Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
578 A massive storm of scandal is brewing!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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578 A massive storm of scandal is brewing!

"To have lunch?!"

Qin Qitong exclaimed in shock right after his statement.

Her petite face was filled with disbelief.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Cousin, your joke isn't the least bit funny." She pouted softly.

Everyone knows how picky with food cousin is. Who's gonna believe that he's here at the company's canteen for lunch?!

Yes, yes. This joke isn't even funny. In fact, it sounds scary.

Pei Ge was thinking the same thing.

This annoying fellow doesn't look like someone who eats canteen food at all!

As for Ji Ziming, he directly ignored his cousin's outburst and just sat down on the seat vacated by Bi Zheng.

The gazes of those in the cafeteria concentrated on their table at once.

"Gosh! That's our company's big boss, right?"

"Yes, yes! It's CEO Ji!"

"What's the big boss doing here in the canteen? He is so down-to-earth!"

"CEO Ji must be here to experience an employee's life!"

Hearing the crowd gossip, the corner of Pei Ge's lips twitched. She wryly thought that her lunch this time would not be a peaceful one.

"That… CEO Ji, what do you want to eat? I'll have the kitchen make it now."

Shortly after the man sat down, the head chef anxiously rushed out of the kitchen to ask that.

"No need." He coldly peered at the plump head chef.

Logic returned to her once she saw the chef in white uniform hastily depart.

"If you're not eating anything, then why are you here?" she questioned.

The two women with her at this table were stunned by her 'bold' words.

They seemed not to have expected her to be so outspoken with him.

After all, everyone in the company knew of his explosive temperament.

Still, what was more shocking was his response to her. Instead of becoming mad, he merely leveled his gaze on her.

"Isn't this table filled with food already?"

His familiar way of speaking to Pei Ge made Pan Xinlei, who was very sensitive to gossip, sense that something unusual was going on between the two.

Pei Ge's mouth, meanwhile, twitched at his reply.

What's got into this annoying fellow's head this time?

"Cousin, are you really planning to have lunch here?" Qin Qitong, who was now eyeing her cousin in disbelief, even forgot about her issue with Bi Zheng.

"Mhm. Go get a set of utensils for me." He gave this order to Pei Ge.

"Oh, okay. I'll—" His cousin mistakenly thought that this order was for her, so she started to give such a reply, but the man interrupted her midway.

"Not you; her." He lightly informed his cousin, who was sitting beside him.

At this point, his silly cousin finally remembered that he was a couple with Pei Ge.

"Yikes!" My head's truly been muddled by my issue with Bi Zheng, as well as my cousin's shocking actions.

Blinking her eyes, she shot her friend a knowing look.

No wonder! No wonder my cousin came here! Indeed, the intention of a drunkard lies not in the wine!

"Sister Pei Ge, I'll be troubling you then!" She grinned at her.

Pei Ge only felt tired deep down as she faced this pair of cousins, one looking as if someone owed him a million dollars and another smiling sillily at her.

Hey, hey, hey! Qitong, can you lass not smile at me like that?! Many people are watching us! What if they see something from this?!

"I'm hungry, Pei Ge." Seeing that she was merely glaring at his cousin, the man spoke with slight displeasure.

"…" Pei Ge inwardly rolled her eyes at his actions before she concurred, "Okay."

Slowly standing up, she went to the utensils area to get him a set.

"I don't want shared ones; go buy me a new set."

As a clean freak, how could he bear to use shared utensils?

She pursed her lips tightly at this, her eyes ablaze with anger.

She was just about to scold him when she felt the many gazes directed on her; hence, she could only repress her anger.

"I. understand. CEO. Ji!" She turned and said this through gritted teeth while glaring daggers at the man.

Wu wu wu! My lunch!

"Mhm." The man did not care two hoots about her fierce glare. Instead, he found her to be extremely adorable and watched her retreating back with happily pursed lips.

"Cousin, are you happy?" His cousin boldly asked him this question upon noting the slight upward curl of his lips.

His brows moved ever so slightly at her question, and then he directed his cold gaze on her. "Why are you still here?"

"…" She felt gloomy at his disdainful tone.

I am your cousin! Your family! I'm no stranger!

"Cousin, where else can I be if not here? I haven't finished my lunch," she retorted softly, shooting him a grudge-filled gaze.

Sigh. My cousin is the type to discard his sister when in love, huh…

Ugh. Still, I don't recall my cousin ever doing his part as my family…

"Five minutes. Leave once you finish your food." He did not bother giving them any face.

Pan Xinlei, who was feeling curious about all this, confirmed her conjecture that her good friend had something going with their big boss when she heard the man's order!

I see! Our respectable CEO Ji is here because of Pei Ge! He's even chasing us, the third wheels, away!

"Cousin! You-You are too—" She did not get to finish her grumbling as his next words shut her up.

"Four minutes. Otherwise, I'll have you finish your internship at Uncle's company."

Pei Ge was wholly ignorant to the three people's exchange in the canteen.

The pitiful her took the elevator down and rushed into the nearest supermarket to get a new set of utensils for a certain Mr. CEO. Thereafter, she hurriedly took the elevator up to return to the canteen.

Blissfully thinking about her lunch, she never expected to face a massive storm of scandal upon her return.

She happily bounced on her feet as she made her way back into the canteen with the utensils in hand, only to feel awkward right away when she sensed everyone's gazes on her.

Strange. Why are all these people staring at me?

Feeling confused inside, she walked to the table she and her office friends were occupying and was dumbfounded by what she saw!


Where are Qitong and Sister Xinlei?! Also, what the hell is all this on the table?!


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