Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
566 Men called Egger must all be very gentle.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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566 Men called Egger must all be very gentle.

She stared at the chat log on screen filled with English lines.

[bill: Hmm… Why do we have one more person in our group?]

[Abby: It's a girl's name!]

[Gloria: It really is! Did the course registration start already?]

[Ada: I don't think so. Prof William's online course is quite sought-after.]

[Abby: Exactly. If our prof's online course goes public, the server will be lagging now!]

Seeing that these people were talking about her, she sheepishly ran her fingers across the keyboard, giving these few unknown people a friendly greeting.

[Hani: Hello, guys! I'm Hani.]

Once she typed this greeting out, the channel burst into activity.

[Abby: Hi, hi! Hani, how did you get in? Are you related to Prof William, and that's why he made an exception for you?]

[bill: Yeah, Hani. You're so mysterious!]

Thankfully, her English was quite good. Otherwise, just from this barrage of questions on the screen, she would be unable to keep up with these people.

In the end, she decided to introduce herself, attributing to fate her luck of joining this course.

[Hani: Hello, everyone! I'm from China. I'm not too sure about that myself as all I did was click on a pop-up ad.]

She truly did not understand it. Since this course was not open to the public, why and how did she manage to get in? This was just spooky!

[bill: Ohhh! God, Hani, you're from halfway around the world! How mysterious!]

[Abby: China?! Oh, my gosh! I've long wanted to go there! Hani, where are you in China? I heard that your country's Peking duck is pretty good; I've always wanted to try it!]

[Gloria: I've been to China ⁠before; it's a beautiful country.]

Her lips upturned from her good mood at these people's enthusiastic responses at the knowledge that she was from China.

[Hani: I live right in the capital. Peking duck is really delicious. If there's a chance, you can come to my country and get a taste of it! I'll assist you, then.]

In a relaxed mood, she subconsciously gave out such a reply.

Her reply naturally made these people happy, and they became more sincere and welcoming to her.

[Abby: Ahh! Hani, I love you so much!]

[bill: What an adorable Chinese lady!]

[Gloria: I suddenly feel like visiting China again.]

Looking at the enthusiastic exchanges on the channel, she, who was past the age of online chatting, seemed to have a renewed interest in it.

Chatting with Abby and the others for a while, she somehow got a rough idea of what this site was for.

This seemed to be an online tutorial site, except that it was different from the usual ones.

While this website shared a few basic tutorial videos to anyone, only a handful of individuals could receive personal lecture from a quite well-known professor.

These individuals were either students of that professor called William or people previously admitted based on the given criteria.

Of course, the number of students admitted based on the given criteria was practically none!

None had ever passed the registration questions set by the professor; therefore, the members of this group chat were all students of Professor William.

So far, the professor's students only comprised six people.

Looking at the listed names on this group chat, she did a headcount under her breath.

"Abby, bill, Gloria, Ada… There's one more; who is it?"

She was mumbling this under her breath when someone in the group mentioned the sixth member to her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

[Abby: Hani, just like you, Egger is from China, but I don't think you'll like him!]

Her interest was piqued to learn that the sixth member of this group chat was also from China, and this was especially the case since his name was Egger.

[Hani: Why?]

[Abby: Of course, it's because he's super boring!]

[bill: Ha ha! You're only saying that because Egger has no interest in you.]

[Abby: Ha ha! Someone like you has no right to talk. You haven't even met Egger in person!]

Watching the two bicker again, she could not help but chuckle.

Even though she had only chatted with them for less than an hour, she had somewhat grasped their individual personalities.

The feeling Abby gave others was that of a feisty yet naïve lady, while bill appeared to be an immature little boy whose hobby was teasing Abby.

As for Gloria and Ada, one projected the image of an elegant and mature woman and another gave off the vibe that he was quiet but reliable man.

If these people on the opposite end of the world were to know her thoughts now, they would probably laugh out loud.

That was because her guesses were quite… curious!

[Gloria: Actually, I feel that Egger is a dangerous man.]

[Abby: Yes! Somehow, he gives me the heebie-jeebies.]


Reading the two's comment, she paused a little, Aren't they all students of Prof William? Why would they say that about their classmate?

The English name Egger, however, did not give her any sense of danger.

Instead, it gave off an amiable and very likeable feeling.

That was because this English name was really familiar…

'Since our little girl has an English name, Daddy here must have one, too!'

'He he! Sure, Daddy!'

'What English name does daddy's little princess think he should get?'

'Hmm… I don't know, either, but your English name should contain mine; it's proof that you're my daddy!'

'Sigh… Our little princess is so picky. Now, I'm out of ideas!'

'Daddy, is it really hard for you to think of one?'

'Of course not; who am I? I'm the all-rounder dad of our little princess!'

'So, Daddy, did you come up with a good name?'


'What is it? What is it? Quickly tell me, Daddy!'

'It's… Egger!'


'Yes, Egger, loving Ge [1. Eg sounds like Ai, which is love in Chinese.]; its meaning is to love our family's little Ge Ge. See; doesn't it contain our little Ge Ge's name?'

'Eh?! That's right! Daddy, you're so great!'

"Egger… an English name that evokes feelings of affection," she mumbled under her breath, her facial expression reminiscent.

She really wanted to meet this person who shared her father's English name.

She felt that this man named Egger was no dangerous individual. Rather, he was just like her father – a gentle man!


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