Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
608 CEO Ji gets a clear view of things.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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608 CEO Ji gets a clear view of things.

"Senior, thanks for sending me home. I'll go in now. Good night."

Watching her open the door and walk into the house, the smile on Fu Mingxuan's face froze.

"This place is…"


He opened the car door and got out of the car, scrutinizing the woman's home.

"This place…" He narrowed his eyes, his gaze turning cold.

This was her old home… He had been here more than once.

However, so many years had passed, yet this place was still as he remembered it…

"… Are you serious?" A hint of complexity glinted in his eyes, and his facial expression turned bitter.

Regardless of the mood of the man standing outside the house, inside it, Pei Ge was lying in her bathtub and enjoying a bubble bath.

"Hmm… mm…" She hummed a tune as she enjoyed her bath, her mood quite pleasant.

Alas, after she was done with her bath, she discovered that in her hurry to do so, she had forgotten to get a change of clothes.

"… D*mn it!" She cursed under her breath as she stood in the bathroom gazing at the empty clothes rack.

Still, since it was just a change of clothes she had forgotten, she was not really bothered by it. After all, the bathroom was in her room, and the man was not back yet.

With such a thought in mind, she opened the door sans even drying herself and walked toward her closet in her bedroom where her undergarments were.

"Thankfully, the heater is on, or else I'd freeze to death." She was happily mumbling this while grabbing clothes from the closet.

Being naked in this weather was a challenge to one's ability to withstand the coldness, after all!

Just as she got her undergarments from the closet in her hands, she heard the door of her bedroom being opened from the outside.

"Ah, don't come in!" she screamed, quickly turning her body around at the noise.

Unfortunately, the person outside had already opened the door to her room, so her demand did not really have a use now.

When she saw the white door opened completely from the outside, she was at a loss.

Where to hide?! Where to hide?!

A while back, she had heard a joke.

It said that if one was naked, covering the top would expose the bottom, and vice versa, so one should just cover neither the top nor the bottom but their face, instead.

Right now, she just wanted to say… D*mn it! Screw 'cover the face'! If I cover my face, then the other person will get an unhindered view of everything! Are they dumb or what?!

Clack! Ji Ziming frowned when he did not see her in the room.

He was quite sure he had just heard her voice earlier…

"Pei Ge."

He called out to her after entering the room.

Alas, he did not get any reply. Looking up, he swept his eyes all over the room in confusion.

Where did that woman go?

Suddenly, he spotted wet footprints on the wooden floor.

"…" The corners of his mouth twitched a little at the sight of the footprints before he followed them.

He stopped when he saw that they had disappeared around the corner behind the curtain.

"Pei Ge, what are you doing hiding there?" he asked, raising a brow.

Just after he spoke, the originally still curtain started shaking.

"Yo-You get out!" she hissed angrily, her head peeking out from behind the curtain to glare at him.

He laughed a little internally when he saw her act like that.

What was this stupid woman doing again?

"Get out; get out! How could you come into someone else's room without permission?! Quickly go out!"

Starting to panic when the man merely stood still in front of her, she reached out a bare arm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He paused a little when he saw the fair but bare arm.

Just as he moved to ask her what she was up to, his eyes shockingly caught of sight of something.

"Hey! I told you to go out; didn't you hear me?!" She felt frustrated looking at this man who was adamant on not leaving. If not for her being naked, she would really run out from behind this curtain and kick this annoying fellow out of her room.

"Why… are you naked?" He frowned, seemingly upset, yet his earlobes had unnoticeably already turned pink.

"I just got out of the shower! Now that you know, hurry and get out!" In her panicky state, she did not catch this abnormality of his.

This time around, the man stared really hard at her for a moment before he turned and left her room.

After she heard the door close and saw that he was gone, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Sigh!" That annoying fellow is finally gone.

With her heart at ease, she stepped out from behind the curtain and put on her undergarments and pajamas she had not managed to wear earlier.

However, after she had put on her pajamas, she realized…

"That's not right! How did that annoying fellow learn that I was naked?" she mumbled, feeling perplexed.

Very quickly, she screamed in shock. This was because she had caught sight of the object next to the mirror.


She continued screaming in shock, her eyes wide as saucers as she stared at full-body mirror next to the curtain.

"Ji Ziming, you scumbag!"

Never did she think that her perfect hiding spot was also perfect for exposing herself.

She might be hiding behind the curtain, but…. the man still saw everything.

This was because the slanted full-body mirror captured her entire body precisely…

"Ji Ziming, you scumbag!"


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