Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
537 Pei Ge, you seem to be forgetting that you will be living here with me!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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537 Pei Ge, you seem to be forgetting that you will be living here with me!

Qie! My dear boss, can you not be so proud to keep up this pretense and just tell Miss Pei the truth, can you?

You clearly care a lot for Miss Pei and did all this to make her happy, yet now you're saying all that? Do you know that you can't woo a girl in this way, CEO Ji?!

"You did not specially prepare this for me?" She looked at the man skeptically; her eyes seemed to be saying, 'Bro, you've got to be kidding me!'

The tips of the man's ears began to warm at her disbelieving look. He did not know why he had denied arranging this for her, but under her scrutiny, he did not want to admit it even more.

"Of course not. How would I know that this used to be your home and how this house looked in the past?" He refused to take credit for this arrangement of his.

She eyed him suspiciously. Did everything here… really not this annoying fellow's doing?

That made sense, actually. This annoying fellow did not like her and was not in a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her. She was just a shield; therefore, why would he do so much for her?

This should not be his doing… right?

"Ke!" He coughed lightly and shifted uncomfortably under her scrutiny. Before he could say anything else to cover up his action, the woman beat him to the punch.

"Ah, I know! Auntie prepared all this for me, right?!"

He widened his eyes at her wild guess.

"Yes, it must be the case! This should be prepared by Auntie." She nodded vigorously at that.

This was probably the arrangement of this annoying fellow's mother. After all, she was the one who had suggested for the two of them to live together.

Who else would so thoughtfully arrange for their place of cohabitation not only to be her family's previous house but also to have the original house's décor? Only Auntie Ji, who thought that she was really her son's girlfriend, would do such a thing.

"Auntie is really so thoughtful!" Her eyes shone with gratitude at that.

His heart weighed heavily at the sight of her happily expressing her gratification for his mother.

"You—" He was about to say something when she interrupted him.

"Ziming, what is Auntie's mobile number? I want to thank her properly for preparing all this stuff for me so thoughtfully." She looked at him with sincere eyes.

"…" In that moment, as he gazed back at her bright eyes and perceived how grateful she was to his mother, he felt a pang of regret.

From birth up to now, the future heir to the Ji family had never regretted anything.

In this CEO's vocabulary, the word 'regret' probably did not exist.

However, as he saw how grateful she felt for his mother, he regretted his action moments before.

He very much regretted his firm denial. This was clearly all done by him, so why did he lie to her when she asked?

He readily acquired the deed for this house at a costly price the moment he learned that her family used to own it.

He did not know why he bought the house at that time. To him, this house was not ideal as it had a limited view, was not spacious enough, and not at a prime location.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was just because he heard that this house was connected to her that he bought it on impulse.

Then… When it was decided that he would stay with her, he pumped in a lot of money and effort to restore this house to its look when her family used to own it.

In a span of four days, they managed to restore it…

"Ziming?" She looked at his sullen face and felt surer that this house had nothing to do with him.

He's angry again. I really don't know what's making him angry every day.

"Hmph!" He snorted and glanced at her coldly before demanding, "Throw that eyesore of a cat out of the house."

Out of pique, the great CEO Ji vented his frustration at the cat in her embrace, which had bliss written all over its furry mug.

"Ah?" She lost it at that.

What right did he have to order her that?!

"How is Pudding an eyesore?! It's staying here with me!" She lifted her head stubbornly.

Unbeknown to her, the words she had just uttered only fueled his dissatisfaction.

"What did you just say?" He narrowed his eyes threateningly at her.

"I said that it's staying here with me! It will eat, sleep, and bath with me…" she repeated.

This was her long-lost Pudding! Leaving this house in haste, she and her mother were, of course, totally unprepared.

Pudding was, therefore, lost amid the chaos, and they never found the cat again.

Now that her Pudding was back, how could she let this annoying person chase it out?!

No way!

The two faced each other angrily!

What?! What did this d*mn woman just say to him?! Not only did she want to sleep with this fat cat, she planned to shower together with it, too! That was just ridiculous!

The man was so infuriated his lips pressed together in a thin line as his hands balled up into fists.

Indeed, his current appearance was frightening.

For a moment, she was taken aback by it. This annoying person… looks rather scary…

"Pei Ge, you seem to be forgetting who you are supposed to live here with!"


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