she had enough sleep and finally woke up fully, she had a niggling sensation that she had agreed to something she should never have.

"Weird. I think I answered Qitong's call this morning… or was it just a dream?"

She told her reflection in the mirror this as she brushed her teeth.

"It's probably a dream."

"Ge Ge, quickly come out for lunch! You child, you wake up either super early or way past breakfast."

Hearing her mother's nagging, she rushed to finish her morning cleaning routine and quickly exited the washroom.

"Coming, coming. This is just because it's the weekend." She happily approached the dining table.

Zhang Manhua smiled at her daughter's cutesy act. Thinking of how hardworking the latter usually was, she decided not to continue reprimanding her.

"Yes, yes, yes. Mom knows that working is hard for you. That's why you shouldn't stay up late at night as it is bad for your health."

She had started minding about their lifestyle ever since she was mistakenly diagnosed with gastric cancer. This was despite nothing happening in the end.

"Mhm-kay. I won't stay up late next time!" Pei Ge nodded with a smile.

She was satisfied with her daughter's obedient response.

"All right. Eat your lunch."

"Okay!" Having skipped breakfast, she was truly famished now.

Unfortunately, she had just picked up a chunk of meat with her chopsticks and was about to put it into her mouth when she heard her phone ring from the bedroom.

"Ge Ge, I think that's your phone," her mother said.

She could only put the piece back into her bowl before she stood up and walked toward her bedroom.

Seriously, who is calling me at this time? This timing is a little too good! she muttered unhappily inside.

Entering her room and picking up the phone, she could only helplessly answer it after she caught sight of the displayed caller ID.

"Hello, Qitong."

"Sister Pei Ge, we are now downstairs!"

The girl's words shocked her.

"What do you mean by that?" She felt something ominous all of a sudden.

"Oh. Aunt and I are downstairs waiting for you and your mom to go shopping together!" Qin Qitong grinned, clearly very happy.

"…" Her face turned dark instantly.

Qitong and Ziming's mother are currently downstairs?!

They are waiting for me and my mom to go shopping together?!

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"W-Who told you guys to come?" She sucked in a deep breath, trying to calm her beating heart.

"Of course, it's you who told us to come!" the girl replied with a grin, not picking up on her gloomy voice.

"… When did I let you come?" She felt her chest constrict. When did I let Qitong come? I don't really remember it.

"This morning! We agreed to it this morning when I called!" the girl informed.

"…" Sh*t!

She immediately cursed inside.

The hell!

That call wasn't a dream, after all. It really did happen!

"Sister Pei Ge, which floor do you live? How about auntie and I go up to you? I haven't been to your house before!" The girl was clearly jumping with joy, and from her tone, one could tell that she wanted to say, 'Aiya! I really want to visit Sister Pei Ge's house to have fun!'

"No need! Stay there! I'll come down quickly!"

Quickly hanging up and not waiting for the other's reply, she changed her clothes at top speed.

She had to be quick! If she were a little slower, the two women downstairs might really come knocking at her door!

Thinking up to this point, she quickened her movements even more.

Getting ready in a matter of a few minutes, she grabbed her handbag on her way out of the bedroom.

Her mother, who was still at the dining table, was shocked when she saw her daughter heading toward the door in formal clothes.

"Ge Ge, you—"

She did not wait for her mother to finish her question and just quickly answered it.

"Yes, Mom. An emergency cropped up, so I have to leave for a bit." She nodded hurriedly as she made her way to the door.

"Huh? What emergency? You haven't had your lunch yet!" Her mother was perplexed to see her move to leave.

"It's fine; I'll just grab something to eat on the way. Mom, let's talk when I get back!"

By the time she finished speaking, she was already done putting on her outdoor shoes and exited the house in a flash.

Left behind by herself, Zhang Manhua was extremely confused.

What exactly happened for that lass to be so flustered?


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