Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
555 My house rule is that doors are locked at 10 PM!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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555 My house rule is that doors are locked at 10 PM!

"Pei Ge, did you purposely lock me outside the door last night?"

"Yes, of course. I did it on purpose."

Her answer was clearly outside his expectations yet still within expectations.

"What?" He could hardly believe his ears and looked at the woman still eating breakfast in disbelief.

"I said that I locked you outside the door on purpose." She put down her chopsticks and turned to face him with a calm look.


Before he could voice out this question in his heart, she spoke once more.

"You said you're not coming home last night, so I locked the door. Why? Is there a problem with that? It's just proper for me to lock the doors if I'm staying by myself in such a large house." She smiled slightly at him, looking all innocent.

"…" For a moment, he did not know how to respond to her as he felt a little guilty facing her.

"… I didn't say that I wasn't coming back to sleep last night." He finally opened his mouth after a long pause.

She only innocently blinked at him. "You also didn't say that you'll be coming back to sleep."

"Then, don't you know to wait—" Before he could finish speaking, she cut him off.

"I did wait, but after so long, you still didn't arrive. Plus, you didn't call me about your return." She smiled at him lightly. Her smile seemed to be a little sad, though.

"After waiting for a long period, I reckoned that you won't be coming home anymore, so I locked the door and went to sleep."

Once she said this, her smile turned bright again, as if she had thought things through.

His lips pursed into a straight line at her expression.

I do seem… to have returned pretty late last night.

"I… will come back earlier next time. If I can't come home early, I'll make sure to give you a call."

He inexplicably made this promise as he looked at her bright smile.

"Okay, I understand!" She smilingly nodded in acknowledgment.

He involuntarily felt his heart ease at her easy acquiescence.

However, it seemed that he had relaxed a little too early.

"Still, if you're not home before 10 PM next time, then don't bother coming back! Our house rule while we're living together is that the doors lock at 10 PM." Although she was still smiling, her tone was all business.

"… What house rule? Why don't I remember there being such?" He frowned.

Have I been spoiling her recently? Is that why she's so fearless of me now?!

"That's my house rule!" She lifted her chin and glared at him, saying softly, "This has been this house's rule back when my family still lived here."

She smiled nostalgically at the reminder of this. Indeed, her father would be locked outside the door by her mother as long as he was not home by 10 PM.

Aye, aye, aye…

Why do I feel that I'm acting to Ji Ziming like my mom was to my dad?

Her expression stilled at this thought, and her cheeks instantly blazed.

Admittedly, after hearing that Casanova's claim, she had locked the door last night out of spite.

In retrospect, what she had done was really…

What she might be thinking now, though, her words still made the man's gloominess dissipate.

Presently, his emotion could even be described as… strangely… happy…

"Okay. I'll certainly make it back before 10 PM from now on," he acquiesced softly.

She was still feeling conflicted over what she had done when the man's reply stunned her.

"Hah?" Was I hearing wrongly? Did this annoying fellow… actually say that he'll be back home before 10 PM from now on?

He must be kidding me!

"Also, last night, I…"

When he saw that she was in shock, his expression softened, and he started explaining last night's incident.

Hearing his voice, she regained her senses and widened her eyes at him.

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She had just perked up her ears for what the man had to say when the doorbell rang again.


Both parties stilled at the ringing of the doorbell.

He frowned at that. Recalling something, he hastily adjusted his words. "Last night, I stayed out late because I had to entertain some guests for work."

His reason did not convince her, though.

"Oh, okay." She nudged her lips in disappointment.

For some reason, her blank expression made him feel that he had said something wrong again.

Still, even if someone made him explain things to her properly, it was never his style. Moreover, explaining who he met last night was hard for him.

"That should be Li Qi; I'm done eating." She pushed the bowl aside and stood up, quickly making her way out of the dining area.

This annoying fellow is so hateful! He never ever speaks the truth! He doesn't know that his best friend has already sold him out last night! Hmph!

The infuriated her opened the door and informed the driver, who was standing outside, that she would just get her stuff for 'work' before she headed upstairs.

This woman… What's wrong with her? Why is she angry again?

His frown deepened as he watched her leave 'home'. Confusion swirled in his eyes.

At this point, his phone started ringing.

"Hello, Ziming! How are things between you and Little Chili?"


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