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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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574 Pei Ge is a shameless vixen!

"Wow. Look at who decided to show up for work today."

Lu Huiya's voice was sharp. When she purposely made her voice coquettish before men, it did not sound so bad, but when she argued with women, her shrill voice was a little hard to take.

This was especially when she was ridiculing someone – it was definitely hard to take.

At the very least, her voice was grating to Pei Ge's ears.

"Our Miss Pei has come to work; how rare."

"Lu Huiya, did you brush your teeth this morning or not? Your mouth stinks." She gave her seductively dressed colleague a superficial smile.

"Pei Ge, how can you say that to people?!" Her remark antagonized the other.

"Okay, okay. Stop arguing! Lu Huiya, you should speak less. I saw that the door to the CEO's office is open; I think CEO Ji is here." He Yan informed her with a straight face upon seeing that she was hell-bent on making things difficult for Pei Ge.

Once she heard that their boss was in the office, Lu Huiya ceased arguing with Pei Ge at once.

All she could do was glare hatefully at her before she made her way to her workstation in her four-inch heels.

"Thank you, He Yan." Pei Ge looked at her other coworker gratefully.

"No worries." The latter smiled at her before she went to her seat as well.

As for the newcomer in the office, Wang Ningning became a little curious.

She looked with doe eyes at the two women that had just had a verbal spat and then turned to He Yan.

"Why did CEO Ji suddenly show up? I thought he doesn't come here."

She voiced out her confusion. Ever since she had gotten this job at Chenguang Real Estate, she had never even seen the shadow of their boss in the company.

"Ha ha! Of course, it's because our Miss Pei is at work." Lu Huiya put in her two cents.

Having heard her sarcastic remark, Pei Ge's heart skipped a beat.

Okay. Even if no one had seen her come to work with the man, it seemed that rumors about them would still spread.

"Huh? What does that have to do with her?" The newcomer eyed Pei Ge in confusion.

"Yes, that has nothing to do with me. Someone should really brush their teeth," she stated flatly. While her tone was mild, her words dripped with ridicule.

"Tsk! What are you so proud of! What do you think you…" Lu Huiya muttered angrily under her breath. She did not dare to voice her opinion aloud because of a certain CEO who was sitting in his office.

Even with that, Pei Ge still felt exhausted.

Was she here to work or to go to war…

Before she could finish grumbling, the internal landline in front of her rang.

Although she had not been to work for a long while, she still subconsciously picked up the phone in an instant when she heard it ring.

"Hello, CEO Ji; what orders do you have for me?" Out from her mouth came the words she used to say when she picked up the phone.

"…" A certain CEO on the other end, perhaps no longer used to her prior address of him, was silent for a moment before his deep, cold voice came through the receiver.

"Come in and make me a cup of coffee."

She only returned to her senses once she heard his response.

Ergh—okay. Maybe, she was here to torture herself.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She promptly stood up and silently walked to the CEO's office.

Watching her back draw nearer the CEO's office, a jealous Lu Huiya cursed under her breath.

"Sheesh! Vixen."

What she did not realize, though, was how ludicrous her remark sounded.

She was the one dressed provocatively, yet she was calling a conservatively clothed lady a vixen.

Knock, knock! Even though the door to the CEO's office was ajar, Pei Ge still knocked on it.

"Come in."

She only entered the office after she had heard the deep, cold voice grant her entry.

She went straight to the pantry after entering his office and did not appear before the man.

Once the stuff needed to prepare the hot beverage was ready, she started making coffee.

Movement was heard from the door just as the aromatic coffee beans were put into the coffee machine.

Instinctively, she turned her face in the noise's direction.

Unexpectedly, the well-built chest of a man appeared before her eyes.

"Ahh!" she screamed on reflex, taking a step back.

However, before she could move backward, her movement was restricted by a pair of powerful arms, which wrapped around her waist. She was rendered immobile as a corollary.

"What are you doing?!" She lifted her head and glared at the annoying fellow, who had shown up all of a sudden before her, in exasperation.

"Haven't I told you that we'll come to work together?" Ji Ziming lowered his head to peer at her with his piercing eyes.

Feeling uncomfortable, she averted her gaze from him at the same time that she decided to play dumb. "Yeah. We did come to work together this morning."

"…" Looking at the woman playing dumb in his arms, he tightened his grip.

"Ah! Ow, ow, ow! You're hurting me!" She turned to glare at him as she felt a dull ache.

He, however, just chuckled at her before saying evenly, "I thought you were dreaming."

"…" D*mn it! It seems that this annoying fellow has a sadistic side, too.

"Pei Ge, don't try and run away from me. Otherwise, I'll become unhappy." He stared at the woman in his embrace; his tone was especially serious when he said that.

She paused for a moment after hearing his words.

What is this annoying fellow saying… Why is it that, when I heard him say those words seriously, I suddenly thought that he is incredibly handsome, and my heartbeat accelerated erratically…

Alas, this feeling of being 'starstruck' did not last long. In a split second, she was back to her senses.

"… I understand," she replied gloomily.

It's fine; it's fine. It's okay if my colleagues find out about us. No matter how one looks at it, I stand to gain from being in a relationship with this great CEO Ji Ziming.

It's just that… my reputation will surely take a hit. Ha ha ha… Why do I suddenly feel like crying? Sigh…

"What did you say?"

Her voice was probably too soft as he did not catch her words clearly. As such, he dipped his head further to her.

Watching his flawless face inch closer to hers, Pei Ge's heart began to beat erratically again.

Because of their proximity, his unique scent crept into her nostrils.

Thump, thump! Her heart beat nonstop as her cheeks gradually turned pink.

"St-Stay far away from me! I already said that I understand!"


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