Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
530 Who will notice the beauty within without looking at the appearance first?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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530 Who will notice the beauty within without looking at the appearance first?

Having been shopping this whole afternoon with the aunt-niece pair, Pei Ge felt fatigue course throughout her body.

"Sister Pei Ge, that shop's shoes in front look good. Let's go take a look there!"

She could only lower her head to look at the hoard of shopping bags with expensive labels in her hands with a bitter smile.

These were things that Qin Qitong and Mother Ji had insisted on buying for her despite her repeated objections. She felt resignation regarding the two women.

"I won't be going; you've already bought so many shoes." Pei Ge turned to throw a look of pity to Qi Hui, who was carrying all the 'spoils of war' of the aunt-niece pair.

This big mistress, who doesn't know the sufferings of commoners, has bought so much stuff, yet she still doesn't show any signs of weariness.

"But that brand's design is different!" Qin Qitong happily shrugged.

She could only shake her head helplessly at her words. "You can go if you want; I'm really tired now and don't feel like moving at all."

She was telling no lie and truly felt very tired now! Anyone shopping for four to five hours nonstop would definitely feel tired as well!

This was especially the case since she did not have lunch today! She merely ate some desserts while in the car, and that was barely enough to keep her going.

"Right. I'm tired, too. Tongtong, it's already pretty late. Let's find somewhere to grab some food first."

Before the girl could insist, Mother Ji agreed to Pei Ge's words with a tired look.

Only after hearing them did the girl realize that they had been shopping nonstop for a few hours now.

"All right, then. Let's go get dinner! What do you guys want to eat?"

Pei Ge's eyes had a thousand-watt twinkle at the mention of food.

"Let's eat meat!" she said reflexively, swallowing.

"Meat?" The girl's eyes spun in their sockets at a fast speed, and then she excitedly said, "Let's go for Brazil barbecue! I know a place that's really good!"

"Okay, okay, okay!" Her eyes twinkled even brighter at the mention of it.

Hence, the three women got into the car in high spirits and made their way to their dinner destination.

If she had to mention the most enjoyable time of the day, it would definitely be this barbecue meal.

Perhaps she was too hungry or the chef was too skilled, but she ended up eating a lot. She was so full that her tummy bulged, and before she placed her utensils down, she burped.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Once she had her fill, she rode in Qi Hui's car and returned home, feeling very satisfied inside.

"Mom, I'm home." When she opened the door and heard the even breathing from the living room, she knew that her mom was doing yoga.

"You're home just in time. My exercise is just starting; come here and join me." Zhang Manhua did not stop her yoga even when she heard her daughter enter the house.

Observing her mother's practiced and accurate poses, she laughingly said, "No, thanks. You continue doing yoga. I just had my dinner; I'm going to rest for a little first."

She had a lot of food in her stomach and truly needed to rest!

Once she was done with a pose, Zhang Manhua took this chance to look at her. The moment she noticed her daughter's bulging stomach, though, she was instantly enraged.

"You child, haven't I told you before not to eat a lot at dinnertime? Look at yourself; you probably ate too much again!"

With that, she stopped what she was doing and got up from her yoga mat to walk toward her with a stern look.

"Mom… it's only because I was starving earlier…" She blinked and acted cutesy in front of her mother.

However, it was clearly not effective this time as her mother only patted her stomach before she reprimanded, "Even if you're starving, you still shouldn't eat a lot! You haven't even found a boyfriend yet! If you become fatter than this, who will want you?!"

"I won't look for someone that superficial. If he doesn't like me just because I'm fat, why should I continue being together with him?" She pouted and brushed off her concerns.

She had never taken much heed to losing weight all these years partly because of this thinking of hers.

She did not want to change herself because of a man.

Pak! Zhang Manhua lightly smacked her arm upon hearing her response.

"Mom, why did you hit me?" She glared indignantly at her mother.

"I just felt like doing it." Zhang Manhua rolled her eyes exasperatedly at her. After getting discharged and getting a new lease on life, she started consciously improving her physique every morning and night.

She wanted her daughter to join her in exercising, yet this lass was so lazy she never went for morning runs or did yoga with her.

Now, she was even more pissed off when those words came out of her daughter's mouth.

"If you don't have a good appearance, who'll bother noticing your inner beauty?! You will go for a morning jog with me tomorrow!" she ordered resolutely.

Hearing that her mother wanted her to go on a diet again, Pei Ge let out a silent plea inside. She soon realized that she did not need to worry about exercising with her mother from tomorrow onward, though.

"Mom, actually I don't mind exercising with you from tomorrow onward!" She grinningly tugged on her mother's sleeve.

Noticing her grin, Zhang Manhua frowned. "You lass, what are you up to again?"

"He he! I wasn't up to anything. It's just that I forgot to tell you something." She playfully stuck her tongue out at her mother.

"Mhm? What?" Zhang Manhua looked at her perplexedly.

"Mom, sit down first."

She pulled her mom to the sofa and sat down beside her.

"Tell me what you want to say." Her behavior only made her mother more confused.

"That is…" She blinked and coughed lightly at Zhang Manhua's quizzical look before she said solemnly, "Cough, cough… I won't be coming home starting tomorrow. I'll be living somewhere else."


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