Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
592 The heroine, Pei Ge, shows her prowess.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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592 The heroine, Pei Ge, shows her prowess.

Still, despite her plumpness, she remained very agile.

Hence, in the time it took for her to fall, she had calculated the angle to land her body.

Therefore, when she hit the ground, she managed to sit butt-first on the man who had fallen ahead of her.

Coincidentally, she even landed on the man's waist.

One could only imagine how badly a certain blind and unperceptive man, who had dared to touch her, ended up.

"You want me to get up? Sure. I'll get up now." She grinned at the man sprawled on the ground with a ghastly face.

"O-Okay. Hurry and get up…" The man exhaled a breath of relief.

However, before this man could take the next breath, he felt a huge pressure on his waist again. In that instant, a certain pervert seriously suspected that his waist might be dislocated.

"Oomph!" he cried out pathetically, his tears pooling in his eyes.


"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm wearing heels, so I accidentally slipped. Really sorry about that. It's not on purpose!" She copied the cutesy tone Bi Zheng's girlfriend had used to issue the man an apology.

A certain female: Why do I find this statement to be so familiar?

"Y-You clearly did it on purpose! Do you know who this young master is—argh!" He cried out in pain halfway through his taunting.


"I'm sorry. Your voice was too loud. It frightened me into slipping again." She smilingly explained this to the man, whose waist seemed to be about to get crippled.

"My ancestor, I beg you! I was wrong. Please quickly get off me. My waist is about to break under your weight." The man begged from under her bottom.

She lowered her head, and when saw that the man was about to cry, she finally let him off the hook.

"Will you continue doing vile things, such as molesting women, in the future?" she coldly interrogated.

"I won't; I won't! My ancestor, I was wrong. You're a magnanimous person, so please let me off this one time!" The man hastily begged for forgiveness.

"Then, will you continue using your power to bully others?" She snorted.

"No, no! I won't ever do it again!" The man quickly plead to her again.

"But I still can't really trust you." She nudged her mouth at him.

"… I really know that I was wrong." The man was so desperate he wanted to cry yet no tears would come out. Wu wu wu! I thought that this is a weak-dodder flower, but who would've known that I would be this unlucky and encounter a piranha, instead?!

I won't ever do something this dumb again! I'll never let my lust control my actions! If I see a pretty one next time… I should just spam her with money! Wu wu wu… My dad is rich, anyway!

"Swear to me; if you do despicable things like this again, you'll…" she said after a brief pause, "never get an erection when you touch a woman."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A certain pervert: Wu wu wu! She's so evil!

A certain woman: Shouldn't you be clinging to this man at this time? He seems to be loaded.

"Pfft!" A certain man, who was watching the show, burst into laughter.

"Why? You don't want to promise? Feeling guilty, huh?" Not only did she not care for what was happening around them, she even forgot about the two spectators beside her.

She also forgot that her motivation for coming here was to 'catch an affair'. All her focus right now was on properly teaching this despicable pervert a lesson!

Otherwise, who knew how many more innocent women would be harmed by his hands?!

I must teach this d*mn pervert a lesson and instill in him the consequences of molesting a woman; that way, he will never do such vile acts again!

"No, no, no! Heroine! I swear; I swear!" With that, a certain unlucky pervert quickly swore according to what she had said.

She got off a certain pervert the moment he finished promising.


"AHH!" This unlucky man cried out in pain again.

"Ugh! My apologies. I truly slipped this time. It's my first time wearing this pair of heels, so I'm not really used to it yet." She looked at the ghastly face of the pervert, whose breathing seemed to have thinned, and laughed dryly in embarrassment.

"Pfft! He he!"

In the middle of feeling sheepish, she heard a soft snicker nearby.

That only made her even more embarrassed, and her cheeks were dyed in pink.

"Wha-What are you laughing at?! What's there—" Before she finished scolding, she spotted the man, whom Bi Zheng's girlfriend had nearly succeeded in tricking, walk toward her.

"Are your legs numb? I'll pull you up." The man, in a dark-navy suit and with perfectly gelled hair, proffered his hand to her with a light smile.

This man was clearly a stranger, yet she felt an odd sense of closeness to him.

As such, she reflexively put hers in his fair and slender palm.

A certain unlucky pervert: Wu wu wu! This is too much! How can they flirt while she's sitting on me?!

A certain person's girlfriend: Wait a minute! Shouldn't I be the female lead here?! I hooked up with that man first! Why was my queue cut by this woman who had come out of nowhere?! Where's the justice in this?!

Getting up the unlucky pervert's back with the man's help, she smiled and thanked him.

"Thank you."

"It's nothing," he replied with a polite smile.

The man's smile, especially his eyes, gave her an increasingly… familiar feeling.

It felt as if… she had seen him somewhere before.

"That… This mister, I really feel bad about dirtying your suit. If you don't want my help to wash it, I can give you some money as compensation, too." Noticing that the man's attention was no longer on her, a certain scheming woman quickly walked up to squeeze between the two.

When Bi Zheng's girlfriend insisted on clinging to this unlucky man for benefits, Pei Ge was instantly made enraged.

"Hey, don't go overboard! It's fine if you want to elevate your social status by chasing after a rich man, but please break up with your boyfriend first! Don't treat Bi Zheng as your backup and as a fool!"

The whole area fell silent at this.

The man and woman revealed a shocked look. Still, it was normal for Bi Zheng's girlfriend to be shocked.

What she could not fathom was why the man would reveal a shocked look, too.

"Wh-Who are you?!"

"You're Ge Ge!"


A certain unlucky pervert, who was still sprawled on the ground: Wu wu wu. Have you guys forgotten about me? Before you lot continue talking, can you help me call for an ambulance first? Wu wu wu!


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