Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
563 You are too seductive that I have a nosebleed.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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563 You are too seductive that I have a nosebleed.

"What's wrong with them?"

He popped this question before she could say anything. His voice seemed to be tinged with anxiety.

She blinked at him, slightly confused by his action.

Soon, however, her attention was drawn to the doctor again.

Didn't I just get a nosebleed? What problem could there be?

When the doctor spoke again, for a moment, she wanted to land a punch on his stern face.

"… Are very normal."

"…" Ji Ziming: I don't know what to say.

"…" Pei Ge: F*ck! If it's very normal, then why do you have to look so serious for? You really made it seem as if I have an incurable disease!

The doctor pored over the health reports again before he carefully questioned her.

"Is there anywhere uncomfortable?"

"I don't feel uncomfortable anywhere," she muttered, feeling very stifled.

"She suddenly had a nosebleed." Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes unhappily at her and answered the doctor's question himself.

The doctor shifted his eyes between the two and then asked her. "Do you have a boyfriend already?"

"I am," he lightly answered.

Her heart accelerated at the man's automatic reply, and as a result, her nose sadly… started bleeding again.

Seeing this, he quickly took out tissue and passed it to her again.

"Ah, so you are her boyfriend."

The doctor gawked at them first before he gave that remark.

His reaction seemed to say that he could hardly believe that the two were a couple.

For some reason, she was pissed off by his reaction.

"Have your bedroom actives escalated recently?"

"Cough, cough, cough!" She choked on her saliva when she heard that.

What kind of doctor is this?! What the hell is he saying?!

It was not just her; the man, who was originally feeling harried, was dumbstruck by the doctor's words as well.

"What's wrong? Are you guys not a couple?" The doctor calmly peered at the two.

"…" For a moment, she really did not know what to say.

"You two young ones shouldn't be this shy." The doctor misconstrued their silence for shyness and rushed to console them.

"Looking at this lady's report, she is totally fine. The nosebleed isn't much of an issue. She's probably a little heaty and received further stimulation from seeing your handsome face." The doctor explained with much amusement and exasperation to the man.

"Some men bleed when they have sex with their wives, so your girlfriends are likely under was likely overstimulated by you. Just reduce your bedroom activities a bit and eat lighter food; all should be well after that."

Her face turned sullen at this.

Fine! I admit that that is indeed the cause of my nosebleed.

Still, what do you mean to reduce bedroom activities?! I'm still a virgin!

Hearing the doctor's final advice based on the diagnosis, he reflexively turned to regard her. When he saw her wide-eyed look, his lips unconsciously curled up.

Hmm… Seems like I've discovered something interesting.

This dumb woman has been avoiding me because she's feeling shy, huh.

"I understand."

He lightly nodded and then gently pulled her out of the doctor's office.

It was not until they had left the hospital, which strongly smelled of antiseptics, that she regained her senses.

"That doctor was spouting nonsense! You mustn't believe him! I've only been feeling heaty these few days!" She rushed to explain.

What she did not know, though, was that her nervous look held a trace of guilt. Thus, her next words were akin to a poor attempt at an excuse, resulting in self-exposure, instead.

"Oh." He calmly peered at her and lightly nodded.

Oh? Oh? Oh, your big head!

She was exceptionally displeased with his nonchalant reaction. However, recalling the doctor's advice, she decided to rest her anger.

Judging from this annoying fellow's reaction, he should've believed it, right?

She pursed her lips in frustration and decided not to look at him anymore.

"Sister Ge Ge, is your health okay?"

Li Qi who had been waiting outside the hospital all this while, quickly moved to ask that in concern when she stepped out of it.

Alas, before she could reply, the man holding her hand frowned.

"Why are you still here?" he coldly demanded, looking displeased.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The young driver was so spooked he nearly froze.


Noting the driver's fright, she nudged her lips and freed her hand from the man's. "I'll go to Bauhinia Court with Li Qi."

"You're not feeling well, so go home and rest for today." It was rare that he would say something this gently to her.

Unfortunately, she did not appreciate his kind intention.

"It's fine; my body is totally okay."

With that said, she quickly made her way to Li Qi's car and closed the car door with a bang. sound.

The man's face turned sullen again at the tightly closed car door.

"Th-Then, CEO Ji, I'll be bringing Miss Pei to her classes now." The driver carefully said their goodbyes to the brooding man.

Peering at him coldly, the man asked, "What is your name?"

"M-My name is Li Qi, sir," the driver nervously replied.

"You are very close with Pei Ge?" He narrowed his eyes at him. His gaze was akin to a cube of ice in winter.

Frightened by this frosty gaze, the chauffeur hastened to shake his head vigorously.

"Not close, not close! I'm not the least bit close to Miss Pei!"

Mommy, this is so scary! Is my superior jealous of me? That's impossible, right?!


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