Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
550 The Effort Ji Ziming Put into the House“s Restoration
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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550 The Effort Ji Ziming Put into the House“s Restoration

"He is really a b*stard! This is only the first day, and he already isn't coming home! Then, what's the point of staying together?!"

Grumbling about the man for a good while, she eventually calmed down.

In the next moment, though, the sight of the food she had prepared sparked her rage again.

"If he's not coming back, he should've informed me in advance!

"If he's not coming back! He shouldn't have told me that he'd return tonight!"

Why did he even bother telling me that he'll be back tonight and to wait for his return? It's all rubbish!

She pursed her lips tightly as she felt her heart ache.

So much… So much for me thinking so hard on what to cook for him tonight…

Forget it; forget it! If he's not coming back, it's even better as I can have all this food to myself!

Pudding probably sensed her anger, for the cat, which was squatting by her leg this whole time, suddenly purred as it kept rubbing its head against her feet.


She lowered her head to look at the cat, which seemed to be comforting her, and promptly felt a little better.

"Pudding, you're still the best!" She lowered herself to pick it up.

"Purr!" The cat meekly and cutely bumped its head against her palms again.

"Pudding, let's go have dinner!" She beamed at the meek cat's adorableness.

"Meow!" the cat called out, seemingly answering her question.

"We can eat all of it ourselves since that annoying fellow isn't coming home!"


"Pudding, do you not like that annoying fellow, too?"

"Meow, meow, meow!"

In the end, she really wiped clean the whole table by herself!

Other than the fish soup, which had some leftover, she really finished all the three bland-tasting dishes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Burp!" Burping from her fullness, she rubbed her bulging stomach and softly muttered, "So full!"

It had been a long time since she had eaten such a sumptuous meal.

She blinked at the food remains on the table and promptly felt speechless.

She really did not expect that she could finish everything!

Indeed, that one statement rings true!

Channeling anger into appetite!

Look here; all the three dishes were finished by me alone! It's just that pot of soup that I can't stomach anymore.

She looked at the huge pot of fish soup, which still contained a lot. Unable to throw away pot of delicious, sweet fish soup, she could only transfer it into a big bowl and store it inside the fridge.

"The fish soup today is so fresh, so let's use it to make seafood noodles tomorrow morning!"

Once she was done doing this, she quickly cleaned up the kitchen.

After she was done with that, too, she decided to take a shower and even conveniently bathed the cat. She then huddled in her bedroom and watched TV.

However, her TV-watching time was not exactly peaceful.


While she was watching TV, she could vaguely hear the doorbell being rung!

"Is someone pressing the doorbell?"

She blinked in perplexity and pressed the mute button for the TV on the remote control.


This time, without the TV's noise, she could hear the doorbell ringing from downstairs.

"Someone's really pressing the doorbell!" Her eyes lit up as she got down from her bed while muttering, "Don't tell me that it's that annoying fellow? Didn't he say he's not coming back?

"Still, doesn't he have the key?"

She quickly made her way downstairs while asking herself that.

As there was never a peephole in her family's house before, there was also not one right now. Therefore, unable to see who was outside the door, she could only directly open the door grill.

"Didn't you say that you're not coming—" She stopped halfway from completing her question.

"Hi, Little Chili!"

"Why is it you?!"

She looked at the man standing outside the door in shock.

The person standing outside was none other than Ji Ziming's best friend, Mu Heng.

"Little Chili, why are you so shocked?" He winked at her teasingly.

"…" Speechlessly nudging her lips, she rolled her eyes and reflexively moved to close the door.

"Aye, aye, aye! Little Chili, you shouldn't do that! I'm already here, and you're not even inviting me in to sit for a while? No matter what, I'm still your boyfriend's best friend!" He gave her a wry smile.

If not for his hands blocking the door and causing her to be unable to close it, she would not truly bother whether this sloppy-looking man was Ji Ziming's friend or not, and she still would not let him in.

"Your best friend isn't home; he doesn't live here." She indignantly told him. It could be seen that she was still holding a grudge against the man for not coming home on the first day and not eating the dinner she had prepared.

"Hm? Is that so? He's not home…" Looking at her puffed out cheeks from pouting, he could not help but grin. "It doesn't matter; I'll wait for him."

"He's not coming home tonight," she informed with a glare.

"Eh? Little Chili, why do I feel that you sound like a disgruntled wife today?" He gave her a ghost of a smile.

His rebuke made her momentarily speechless.

"Fine! No matter what, I am still your friend. Even if I don't get to see Ziming, I can still be here to visit you!" He winked at her again.

"… Who is your friend?!" She rolled her eyes speechlessly at him.

Why is this man like a dog-skin plaster? He can't be pulled away once he sticks to someone. I really don't know how that annoying fellow ended up being friends with this Casanova! They're clearly the opposite ends of the spectrum! she spat inwardly.

Although she did not want to bother about him, she still had no choice but to let him in.

"Wow! You and Ziming's house looks so warm and cozy."

He complimented right away once he followed her in.

"It's only so-so," she replied offhandedly.

Hurry and leave! That annoying fellow isn't even home, so what is there to even see?! Seriously!

"Aye, right. I heard that Ziming spent a lot of effort on this house's restoration!" As though not sensing that his presence was not welcome here, he continued looking at the house's interior while making casual remarks.

"Mhm…" She was about to give a placating reply when she registered the man's remark.

Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm?! What is this Casanova saying?!

"What does this house's restoration got to do with Ji Ziming?!"


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