Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
526 It is because you snagged another rich man“s son, huh!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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526 It is because you snagged another rich man“s son, huh!

Pei Ge ran down the stairs two at a time and immediately spotted a black Rolls-Royce parked right before her building block.

"Sister Pei Ge!"

The car doors were opened, and Qin Qitong happily waved at her.

"Ge Ge!" Mother Ji also excitedly waved at her in greeting.

She looked at the two people's action and felt the energy drain from her body.

She took a deep breath and made her way to the car.

"Qitong, Auntie." She greeted them with a smile once she reached the car.

The level of destruction these two could cause together was unimaginable.

"Hm? Ge Ge, where's your mother?" the older woman asked, noticing that she was alone.

I'm really looking forward to meeting my future in-law today!

Pei Ge quickly replied, "Oh. Mom has something to do today, so she can't come with us anymore."

"Ah… What a pity." Mother Ji could only nod in resignation and lamentation.

"Yeah! What a pity! I have yet to meet auntie after so long!" Qin Qitong lamented as well.

Pei Ge heaved a sigh of relief at their reaction.

Seeing this aunt-niece pair's interest in her mother, she thanked herself for her wise move of not bringing her mother along.

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"Why are you guys here so early?" She shot them a quizzical look after they got into the car.

It's not even noon yet. Aren't these two here a bit earlier?

Don't they need to take a small break after having lunch?

She could not help rubbing her tummy.

Sigh… I didn't eat breakfast and couldn't have lunch; I'm so famished right now!

"How is it early? It's already noon!" The girl laughingly hooked her arm through hers.

"Doesn't auntie need to take a siesta?" she asked Mother Ji concernedly. Her mother would always take a half-hour power nap after lunch every day.

"I don't have that habit as I can't fall asleep in the afternoon." The older woman smiled when she saw the concern in her eyes.

"Oh." She nodded, feeling a little helpless.

These two people have eaten their fill while I haven't even had breakfast or lunch. My stomach is already flat from hunger.

She, thus, chatted with the two while her hand was in her handbag in search for something to eat.

"Sister Pei Ge, you've been searching for something in your bag for a while now. What are you looking for?" the girl asked curiously.

"Oh. I have a sudden craving for something sweet, so I'm looking for something like that in my bag," she casually lied, a little embarrassed to say that she had not had lunch yet.

Cries! Why did I change bags for no reason?! There's really nothing in this one except for my wallet and phone.

"You want something sweet?" Mother Ji asked with a smile. "Say so earlier. I have some here."

Huh? She blinked and then peered discreetly at the older woman's small handbag, secretly thinking that it should not fit anything.

Under her perplexed gaze, the older woman opened the back seat organizer in front to show her a large variety of small desserts.

"Macarons, black forest, cream cake! Take whatever you want to eat!" The older woman giggled when she saw that Pei Ge was almost getting cross-eyed from looking at the desserts.

Pei Ge tried hard not to salivate as she stared at the carefully wrapped sweets before her. Her heart was jumping with joy!

Having been in the company of Ji Ziming daily for these past few days, she, of course, had not had the chance to eat desserts!

"Auntie, thank you so much!" At this point, Pei Ge had totally forgotten that the older woman was the culprit for her empty stomach. After she thanked the latter, she started digging into the cute delicacies.

The older woman was originally full from having lunch, but seeing how enthusiastic she ate, her appetite returned, and she could not help but join in on the snacking, too.

Hence, the car reached the largest shopping district in the capital amid the three's snacking and chattering.

Once they hopped out of the car, Pei Ge looked at the huge shopping center before her and the fashionably dressed people around.

She muttered to herself with amusement, Fine. It looks like I'm shopping with the empress dowager and the princess today!

Shopping here can easily empty the savings of a frugal commoner like me.

It was not that she did not have the money, but the value of goods here was just too high.

She could accept occasionally shopping around the area, but it would be really taking her life if she bought everything she needed here!

"Sister Pei Ge, I heard that there are new products at Dior and Chanel today!" Qin Qitong excitedly informed her.

She tugged out a bitter smile upon hearing that.

Indeed, I'm shopping with the empress dowager and princess! Just an item of these big brands costs over 10 thousand; where will I get that amount to buy such expensive stuff?

Still, whatever her thoughts about it were, she could only follow the excited empress dowager and princess into the Chanel store.

"Ge Ge, tell me if you like anything; auntie here will treat you today." Mother Ji generously told her.

Hearing this madam's generous offer, the surrounding staff all looked at her with envious eyes.

Inside, they were all thinking, Who is this woman wearing cheap and casual clothes? Why did our Madam Ji say that?

"No—" need. I'm good.

Before she could reject the offer, she heard a mocking voice.

"Hur hur. I was just thinking why I haven't seen you around Qimo recently. It turned out that you've managed to snag another rich man's son. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I've truly underestimated a mundane-looking woman like you."


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