Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
565 Pei Ge opens a door to a new world.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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565 Pei Ge opens a door to a new world.

Her worries were meant to be for naught, though. The reason was simple.

The following week, the man went overseas on a business trip.

When he was still around, she did not notice the size of the house.

After his departure, she realized that this house, which used to belong to her family, was actually a tad too big.

At least, with her alone in the house, she found it to be a little deserted. It felt as if her life were missing something.

The sudden emptiness of the house made her heart feel vacant.

"Seriously… He didn't even tell me that he's going on a business trip abroad…" she mumbled, feeling dejected.

It was a pity that a certain Mr. CEO, who had left without bidding her goodbye, was unable to hear her lamentation.


At the meowing sound, she looked at the cat darting between her feet and smilingly squatted to carry it in her arms.

"Pudding, it's a good thing you are around to accompany me. Come on, let's go find something to do!"

She gave it a smile and, after stroking it gently, carried it upstairs.

Inside her room, she sat in front of the computer and settled the cat on her lap before switching it on.

"There doesn't seem to be any nice American shows recently…" she mumbled, aimlessly scrolling through a webpage.

She was about to switch off her computer and go to bed when an eye-catching advertisement suddenly popped up on the site from bottom right corner of the screen.

She moved to click the close button for it on reflex, yet…

A line in English entered her eyes, and she decided against closing the advertisement on a whim.

"Do you want to change yourself?"

She softly read aloud this line in English.

Change yourself?

She pursed her lips lightly and her gaze turned a little serious.

She wanted to change herself. Having followed the man's order to study at Bauhinia Court, she realized that she was becoming unlike herself.

Yes. Although learning all that stuff was good, she still felt that her transformation was a little too abrupt. She was starting to become a different person.

In addition, her social circle was gradually shrinking. It felt that her life now mostly revolved around the man.

"I want to change myself – the current me," she mumbled in response. Following which, she resolutely clicked on the advertisement with her mouse.

The WiFi in this house was fast. The moment she clicked on the advertisement, a new window popped up.

The sound effect accompanying the pop-up window made her feel a little worried of a virus infecting her computer due to clicking on a random advertisement online.

In fact, that was unlikely.

A registration page appeared in her view once her browser loaded into a new webpage.


She blinked at the registration page entirely in English and mumbled to herself, What is this?

Isn't it usually bizarre things that pop up once one clicks on ads? Why is it this mundane-looking registration page, instead? Also… It's entirely in English.

Even with all these questions on her mind, though, she still quickly filled out the English registration form.


When she reached the field for nickname, she paused slightly. Taking a gander at the fat cat, her lips formed an amused curve.

"Pudding, maybe I should call myself that, too!"


The cat meowed, as though in protest.

"Fine, fine! I get it! I was just joking with you!" As she stroked its body, a nostalgic smile graced her lips.

"Since this is entirely in English, I should give myself an English name, too!"

Thus, she proceeded to key in the nickname 'Hani' on the screen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'Dad, our English teacher told us to give ourselves an English name today! What do you think should I call myself?'

'Our precious baby's name… hmm… Let's call you Princess! You're called Ge Ge, and that means 'princess' overseas. Also, my precious daughter is a princess, too! This English name is good!'

'No! I don't want that English name! It sounds so weird! It doesn't sound like an English name at all! I don't want it!'

'Then, let's call our princess Honey! Ha ha! Mom's jar of honey! This English name sounds so sweet!'

'Mhm! That English name has a nice ring to it! I like being called Honey!'

'No way!'


'If our precious daughter's English name is Honey, then a lot of strangers will be able to call her so intimately!'

'Ah, that's right! That really makes sense…'

'I really like that English name, though!'

'How about… we call you Hani? That name is very cute and sounds like Honey when read aloud.'

'Okay, okay! Hani, it is!'

With a blissful smile, she submitted the form.

The moment she pressed the 'register' button, the page jumped into another page, which was a forum entirely in English.

She was a little taken aback when she saw English message congratulating her for her successful registration.

"What?! I only registered less than a minute, and it's already approved? That's a little too easy…" she mumbled in disappointment, moving to close the page. However, in the next instant, it loaded into one that resembled a chat group.

"What is this?"

She was shocked at the sight of a webpage resembling a chat group. Just as the thought that a virus had infected her computer entered her mind, she saw people chatting on this channel.

[Ada: I wonder what's Prof William's lecture for today.]

[Gloria: I don't know, but I'm sure it'll be awesome!]

When she saw that the nicknames and chats were all in English, she felt as if she had entered an overseas webpage.

What… kind of webpage did I register for exactly?

Also… this Prof William, who is he?


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