Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
575 CEO Ji“s flirting skill level is pretty high!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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575 CEO Ji“s flirting skill level is pretty high!

"St-Stay far away from me! I already said that I understand!"

She reached her hands out to push him with much force.

The man's strength was no joke; hence… not only did the poor her fail to push him away, the distance between them became smaller, too.

She could feel his nostrils' hot breath fanning her head and ears. This made her go weak in the knees. Her rapidly accelerating heartbeat seemed as if it were about to make her heart burst open, causing her to feel a little dizzy inside.

Th-This annoying fellow! He is so annoying! I feel that my immunity to him is weakening! The giddy her depressingly thought to herself.

"Ji Ziming, quickly unhand me!" She bit her lower lip.

"It seems that you're the one who doesn't want to let go." He cocked a brow at her with a slight smile, pointedly looking at her hands.

Following his pointed gaze, she realized that she was unknowingly gripping his suit lapels.

OMG! My lord up there, since when did my hands start grabbing Ji Ziming's chest?! Wasn't I reaching out to push him?!

Why does this scene make me seem like a female pervert who is trying to kidnap a demure and handsome man? Wu wu wu!

She quickly released her hold of him, not daring to look at the man directly. With her head lowered, she softly said, "I've let go, so you should quickly let go, too. I still have make coffee."

Seeing her lower her head, as though she had done something wrong and was awaiting punishment, his deep, obsidian eyes started to fill with warmth.

"Mhm…" He did not release or lighten his hold on her waist. Instead, he moved to say something to her. Alas, his phone started ringing from outside of the pantry at this moment.

He frowned when he heard this particular ringtone, a tinge of displeasure flashing past his eyes.

In contrast, the woman, who was locked in his embrace, felt her heart ease when she heard the phone ring.

"Your phone is ringing; hurry and pick it up." With an entirely red face, she urged him. She still did not look at him directly.

The man raised a brow at her and coldly snorted. "You do sound enthusiastic."

She nudged her lips on reflex, muttering to herself, This annoying fellow is getting better at teasing people.

He clearly has the look of a dispassionate and cold man, yet he, especially at times like this, gives me the feeling that his flirting skill level is actually very high.

She could, at the very least, not withstand this annoying fellow's teasing. Oftentimes, she would blush uncontrollably, her heart would accelerate, and she would be muddle-headed. He was always unable to reject his advances.

Eyeing the meek and silent woman in his embrace, as she seemed to lean onto him, his mood brightened to an unprecedented extent.

He continued staring at her quietly. The scene of them harmoniously standing like this was very heartwarming.

"Your hand phone is ringing for the second time. It must be an emergency…" she softly muttered, feeling the warmth above her head.

The man tugged his lips at this dumb woman before him who had the habit of dampening his pleasant mood. With a complex gaze, he slowly loosened his hold of her waist.

As his actions were very slow, she could feel his palms grazing across her body.

This feeling, which was akin to a caress, made her heart palpitate along with his arms' departure.

Only after he had left the pantry did her heart regain its normal beat.

At this moment, the coffee beans in the coffee machine finished grinding.

She stared at the coffee powder with a gaze full of helplessness.

I… seem to be falling for that annoying fellow more and more with each passing day.

Provided that he is near me or touches me, my head will become muddled and I will act irrational.

This man is truly like a vice; unknowingly sinking into my heart, he makes me addicted…

"No, Pei Ge! You must pull yourself together!" She quickly raised her palms and pinched her cheeks hard while shouting to herself, Definitely, definitely, definitely not fall any deeper for that annoying fellow! You two are of different worlds!

"Hoo!" She expelled a deep breath and felt her cheeks' blush subside.

She moved her hands again and started brewing coffee.

She, after attending the etiquette class, had a considerable improvement in her posture while she brewed coffee.

However, after brewing an aromatic cup of Blue Mountain coffee with practiced movements and just as she was about to serve it to the man, she suddenly halted her steps.

Her lips curled up teasingly as she put down the coffee cup and opened a cupboard.

Spotting the sugar cubes and milk within, her eyes immediately lit up.

"He he!"

Who told that annoying fellow to bully me?! Hmph!

With a smile in her eyes, she added the sugar cubes and milk into the coffee. She then took small, elegant steps out of the pantry.

"… I already said that you're overthinking this. I am really very busy recently."

Stepping out of the pantry, she heard the man's voice at once.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His voice was filled with exasperation yet also tinged with carefulness. She had never seen him like this before.

Who is he on the phone with?

She intuitively lightened and slowed her steps.

"… Mhm-kay. Yes, I will."

She pursed her lips when he said that.

This annoying fellow has never spoken to me like that…

Perhaps, the man felt her bitter thoughts as he raised his head to look in her direction.

"I have something on; I'll hang up now. Rest properly."

She could not help but ponder when he hastily hung up the call. Did this annoying hang up the call because he's avoiding me hearing his conversation with the caller?


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