Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
597 Please have better tricks next time.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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597 Please have better tricks next time.

"Pei Ge, why do you think he needs you, and why did he make you his girlfriend? All of that is because of me!"

"Oh!" Hearing that, she could not help but chuckle. "Pei Shishi, don't you think that what you're saying is laughable?"

She punctuated this by really laughing aloud. The way her lips upturned seemed to suggest that she had heard a funny joke.

"Laughable? Which part of it is laughable?" Pei Shishi frowned at her response, a hint of surprise flashing across her eyes.

She looked surprised to hear her say that.

"All of it!" The smile on Pei Ge's face was gone in a flash, and she looked at her cousin coldly.

"Did you really think that I'll still trust you? Were you expecting me… to fall for your tricks again?" she asked coldly, sans bothering to acknowledge their blood ties.

"Do you think I'm that dumb? After being treated by you that way, where are you getting your confidence that I will still trust your lying mouth? That's absurd."

The words she uttered cut into her cousin's chest like a sharp knife, and the latter's facial expression changed for the worse.

"Pei Shishi, next time that you wanna lie to me, please have better tricks up your sleeves. What can this photo express? Not mentioning the woman in this photo, which only shows a blurry side-profile, whether it's you or not is a different story."

She curled her mouth at the corners and gave the darkening of her face a mere cursory glance.

"Here's the photo back."

With that, she returned the photo to her cousin.

Clearly upset, Pei Shishi received it from her; the latter's earlier smugness and relaxed smile were all but gone from her face.

"Pei Ge, whether you believe it or not, Ji Ziming will never love you. He loves—"

Gripping the photo tightly and looking awful, her cousin tried to get in a few more words, but she cut her off at once.

"Cousin, you just need to remember one thing: Ji Ziming is my boyfriend now." There was a smile on her face. Her words, though said softly, were certainly serious.

At the conclusion of this exchange, she walked toward the main hall, past her cousin, without looking back.

In that moment, Fu Mingxuan's request for her to stay put had eclipsed her mind.

All she could think of right that instant was to get away from that place, from her cousin, as fast as possible…

Even though she looked calm on the surface, as if she did not care for her cousin's words at all, and even though she knew that the latter had said all that on purpose to mess with her, she was still really antsy and affected by it.

Although she was aware that the other had ulterior motive for doing this, she… was still truly bothered by it.

Yes, she was bothered – very bothered.

While that photo did have a few issues with it, such as the woman's blurry face, the man in it was indubitably Ji Ziming.

She only took a brief gander at the photo, yet she could tell that it had not been photoshopped.

After all, that annoying fellow's expression was nearly tangible, and it was something that could not be altered.

Thinking of that, she pursed her lips tightly.

Who was that woman in the photo?

She was certainly not her cousin; knowing how much the latter liked the man, if they had once been together, how would she have ever let go?

Still, the man's attitude toward her cousin was a little abnormal…

As she was mulling over this, she entered the lively main hall again.

"Pei Ge, didn't I tell you not to run around on your own?!"

A cold, deep voice broke her chain of thought.

When she lifted her head, Ji Ziming's flawless face appeared before her sight.

"Did you treat my words as nothing?!"

Looking at the way she dazedly lifted her face at him, his anger surged.

"This d*mn woman, does she know how dangerous she looks right now?!"

"You stupid woman, don't you dare run around again!"

When she did not say anything in response, he walked to her in a few steps and held her hand tightly.

This stupid woman. He only looked away for a bit, and she was gone in a flash! So disobedient!

She took in his gloomy eyes and his strong hand on hers; suddenly, she felt at ease.

No matter what… Even if she were a fake, she was his girlfriend now.

"Okay. I won't run around next time." A smile bloomed on her face and she replied sweetly to him.

"If you run around again I…"

He was originally intending to lecture her, but he stopped when he heard her reply.

Looking at her bright smile, he froze as his expression became tender.

"I won't run around anymore. I'm your girlfriend; where can I run off too?" she muttered, continuing to smile at him.

He regarded the obedient her and felt that she was not acting odd.

"Are… you okay?" He frowned and tightened his grip on her palm.

She rolled her eyes at him.

"What can be wrong with me?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Okay! Looks like acting sweet doesn't suit me.

Seeing the woman roll her eyes, he thought that this was more familiar to him.

"Where did you go while I wasn't looking?" he asked, his tone suddenly tender.

"Oh, just now, I…" She was about to say where she had gone to and what she had done, but thinking about it again, she decided that it was too difficult to explain.

Besides… it was a hassle telling him about that thing with her cousin.

Instinctively, she refrained from asking him about that photo…

"I went to look for food." She gave him this reply, instead. She was still smiling at the man.

"…" The man felt helplessness well up within him upon hearing that.

To think that he, the CEO of a listed company that was worth billions, could not even compare to a plate of food in this stupid woman's eyes!


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