Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
579 Pei Ge and CEO Ji resemble an old couple.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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579 Pei Ge and CEO Ji resemble an old couple.

Pei Ge gawked at the table layered with a piece of cloth.

If not for her knowing that this was the company's canteen, she would really mistake it for a five-star hotel's restaurant!

The plain-looking table before was now anything but that.

The plastic table was presently covered with a pristine white tablecloth.

Atop this table were plates of delectable cuisines.

What made her all the more speechless was the red roses in a crystal vase at the center of the table.

Whichever angle one looked at it, this was clearly a table for romantic lunch. Nowhere could it be mistaken for one of this canteen's common tables.

"Wha-What's all this…" She stared at the utensils with flower carvings on the table and felt that she had been made a fool of.

"Sit down and eat." Ji Ziming emotionlessly peered at her.

However, his apathetic tone and the crowd's pointed stares made her heart boil with anger.

"Eat? Ji Ziming, what do you mean by this?!" Right now, she only felt like a fool.

As such, no longer caring for the opinion of those around her, she vented her anger on him.

"Pei Ge." He frowned in confusion at her angry outburst.

"Ji Ziming, d'you think that this is fun?!" Asking the man to let her return to work seemed to be the biggest mistake she had ever done in her life.

It was only her first day at work, yet this man had already reduced her into such a state.

She was willing to bet that, before this day ended, she would be hated by practically everyone in this company.

"What is fun?" He raised his chin to look at her coolly.

"Hur hur! You, young master, made me go buy utensils, and so I went, but you actually already have some prepared! Young master, for what reason did you make me buy utensils then?! Is it fun to make a fool out of me?"

She snorted and, with a clang, dumped the newly bought utensils on the table before him.

"Pei Ge, what is with your attitude?!" He was nearly antagonized by her.

He admitted that he had sent her on a fool's errand, but he never had the intention to turn her into a laughingstock!

"My attitude? If you think that my attitude is unacceptable, then go ahead and fire me!" She strained her neck and glared at him, tears pooling in her lower eyelids.

She was actually not angry that this man had ordered her to buy utensils; rather, it was because he had never cared for her will and happiness when doing things.

He was about to become incensed as well, but when he saw her eyes rim with tears, for some reason, the rising rage in his stomach turn into one of guilt, instead.

"All right. Sit down first. I didn't have this prepared. Du Wen did this of his accord."

Everyone in the canteen collectively sucked in deep breaths when they heard this.


None had expected their cold boss to respond like this when the mundane-looking woman had spoken to him rather rudely. What was even more unexpected was how he had gently coaxed her by explaining himself.

This did not make any logical sense at all!

She herself could hardly believe that he would coax her, much less explain himself to her!

The man lightly coughed at her look of surprise and shot his assistant, the innocent bystander, a warning glare.

His poor subordinate, who had just been ordered to get all this ready and had not gotten the chance to flee in time, could only shoulder the blame for everything.

"Miss Pei, CEO Ji didn't arrange for all this. As our boss's personal assistant, I had this prepared for him. Please don't misunderstand CEO Ji." Du Wen looked at her imploringly as he spoke with so much sincerity he himself almost believed his own words.

Wu wu wu! Boss will give me a bonus for this, right?

Pei Ge's lips involuntarily twitched at his sincere gaze.

"All right. Sit down and have lunch. I'm really hungry." Noting that she seemed to have believed them, he lightly urged her again.

"Ah? Oh." Slightly taken aback by his gentle attitude, her reaction was slow by half a beat. Still, she took a seat at the chair opposite his.

All she could think of now was: This annoying fellow actually explained himself to me! He actually explained himself to me!

"What's the matter? What're you thinking of?" he asked, noticing that her eyes were slightly unfocused.

"I was just thinking…" She frowned slightly at him. When he pushed an empty white porcelain bowl in her direction, she reflexively filled it with soup for him.

Her actions were so intuitive she herself did not realize what she had just done. After all, she would always serve him soup and rice when they ate together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alas, while she did not think much of it, the others certainly did.

Noting that the two were behaving like an old couple, everyone in the canteen was once more flabbergasted.

If they still did not suspect the two's relationship moments before, then they truly did now!

The air between the two was just too unlike a boss and an employee. Instead, it was more like a long-time couple.

Placing the bowl of soup in his hands, she looked up at him perplexedly.

"I'm just wondering where Qitong and Sister Xinlei have gone."

Plus, what happened to that table of food?

Receiving the bowl of soup from her, he calmly placed it before him as he gave her a reply.

"Oh. They were done with their lunch and left."

"… Huh? That should be impossible. Why would they leave without telling me?" Not believing him at all, she eyed him suspiciously.

"Don't tell me that you did something?"


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