Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
559 Pei Ge experiences the onslaught of a storm.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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559 Pei Ge experiences the onslaught of a storm.

The seemingly steadily rising temperature in the room made her white and tender cheeks feel heated and become flush.

She looked at proud, handsome face getting closer to hers, and her heart accelerated. It felt as though her heart would jump out of her mouth if she opened it.

"Haa… haa…"

The room turned eerily quiet. All other sounds, except for their breathing, disappeared.

He looked at the woman beneath him, as she looked back at him with lost eyes. Catching a glimpse of himself in her clear eyes, his lips curled up inadvertently.

He lowered his head and gently planted a light kiss on each of her eyes.

The cold yet gentle touch stunned her.

Her heart also inadvertently grew softer and calmer. Although her heart was still beating rapidly, her mind was already quite clear.

Feeling her eyes become itchy, she involuntarily closed them.

Following which, a cold yet gentle pair of lips left her eyes and moved to plant a kiss on her forehead… her nose…

The cold lips, just like their owner, seemed to love her features as they landed kisses on all five of them. The kisses were akin to feathers brushing past her skin – not invasive yet penetrating one's heart.

From her forehead, the kisses gradually but surely traveled… to her lips.

The man's cold lips slowly blanketed hers.

As if a dragonfly was making a landing on the water's surface, he gently kissed her warm and moist red lips.

Time seemed to stop as he amorously kissed her.

This kiss was unlike any other.

This kiss was one touched her heart the most. He clearly did not do much and simply kissed her, yet it made her feel very treasured by the man smothering her with his body weight.

She unknowingly parted her lips, seemingly inviting the man to deepen the kiss.

She was probably too nervous, for her tongue involuntarily peeked out and brushed against his thin lips.


The originally calm breath of his abruptly quickened at that, and his kiss grew rougher as the eyes he regarded her with got darker.

Shocked by her own brazen action, she quickly retracted her tongue and closed her lips.

Alas, a certain man's flame of desire had already been lit up; how could she, therefore, escape so easily?

The way his deep and dark eyes looked at her was akin to a predator eyeing its prey.

His gentle kiss abruptly turned rough and ravishing, and the gentle kiss resembled the onslaught of a storm as it assaulted her lips and tongue.

His lips ravished hers until her mind turned mushy, and all she could do was helplessly go along with his strong and fierce kiss.

Either the living room's temperature was too high or the man's body was too hot, but she felt her body become extremely hot and dry.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She could not help wiggling it. Unknowingly, her arms were already circling his neck.

Neither of them knew when it happened, but before they realized it, their limbs were intimately entangled with each other.

"Nng…" A stimulated moan escaped her lips.

This sound made the man above her be stunned for a moment before he renewed his assault on her lips more fiercely.

Amid her seductive moan, his well-defined palms became more daring, too.

His slender and white fingers pulled open her coat and relentlessly explored her body. As though he were teasing her, he occasionally lightly pinched her, making her shiver.


Under his palms roving ministrations, she felt like a small boat being buoyed playfully and tenderly by strong waves. Altogether, this made her already parched throat be drier.

His breathing became more labored when she remained pliant to all his explorations. He was usually not very keen on this type of things, but right now, he could only feel his body stir with hot need. It was as if he were being cooked by a fire, and all he wanted to do was find a place to vent this fire in him.

Meanwhile, he was alerted to a stirring in his lower half.

"Hah…" He unwillingly left her lips as he took a few rough, hoarse breaths. He then looked into her eyes with a moving desire.

Never had he expected himself to have such a day when his high self-control would be overwhelmed by desire.

Never had he also expected to develop such an intense and uncontrollable passion for a woman while clear-headed, sober, and unaffected by any external conditions.

All he could think of and all that filled his mind was—

Take her! Fiercely possess this woman! Leave my mark on her inside and out, so that my scent will make her unable to see me as a negligible stranger!

Make her… into my, Ji Ziming's, woman!

He narrowed his eyes at her. In the depths of his smoldering gaze, a dangerous yet incomparably erotic glint boiled.

His palms were no longer gentle and soft. Right now, they were assertive and fierce as they made their way into her clothes.

As his cold palms touched her warm and smooth skin, they felt electricity course through them, which made their entire being quiver.

Feeling the warm skin under his palms, his movement became harried and hasty.

"Nng…" She involuntarily let out yet another moan under his caress as her eyes turned hazy and lost their focus.

He was already crushing her with his body, so they were practically glued to each other.

Her moan only incited his lower half to perk up further. Even through the fabric, his burgeoning desire could not be hidden.


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