Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
603 She seems to love the man more with each passing moment.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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603 She seems to love the man more with each passing moment.

"Oh, d*mn! That Pei Shishi? Are you serious? Won't Pei Ge be the same kind of person?"

Shocked by his words, Liao Gaofei began to worry.

"Don't worry; Little Chili and that one with her princess-syndrome aren't the same kind of person at all! That woman even set up our Little Chili before! She's really bad to her cousin; it's as if they're not relatives at all."

Just as Mu Heng was quick to defend one woman, he was also quick to express his distaste for another.

"That's good; that's good! I just don't want our Ziming to encounter that type of bad woman…" The other chattered nonstop following his reassuring words.

"Mu Heng, you said that the two women are cousins…"

At this moment, Fu Mingxuan, who was keeping his peace at the side, opened his mouth out of the blue.

However, his voice, which was normally gentle and amiable, was layered with coldness at this time.

A hint of doubt flashed past the playboy's face at the coldness he saw on the man's face.

"En, they are cousins." He nodded, his tone turning somber at the other's serious question.

"Ziming and I had Little Chili investigated before. The two ladies are cousins; both went to the same elementary and middle schools but attended different high schools."

Fu Mingxuan's eyes seemed to tinge with more frost following his friend's words.

"Hm? Mingxuan, is there something wrong?" Mu Heng eyed him weirdly.

That's weird; why would his reaction be this big after knowing that those two women are related?

"Yeah. Did Pei Shishi do something bad again?" Liao Gaofei eyed the man with curiosity.

Sensing the two men's curious and suspicious gazes, Fu Mingxuan returned to himself and raised a brow in feigned nonchalance.

"It's nothing. I just discovered that that woman lied to me… so I'm very unhappy."

The two men got it with that.

This guy hated being lied to the most.

Since it was that woman who had lied to him, it only made sense that his face would look awful.

"Pfft! Ha ha! You're so smart, yet that woman succeeded in cheating you still?" Liao Gaofei looked at him in shock.

"What use is that? Didn't Ziming get cheated by her, too? No matter how smart a man is, if they don't guard against that, they can fall for a woman's tricks." Mu Heng told Liao Gaofei this while chortling.

Listening to the two bicker, Fu Mingxuan's thoughts returned to that time in the past.

'Excuse me; do you know Pei Ge from year 3 class 3?'

'Yes, I do; what do you want from her?'

'Do you know where she is?'

'I think she transferred schools.'

'Do you know which school she transferred?'


'How about her family's contact details; do you have that?'

'I'm sorry I don't.'

'… Does she have any relative in this school that I can talk?'

'She doesn't. From what I know, she's an only child. She has no other relatives attending this school.'

'… Is that so? Thank you, anyway.'

'That's fine.'

'Shishi, what are you doing? Come over here!'

'Oh, coming!'

Pei Shishi, the nerve of you!

He narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing through them.

Never did he expect that the female student he had run into when he had gone looking for Pei Ge in that school was none other than her cousin!

He also did not expect for her cousin to lie to him!

If not for that, how would he have missed the girl of his dreams for so many years?!

How would he have let his close friend, Ji Ziming, cut before him?!

She even had the audacity to claim that she had seen him before when they met again many years later! How dared she?!

"Mingxuan, are you okay? How did that woman lie to you? Do you want me to get back at her for you?" Liao Gaofei asked worriedly upon seeing his grim face.

"Teach that woman a lesson? Seems fun; count me in!"

Mu Heng volunteered with a smile.

He looked at the two and scoffed at the end. "That's all right. It's just an unimportant woman, anyway," he refused, his expression warm and tender.

For this matter, he would do it personally. There was no need for so many people…

Heh… Since you dared to lie and play games with me, you'd better have the guts to suffer my wrath!

The three were drinking while chatting when they heard the crowd's clamoring.


"So romantic…"

"I never thought that Ji Ziming could be so gentle to a woman."

Of the three, Fu Mingxuan's gaze was the first to move.

He saw that, at the center of the dance floor, the eye-catching pair had turned everyone around them into mere background and supporting characters.

Everyone's gazes were riveted on the pair's elegant and captivating waltz.

Although the man's flawless face lacked any visible expression, tenderness and indulgence could be perceived in his clear eyes.

Such an expression made all the women present envious.

With an elegant micro-step and turn, the woman in the beautiful dress naturally fell into the lean man's arms.

Raising his arm, he helped the woman smoothly twirl twice along to the pleasant music before he pulled her back into his arms.

Her left leg was raised high. The man held her hand, as if they could do it for eternity, they deeply bore into each other's eyes. This pair staring at each other had flushed faces as they took short breaths.

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At the end of the song, a deafening ovation resonated outside the dance floor.

The couple that was looking into each other's eyes with pounding hearts on the dance floor only reluctantly returned to their senses when they heard the crowd's thunderous applause.

Pound, pound!

In that moment, Pei Ge groggily rested her head against Ji Ziming's chest as she looked up at the man.

She realized that she was loving this man more and more with each passing moment.


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