Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
587 Goddess Pei Ge, the Center of Attention
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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587 Goddess Pei Ge, the Center of Attention

"Mu Heng, you said Ziming will bring his girlfriend over today, right? Is that for real?"

Within an upscale and glamorous hall, lights shone brightly. Men in suits and women in elaborate gowns were conversing softly.

Among them, the most eye-catching men in distinct suits were all huddling together.

These three were none other than Ji Ziming's childhood friends: Mu Heng, Liao Gaofei, and Fu Mingxuan.

"Tsk. Why would I lie to you? Do you think I'm that bored?" In his eye-catching pink suit, shot Liao Gaofei a disdainful look as Mu Heng sipped his cocktail.

"Don't tell me that you're so outdated with the news? Rumors of Ziming's girlfriend have been flying around in our circle for a while now. He even brought her to a few dinner banquets."

Noting the playboy's disdain for him, Liao Gaofei indignantly mumbled, "Who knows if that's fake news or otherwise? The three of us may have a scandal anytime, but Ziming is different. He—"

"Gaofei, people do change." Mu Heng cocked a brow at him, his long, flirtatious eyes turning up. "When you meet her later, you'll know why he got himself a girlfriend."

"Really?" Not really understanding it, he turned his head to regard the man beside him. "Mingxuan, what do you think? Is Ziming, that a*shole, even capable of dating someone?"

"I think so." The man being addressed lightly rubbed his fingers against the crystal wine glass and peered surreptitiously at his asker. "If it's possible for us to get into a relationship, why is Ziming an exception?"

"But he… Doesn't he—"

Before he could finish his asking his question, a commotion broke out in the hall entrance's direction.



"So beautiful!"

The three men were a distance away from the crowded entrance; hence, they could only hear waves of exclamation but could not see what was happening there.

"What's going on? Did a popular female idol arrive?" Liao Gaofei raised a brow. There was confusion on his face.

His words piqued Mu Heng's interest at once.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Must be an exceptional beauty! You guys wait here; I'll go take a gander!" With that said, he put down the cocktail on the long table and flew to the front like a butterfly ready to worm its way into a flower.

Liao Gaofei followed behind him with equal interest.

"Hey, Mu Heng, wait for me!"

Shaking his head in amusement, he smirked lightly at the departing figures of his two friends.

"These two…"

Having attended a few events like this with Ji Ziming before, Pei Ge could be deemed as somewhat experienced.

Alas, there was something she did not expect at all…

Following their entrance into the hall, they were 'surrounded' at once.

Cough, cough, cough! Actually, it should not really be called being 'surrounded'. It was just that, the moment they entered the hall, everyone's attention turned on them. Subsequently, no one made another movement.

The way they simply stared at her made her a little frightened for some reason.

"What's wrong? Why are they all staring at me like that?" Feeling slightly nervous, she could not help but grasp his hand even tightly as she asked him this in a hushed tone.

Is my makeup ruined? Maybe, my 'slimming makeup' on my arms is too obvious, so it's easily spotted by people?

The man was originally feeling pissed that his woman was being placed in others' sights, but when he sensed her reliance on him, his mood improved quite significantly.

"It's nothing," stated Ji Ziming. He then swept his razor-sharp gaze across the annoying guests around them,

His gaze was especially frigid today, just like the coldness of winter, it made many people take a few steps backward.

They could not help it, too, for the man's aura was just too overpowering!

"Gosh, Mu Heng! Is that Ziming's girlfriend?!"

At this moment, these two, who had finally made their way to the front of the crowd, could finally see the truth of the commotion.

"That's… Little Chili?!"

Mu Heng did not have the time to answer his question now as he was feeling perplexed himself!

He stared at the woman, whose hand was being gently held and waist was being circled by his best friend, and he could simply not believe his eyes at all.

Never did he expect for a day to come when he would make a wrong judgment.

He knew from the get-go that Pei Ge had the potential to be a beauty and possessed a great figure, but his expectation of her appearance was never to this extent!

Her exquisitely fine features, white supple skin resembling cooked egg whites, and extremely eye-catching voluminous chest…

Under the bright yet gentle lights, the woman was so beautiful she resembled a celestial being—no, it should be Goddess Muse!

Although, except for the unembellished evening gown, she was not wearing any expensive or elaborate accessories on her body, she still resembled an otherworldly goddess just by standing there.

Even he, a Casanova who had fluttered around flower beds for years and had seen countless beauties, could still say with utmost certainty that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"Mu Heng, Ziming's luck is too good! He's such a boorish guy, so tell me how he found such a beautiful girlfriend?! She's totally the goddess in my fantasies – my dream lover!"

His fellow Casanova, Liao Gaofei, cried this out in heartache once he regained his senses.

"Why haven't I met such a gorgeous beauty?!"

Mu Heng's rationality also returned when he heard his cries.

Looking at the stunning beauty beside his best friend first before transferring his gaze on to this friend beside him, he could only lightly sigh and repress the quaking of his heart right now.

Never touch a friend's wife! Tsk, tsk, tsk! If I knew that Little Chili could be such a beauty, I'd make my move first!

"Hey, Mu Heng! How did Ziming and my goddess meet?"

"Scram!" He rolled his eyes at this idiot before him, lightly warning, "You'd better not let Ziming hear your frivolous words. Otherwise, you can take care of yourself!" With that, he strode over to the couple.

"Tsk! Will it be that serious?"

An old saying goes, 'Women are like clothes and brothers are like limbs.' I don't believe that I, Liao Gaofei, can't even compare to a woman in Ji Ziming's heart!'


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