Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
534 The girl will look like Pei Ge, whereas the boy...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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534 The girl will look like Pei Ge, whereas the boy...

"Someday, your children can take my surname."

Her eyes widened at his words. Shifting in her seat uncomfortably, she shot him a look of horror.

What is this annoying person saying?!

What did he mean by my children taking his surname someday?!

"Y-Y-You…" She stammered for a good while, not knowing what to say, as she pointed a finger at him.

"I'm kidding."

She was about to be frightened to death by him when he spoke these words.


She was instantly enraged by his flippant attitude!

What joking?! Is this a joking matter?!

Also, anything you say will be taken serious with that emotionless face of yours! I say, you're not suited for cracking jokes!

"… You scared me," she said eventually.

"I scared you?" He narrowed his eyes coldly at her. "Is it that scary for your children to take my surname?"

"It's not scary; it's impossible." When she that he was getting mad, she felt herself getting angry as well.

How ridiculous. She was not even angry yet; what was this annoying fellow being angry about?!

"Impossible? What possible surnames your children can have, then?" His voice was tinged with frostiness and laced with threats.

She was unfazed by his show of anger, though. Rolling her eyes exasperatedly, she gazed at him as if she were looking at an idiot.

"How would I know?! I'm not a deity that can predict the future…"

She trailed off as excitement suddenly bubbled in her heart.

"However, now that I think about it, my future child should take the surname of…"

When he heard her change her tune, he started feeling anxious, causing his breathing to slow down considerably.

A hint of anticipation crept into his heart despite not knowing what he wanted to hear.

"What surname?"

He prompted her to continue when she stopped speaking.

She grinned at him as smugness flashed in her eyes before she replied with pride, "Of course, my child should take my surname, Pei!"

"… Why yours?" he asked, feeling slightly displeased.

Was it not typical for children to adopt their father's surname instead of their mother's?

Perceiving his displeasure, her lips curled up slightly as she started imagining blissfully.

"It's because I won't just have one child, or it will be too lonely. Hopefully, I'll at least have two, and then the older one can take their father's surname and the younger one will take mine.

"Ideally, the older one will be a boy and the younger one a girl; that way, the older brother can protect his younger sister. How wonderful would that be?"

For some reason, he started imagining alongside her.

"Hey, hey!" Once she finished talking and noticed that he was smiling while deep in thought, she could not resist pulling on his arm. "Ji Ziming, what're you thinking of?! Shouldn't we set off already?"

Her tugging pulled him back to reality.

The tips of his ears warmed under her curious gaze, and he turned away slightly to hide his embarrassment from her.

D*mn it! What was I thinking?!

He actually imagined a girl that looked like her and a boy that looked like him…

"Are you… all right?" She frowned at the man when he turned away from her with an odd look on his face.

Why is this annoying fellow becoming odder and odder?

Actually, she was the weirder one of them two here, for she had just realized that she liked this version of the man!

How cute!

"Ke, ke!" He coughed lightly and tried hard to contain his embarrassment.

"Wear your seatbelt. We are setting off now."

"Oh." When she saw his face looking frosty again, she shook her head with a tinge of regret.

Starting the car, they left her neighborhood and drove toward an unknown destination.

She observed the changing scenery outside and started feeling curious about their destination.

"Ji Ziming, where are we going?" she asked curiously.

"It's Ziming." He corrected her curtly, his eyes remaining trained ahead.

"Oh, okay. Ziming, where are we going? I don't think I've ever been in this part of the city before," she asked with pouty lips.

"You'll find out when we get there," he replied vaguely, refusing to speak further.

She rolled her eyes at him in response and mumbled, "Might as well not answer my question with that kind of vague reply. Seriously."

The car drove quickly, and she started finding the scenery increasingly familiar.

Her eyes widened as she observed the trees, housing blocks, and the shopping mall.

"This is…"

She looked outside the window in disbelief, and her heart pounded with excitement.

No, no. There must be a mistake here. How can this annoying fellow stay in this part of the city?! We're probably just passing through here!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ji Ziming could not help smiling, with his eyes showing a hint of anticipation, when he spied her excitement and sparkling eyes before they faded as she shook her head.

What was more; his anticipation was the mischievous sort…

She was just feeling certain that it was not as she had thought when the car turned into a neighborhood that could not be any more familiar to her.

"This is where we are staying?!" she asked, turning to look at him with wide eyes.

"Mhm." He merely hummed in response to her.


This could not be a coincidence, right?! The place that they were going to cohabit was actually…

However, once she stepped out of the car, she was once more stunned.

"Isn't this…"


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