Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
549 We have only been living for a day, and he already did not return home.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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549 We have only been living for a day, and he already did not return home.

"You, perhaps, don't realize that you hide from me when you answer your friend's call."

The smile on her face froze at the man's remark.

"Xiaoyu, I really want to know why."

The man did not seem to notice her frozen smile as he continued speaking.

"Zhengrong…" She pursed her lips at the man sitting on the sick bed with a book in his hand.

These few days, while staying together with the man in this hospital, she had indeed forgotten of this point.

Every time she was on the phone with Pei Ge, she would always hide from this man…

"Zhengrong, are you jealous?" She collected her thoughts and attempted to lighten the mood by laughing it off and teasing him.

"This friend of mine is a woman and not a man! You can rest assured that you're the only one I love!" She laughingly leaned on him.

"Plus, what you said about me hiding from you to pick up my friend's call. That's simply nonsense! Look; I just don't want to disturb your rest with my loud laughter!"

She acted cutesy at the man by blinking her eyes.


The man was unmoved by her explanation, though, and merely looked dully at his book.

He appeared to be a different person from the one interrogating her just then.

His behavior made her feel mentally drained in that moment.

She did not know why she kept wanting such a man whose heart had yet to warm up toward her.

"I'm tired. I'm going to sleep."

He finally put down his book and turned to face her with an affectionate smile.

"Yes, yes, yes. You should rest! The doctor forbids you from tiring yourself." Her mood turned for the better upon seeing the man's affectionate smile.

What difference does it make when I've got all the time?! I'll definitely warm his heart, become the only woman in it, and… most importantly, his wife!

Now, I am his girlfriend; victory is not far ahead! Come on, Tang Xiaoyu!

You can do it!

She smiled blissfully at the man who was now asleep. Her eyes reflected her determination to win.

It was with this kind of resolve that she rested in the other bed within this ward and drifted into dreamland.

What she was unaware of was that, after she fell asleep, the man, who should be sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.

Donning in the hospital gown, he looked at her before he got down from the bed.

Step by step, he moved toward her bed.

In this way, he gradually arrived at her side. If not for the look on his face, which was different from his gentle look, one would think that he was just concerned for his sleeping girlfriend catching a cold and was just intending to cover her with a blanket.

After he stared at her for a while, he stretched out his palm to the drawer next to her and took out her phone.

His touch caused the phone's screen to light up.

When he saw that the screen prompted for a password, his fingers paused and then quickly entered a string of numbers to unlock it.

Once the phone was unlocked, he directly opened the call log to see the most recent calls.

His forehead frowned in the next instant, though.

There was no record in the call log!

He looked at her phone somberly until the screen darkened. Only then did he return the phone to its original location.

Once he did that, he looked at her with complex eyes before he returned to his bed.

In the silent darkness, it was as if nothing had happened…

"It's time for dinner, right?"

After Pei Ge ended the call with her best friend, she played with the cat for a while before dinner came to her mind.

She lifted the phone to check the time, and when she learned that it was already 4 PM, she hurriedly got up off her bed.

"Pudding, what do you want to eat tonight?"

"Meow, meow, meow!"

"I don't know what to cook, either. Let's see what's in the kitchen fridge!"

She hugged her cat and carried it downstairs with her.

Once she was in the kitchen, she opened the fridge with familiarity and began rummaging through it.

"There's tomato, eggs, pork, beef…" When she saw the abundant food in the fridge, she was suddenly in a pickle.

"Aiya, there're so many ingredients; just what should I prepare?!"

She frowned gloomily.

This was when she caught sight of a fish container at the side, and suddenly, she knew what to prepare for tonight!

"Okay! I'll boil fish soup tonight. That annoying person should like drinking fish soup!" She grinned as she eyed the fresh fish in the water. Her eyes reflected the bliss she felt.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fish soup with three dishes. Mhm! The perfect dinner!

It was perfect, indeed, but reality was cruel.

Just as she finished preparing food, and she was starting to wonder why the man had yet to arrive, she received his call.

"Hello, Ziming. You—" Why aren't you back yet? I've prepared dinner.

The man spoke before she could ask her question, though.

"I'm not going back tonight. You can call delivery for yourself."

He then hung up the phone.

Du, du, du… It was only when she heard the disconnected tone that she came back to her senses.

"Oh… B*stard!" She put her phone aside and scolded angrily. "He is really a b*stard! This is only the first day, and he already isn't coming home! Then, what's the point of staying together?!"


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