Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
577 Mr. CEO goes to look for Pei Ge in the company’s canteen.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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577 Mr. CEO goes to look for Pei Ge in the company’s canteen.

"Pei Ge, never mind that you didn't appear at work for so long, but why is it that you wouldn't even come out on the weekends? You're always busy these days!"

"Yes, Sister Pei Ge is too much! You don't even join us in shopping at all! I'm so bored to be by myself."

Entering the company's canteen, which she had not set foot in for a long time, and just as she took her seat, Pan Xinlei and Qin Qitong started grumbling at once.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's all my fault, my fault. My Queen, my Princess, this little one will serve you food. Please calm your anger."

She placatingly served the two some of the dishes they liked in turn.

"Our anger isn't going to disappear just because you are doing this." Pan Xinlei peered at her, calmly picked up the food she had put in her bowl, and then ate it.

Qin Qitong, who was sitting beside Bi Zheng, nodded in agreement to the older woman.


Watching this pair's antics, she was only amused. She turned her gaze onto the young man who was just silently eating his meal with them.

"Hm? Bi Zheng, you seem to have less meat than before." She was shocked.

The man was already skinny to begin with, but just after a few weeks, he seemed to have become skin and bones!

"Tsk! What else can you expect when he has such a pretentious girlfriend?!"

Hearing her mention how the man had become skinnier, Qin Qitong's grin instantly faded on her face.

Bi Zheng put down his chopsticks at this.

"… I'm full."

Following which, he stood up and said, "Pei Ge, I'll leave first."

Although he remained expressionless, she could still feel his goodwill toward her.

"Okay." She nodded at him. Before she could say anything else, Qin Qitong proceeded to stand up as well.

"Bi Zheng, sit down and eat right now!" The girl pursed her lips tightly in anger.

"I'm full." He deigned to glance at her, but it was only to state that before walking away.

"Bi Zheng, you jerk! Scaredy-cat!" Provoked by his attitude, the girl forgot that it was a public area and started shouting after his retreating back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Pei Ge was taken aback by the scene. Noting the girl's reddening eyes, she was at a loss on how to react.

"All right, all right. Xiaotong, Sister Xinlei here doesn't want to say this, but you know that Bi Zheng is a stubborn man. Unless he sees it with his eyes and unless he thinks this through himself, he won't listen no matter what others say." She tugged the girl's arm comfortingly.

Pei Ge reined in her shock when she heard that.

Gazing at the two women, she asked with perplexity, "What exactly is going on here?"

What exactly happened between Qitong and Bi Zheng while I was gone?

For the first time, the girl did not answer her question but only rigidly sat there, grumpily staring at her phone.

She felt even more worried at her behavior. Turning her questioning gaze onto Pan Xinlei, she urged the latter to tell her what had happened exactly.

"Sigh… What else can it be about? It's obviously about Bi Zheng's girlfriend." The other woman shook her head helplessly, sighing softly.

"Bi Zheng's girlfriend?" Pei Ge's eyes wavered. She then shifted a complex gaze onto the girl.

Qitong indeed likes Bi Zheng. Still, I didn't expect her to like him this much.

In any case, with her personality, if she likes someone, it will certainly be very deep.

"Sigh… Xiaotong here saw our male friend's girlfriend being intimate with another man," Pan Xinlei explained helplessly.

Their male friend's glamorous girlfriend surfaced in her mind.

"Is Bi Zheng a fool?! That woman is so terrible, yet he still treasures her! He doesn't believe me no matter what I say! Is he blind?!"

The girl seemed to be over her downcast mood as she started grumbling again.

Knowing that the girl was feeling sad and aggrieved, Pei Ge tried to comfort her.

"Qitong, Sister Xinlei is right. Bi Zheng is a stubborn person. Unless he thinks through it himself, he won't believe anything that you tell him."

"Bu-But he's so stupid! When will he think through it?!" The girl pouted indignantly.

"Qitong, actually—" What you're doing now is useless and will just make you feel worse…

She was about to speak these words aloud when she heard a commotion in the canteen.

"Did something happen? Why is there a crowd of people there?" Pan Xinlei looked at the canteen entrance perplexedly.

She also turned to look in that direction while she jokingly replied, "Based on the crowd, it seems that an idol has made their appearance here."

It was just a joke, yet the moment the crowd dispersed, she received the shock of her life.

"Ji-Ji Ziming?!" She stared wide-eyed at the man in a form-fitting suit calmly striding over.

Why is this annoying fellow here?

Noting that he seemed to be making a beeline for her, Pei Ge's expression instantly turned dark as she got an ominous feeling.

This annoying fellow… couldn't be here for me, right?

Ha ha ha! That's certainly not it! It's definitely…

Before she could completely reassure herself, though, the man stopped in front of their table.

"Cousin, why are you here in the canteen?" Qin Qitong's shock was no lesser than Pei Ge's. She mumbled to herself while staring at her cousin in utter shock, Cousin doesn't look as if he's here to have lunch.

Never did she expect this Mr. CEO to make her eat her words so soon, though.

"To have lunch."


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