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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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548 Put that Ji Ziming to bed.

Staring blankly at the ceiling of stars, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was only when her phone rang that she woke up.

"Wuuu!" She rubbed her eyes open to look at the loudly ringing phone.

She slowly reached for the non-stop ringing phone.

Seeing the caller ID displayed on the screen, she smiled and answered it.

"Hello, Xiaoyu!" she exclaimed happily.

"Hello, Ge Ge, what's going on with that photo you sent? It looks like your family's old house!" Tang Xiaoyu's voice was quickly heard on the phone.

"Yes, your memory is quite good!" She laughed.

"Qie! Don't forget that I used to come over at your house all the time! How can I forget about it?!" Her best friend laughed along.

"Also, that cat looks like Pudding. Have you found it? That can't be, though, right? It's been more than a decade. That cat of yours should be very old now. How is it still so young again?"

Her smile widened at her best friend's many queries.

"He he! Yes, but it is also Pudding!" She grinned.

It was her old cat to her.

"Ge Ge, what do you mean by your words? I don't get it." Her best friend was baffled by her statement.

"What's up with the house, too?"

With a smile, she explained to her best friend everything.

"Oh, so it was such…"

Her explanation stunned her best friend for a good while.

"I'll be d*mned! Who'd have thought that your boss's mom would be so good? She's practically China's best mother-in-law! You haven't even married her son yet, but she's already investing so much in you! She must like you a lot! If it were me, I would marry him for a mother-in-law like that!" the other suggested gamely.

She shook her head in amusement and mumbled inwardly, What in the world is going on?

"Xiaoyu, stop blabbering nonsense! Is Ji Ziming someone I can marry simply because I want to? I am only on a contractual relationship with him. Can we not talk nonsense?"

"What contractual relationship?! Things are bound to happen when a man and woman stay together! If you base it on TV dramas, you two are surely the male and female leads, and this drama will turn into a reality!

"Ge Ge, seriously, I really think you two are destined to be together. Just take this chance to sleep with him, and then push all responsibility on him!"

While the other spoke jokingly, she was rather serious as well.

"Xiaoyu, can you be serious for once, please?"

How can I and that annoying person be together?! Even if we were the main leads in a drama that became a reality, the feeling should still be mutual!

Now, of them two, I'm the only one in love, so what use is there?

"Ge Ge, I'm doing a serious analysis all right? I'm serious; I really think that your boss likes you. If not, why would he stay with you—"

"Ah, Xiaoyu, it must be quite late there, right? How come you're calling me at this time? Aren't you tired?" She suddenly changed the subject.

"D*mn you!" She cursed at her friend's act of changing the topic but did not pursue it further. "Fine, fine. Whatever you say."

"Hei hei, my Xiaoyu is the best! Isn't it very late there? Is something the matter?" she asked with slight concern.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Although she initially asked the question to change the topic, she was also worried for her best friend, who usually followed a strict sleeping routine, since the latter was still awake.

It's around 3 PM here in Beijing, so it should be past midnight in America now.

"Ah, it's nothing much. I was just disturbed by Zhengrong." Her voice sounded resentful yet blissful.

Pei Ge felt slightly jealous at her reply. "I'm so jealous of your boyfriend. You're not that gentle with me. If I woke you up at midnight, you'd probably hit me to death."

"Hei hei hei! How can you compare boyfriend and girlfriend?!" Her best friend laughed.

"Qie! You value love over your friend! Still, is he not out of the hospital yet?" she asked.

"Not yet. The doctor said that he needs to be observed for a few more days." Worry seeped into her best friend's voice.

"Don't worry; didn't the doctor say that he is recovering well?" she comforted softly. Although she had yet to meet her best friend's partner, she knew that she loved that man to bits.

"I know. Don't worry about me and worry about yourself! You're staying with a god-like man now, and he's just next door… Imagine if he walks into the wrong room and enters yours at night!"

"Tang Xiaoyu, what nonsense is that?!"

The two ended their talk amid laughter.

The smile was still on her face even after they bid each other good night.

While that scenario her best friend had thought of was unlikely to happen, her cheeks still faintly blushed at the thought.

New York City, America.

"Who were you on the phone with?"

When Tang Xiaoyu returned, she saw her boyfriend still wide awake in bed. She felt a little helpless.

"Why aren't you asleep? It's already very late; quickly go to sleep."

"You called that friend again?"

The man repeated his question, seemingly forcing an answer from her.

"Yes." She smiled in a slightly unnatural tone. For someone not especially close to her, this unnaturalness would be imperceptible.

"All right, Zhengrong, it's time for you to rest—"

The man cut in as he sat on the bed.

"You, perhaps, don't realize that you hide from me when you answer your friend's call."


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