Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
535 The Great CEO Ji Who Wants to Make Miss Pei Happy
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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535 The Great CEO Ji Who Wants to Make Miss Pei Happy

"All right. We are here."

The car rolled to a halt while she was still in shock.

She felt that she was floating when she heard his cold voice.

"Isn't this…"

She released her seatbelt and, with trembling hands, opened the door to get out of the still warm car.

As it was winter now, she felt the icy breeze the instant she opened the door.

Her mind was refreshed by this passing cold breeze, yet her expression was still one of shock.

She covered her mouth and looked at the trees and the beautiful garden before her.

This was her house—no. More accurately, this was the home in her memory.

With this property looking exactly like the one in her memory, it was as if she had been transported to that time in the past.

Green vines wrapped around the black guardrail, and a circular garland with seven different colors hung on the carved iron gate of the iron bar…

Everything was as she remembered it.

Could she be dreaming?

The last time she was here, it looked nothing like this…

Just as she was lost in the scenery before her, the warm orange gate opened from the inside.

In that instant, she held her breath and stared at the gate anxiously.

If she were dreaming, the one opening the gate would definitely be her father…

Unfortunately, her hopes were easily dashed.

"Boss, the house is ready for occupation now."

The person was not the family member she wanted to meet but the assistant of the man beside her, Du Wen.

The assistant was in his usual black suit and still wore a stern face.

"Mhm." Ji Ziming nodded and looked at her.

When he saw the disappointment on her face, his forehead creased tightly as he thought in confusion to himself, Does she not like it?

"This is where we're going to stay from here on. Do you not like it?"

She looked up, only to see the man's frowning face. The look on his face seemed to suggest that, if she so much as said that she disliked it, he would move them to another place right away.

"No, I like it!"

Really, she liked it – loved it even.

Her eyes welled up with tears.

"Oh." A weight was lifted off his heart at her assurance.

"Can I… go in to take a look around?" she asked cautiously, gazing longingly at the familiar yet foreign garden home.

"Of course, you can. This is where we will be staying from here on." He nodded expressionlessly.

Hearing his reply, she was filled with immense gratitude.

"Thank you. Thank you really… Thank you so much, Ziming…" She looked at him with gratitude that came from the bottom of her heart.

He shifted uncomfortably at her heartfelt gratitude.

Thankfully, she excitedly walked into the house once she expressed her gratitude to him.

His eyes smiled at how satisfied and touched she was.

However, when his vision shifted from her to his assistant, the smile in his eyes turned cold.

"Has the house been restored to its original look?" he asked with a frosty voice.

"After two days and two nights of nonstop work, it has more or less been restored to how it was when Miss Pei's family was occupying it," his subordinate seriously replied with a respectful bow.

The man was displeased with his reply, though.

"What do you mean by 'more or less'? His forehead creased slightly as his voice hinted of his displeasure.

"As some parts of the house had no pictures to base our restoration, we had to rely on the rough description of one of the previous owners. We're not too sure on how accurate their account was," his subordinate replied as best as he could.

Heavens! My beloved big boss, this house is over a decade old. No matter how impressive our team of restorers is, they can't possibly replicate everything so perfectly!

This is especially under the condition that there's no model or photograph to guide them in the house restoration!

Restoring it to this condition is already impressive enough!

My dear boss, you can't torture us just to make Miss Pei happy! That is so not fair!

The woman, who was clueless on the conversation going outside, was fully captivated by her past home.

Her palms gently stroked the cold guardrail and then the carved iron gate in the beautiful garland with dew and floral aroma…

"Amazing… Just like before…" she mumbled. Pushing open the gate, she walked down the pebbled path and into the home where she and her family had once lived.

Seeing how lush the greenery was and how full the flowerbed was, she felt as if it were in the middle of summer instead of winter right now.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Slowly, she approached the orange gate and took a deep breath as she balled up her fists.


'Yo! Our princess returned home on her own today! How amazing!'

'Dad, you're terrible! You didn't pick me up today! Hmph!'

'You child, your dad is busy at work.'

'He he! It's my fault. I'll pick you up punctually tomorrow, okay?'

'Hmph! I'll forgive you this one time, then!'

'You're always spoiling her!'

'He he! I love to spoil our princess! Who made our princess be so cute?'

'Exactly! Mommy, you're just jealous that Daddy treats me better than you, right?'

'He he! Your mom is jealous of you! Shame, shame!'

'Shame, shame! Ha ha!'

'Alright! You both dare to tease me!'

'Mommy is turning into Godzilla! Let's run, Daddy!'

'Ha ha!'

'The both of you stay right there…'


Her eyes turned red as pearl-like tears welled up in them.

Daddy, I miss you so much… Are you doing okay up there in heaven?


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