Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
538 We will always stay here in the future.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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538 We will always stay here in the future.

"Pei Ge, you seem to be forgetting who you are supposed to live here with!"

The man was really about to lose it this time as he looked at her with anger in his eyes.

His angry look was akin to a husband who had caught his wife having an affair and was now smugly demanding for a divorce.

Shocked and frightened by his look, she reflexively hugged the cat tighter in her arms. She was momentarily unable to form a response.

It was only when the cat meowed to make its discomfort known that she recovered from her shock.

"Why are you so fierce?! Is there a problem with adopting a cat? It doesn't hinder you at all! We're not even staying in the same room! There's no reason for you to be angry." She glared at the man in retaliation.

Seriously, why was this man so fierce?!

"Could it be…" With doubt flashing in her eyes, she regarded the man pensively. "Are you afraid of this cat?"

"Who is afraid of that thing?!" He could no longer remain composed at her ludicrous question.

What exactly does this silly woman think in her head every day?!

"Why do you want to drive Pudding away, then? You're not going to stay here often, anyway." Her mouth twitched her at the sight of the man's sullen face.

"Who told you that I won't be staying here often?" His brows furrowed suddenly.

"Isn't it so?" Thinking that his question was rhetorical, she did not bother responding to it.

"Did you assume that you're the only one staying here?" he asked coldly.

"Mhm. You agreed to this only out of obligation to Auntie Ji, after all." She nodded.

How could this annoying person really live with her?! He must be simply placating his mother and putting on a show for his parents.

Yes, he would not stay here often.

He inhaled sharply at how matter-of-factly she sounded.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This silly woman! He really wanted to open her head to see what was inside her mind! Seriously…

"In future, the two of us will be living here." The way he said this made it sound as if he were making a solemn promise.

She could feel her heart banging against her ribcage at his solemn words.

"Always?" She looked at him in a daze.

His next sentence, however, put a damper on the blossoming hope in her.

"Till the contract expires."

His clear, husky voice threw cold water on this hope, returning her heartbeat to normal rate.

"Okay, I get it." She lowered her head and looked at the fat cat in her arms as anguish flashed in her eyes.

"So, this cat must be rid of. I don't want to see it anywhere in this house." He narrowed his eyes murderously at the pudgy cat, which had its head buried between the two white bunnies in front of her chest.

All right. This CEO would definitely not admit that he was current feeling jealous of a fat cat.

"Meow." The snow white with gray spots Ragdoll seemed to be frightened by his stare, and after meowing, it burrowed its head deeper into Pei Ge's chest.

Feeling the cat's movement in her arms, she suddenly raised her head and glared at him.

"No! I won't ever abandon Pudding!"

Her face held a stubborn look.

She, who was grown-up now, would not let her father's gift to her be lost again!

"Pei Ge, do you really think that that cat in your arms is your pet from more than ten years ago? Don't deceive yourself." He was pissed off by her disobedience.

This silly woman is actually quarreling with me because of a cat! Did I spoil her too much recently?

Her face paled at his words.

Yes, it had been more than a decade ago; her Pudding could not be the same one as over a decade ago…

"What can I do?! In my eyes, it is still the same Pudding!" She pursed her lips tightly together; her voice had a tremor when she spoke.

At a glance, she knew right away that this was not the Ragdoll cat her father had gifted her.

She… was reluctant to face reality, though. This cat, which was similar to her Pudding, reminded her of her father and made her feel better…

"It's the Pudding that my father gave me; it's…" Her eyes turned red as she spoke in a voice teeming with grief.

The man who was frowning at the woman instantly became flustered at the sight of her close to tears.

"Yo-You…" he stammered, continuing with a flurry, "Ok, ok, ok! Pudding, it is."

She was still not satisfied by his surrender and proceeded to ask, "Then, will you still let me raise it?"

"No…" Before he could finish his words, he saw her eyes turn red again.

If this was another person, this method might not work, but since this was her, it was unbelievably effective.

"… Fine. Raise it if you really want." He was defeated by her moistening eyes.

"Really?! You said it! You can't go back on your words!" she hurriedly said, her eyes lighting up.

With her happy smile now, how was there any trace of her tears from earlier?

For a moment, he had the feeling that he had been had by this silly woman.

"Is it male or female?"

"Ah? It should be male!"

"Throw it out!"

"Ji Ziming, you just promised to let me raise it!"

"Castrate it!"

"It seems to have been castrated…"



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