Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
615 Ji Ziming, you really are too much!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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615 Ji Ziming, you really are too much!

Pei Ge stared at the photograph hard, and all she could think of was…

Who exactly is this woman?

Is she Ji Ziming's ex-girlfriend, first love, or cherished woman?

Although she resembles my cousin, it's not possible for it to be her…

All sorts of nonsensical thoughts ran through her head.

Only when she heard Qin Qitong's urging did she recover herself.

"Hey, Pei Ge! What are you thinking so much for? You guys aren't even in a real relationship. Are you really treating yourself as that annoying fellow's actual girlfriend?! What a joke." She softly scolded herself, proceeding to stand up.

Taking one last look at the photo in her hand, she randomly wedged it in the Greek poetry book.

Right now, she felt drained and did not care if he found out that she had touched his stuff.

Once she was done slotting the photo in, she placed the book on the bookshelf and quickly left the man's room.

"Sister Pei Ge, why were you inside for so long?" the girl asked, perplexed that she had only exited the man's room now.

She smiled at her, casually replying, "It took me some time to recall how those books were placed."

"I see. Do you think that my cousin will realize it?" The girl became nervous at once.

"Who knows?" She lightly chuckled. "Who cares about him? He'll find out when he does!"

"He won't scold you if he finds out, right?" The young lady thought of her cousin's temper and felt even more uneasy.

"Sister Pei Ge, if my cousin finds out, just tell him that I didn't listen to you and went into his room without permission. Tell him that I was also the one who had messed up his books!"

She valiantly and loyally told her that.

If only her eyes were not blinking so fast when she was saying that, her words would have been more reassuring.

"Pfft!" Pei Ge was in a bad mood, but she still could not help but laugh at this, immediately feeling much better.

"Fine. Don't worry so much and relax. This is no biggie!"

Although she reassured her this way, the girl still did not feel at ease.

In the end, perhaps due to fear of meeting her cousin, an uneasy Qin Qitong departed from the house without having dinner.

Watching her leave hurriedly, Pei Ge seriously doubted that she would ever come over for a visit again.

After sending the young lady off, she became the only living person in this villa.

She sat in the living room and hugged the cat, stroking its fur intermittently.

"Pudding, lil' bud, did you do it on purpose?" she offhandedly asked, hugging it suddenly.

"Did you purposely make that book fall for me to see that picture and clear my head up?"


She sighed lightly at the cat in her arms.

She seemed to have gotten too arrogant lately…

She had become 'arrogant' because his attitude toward her was different from how he was with others…

She had even entertained the idea that the annoying fellow might actually like her…

"How expected that annoying fellow to be this devoted…

"Hur hur… He actually keeps a photo in a poetry book, and it's even the Greek one… Tsk!"

Although she was softly mocking the man, her expression was not as light as her tone.

"What should I do, Pudding? I feel so awful now…"

As she said that, immense sadness engulfed her heart, and her huge, doe eyes turned watery.

"That annoying fellow actually has someone he likes. He is too much! I say; why does he have to pull me along to be a shield if he has someone he likes?! He is truly too much…"

She hugged the cat and kept muttering that.

Unabated tears, akin to pearls on a broken string, slid down her cheeks from her eye rims instantly.

"Still, I'm the worst. I clearly know that that annoying fellow has someone he likes, y-yet I still did not control my heart and continued liking him…

"I e-even went overboard and thought that it'd be best if the woman in that photo had already married someone or did not exist…"


The cat raised its puny head and, as if sensing her sorrow, lightly licked her cheek, seemingly comforting her.

"Pudding, aren't I very useless…" Her lips formed into an ugly smile as she stared at the cat licking her face with hazy eyes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Purr… purr!" It cutely purred again.

"Mhm. I must pull myself together. It's just a photo! It's nothing!" she looked at the round, fat cat in her arms and suddenly felt much better.

What is there to cry about, Pei Ge? You are a strong and independent woman, so don't cry over such a small issue! You are really too weak!

Also, even without any other women, you'll never be together with that annoying fellow. After all, there is an insurmountable distance between you two…

She wiped her tears off. Having already calmed down, she really felt that she had been too hard on herself just then and could not come out from her dilemma.

It was a mere photo, yet it already gave her such a big reaction.

Plus, she even cried.

Ah, ah, ah! Luckily, I am alone in the house right now, or I would really lose all my face when I cried just then!

The rational version of her only found the crying version of her moments ago to be corny and shameful.

"I should go wash up." She touched her puffy eyes and decided to take a bath; she would also apply an eye mask while she was at it. She could never let anyone find out that she had just cried. Otherwise, she would not know how to explain it to Qin Qitong and Ji Ziming.

Hence, she returned to her room on the second floor with the cat in her arms.

After she had prepared her sleepwear to change into after showering, she entered the bathtub that had already been filled with hot water.

Half an hour later, she came out from her bath and felt much more comfortable and relaxed.

Her maudlin mood had also improved and became much lighter.

"Hah… That felt good!"

She stretched her lazy back. Her cheeks were very red from the steam, making her look exceptionally adorable.

As she was using toner and night cream, she realized that he seemed not to have returned!

She looked at the time and noted that it was already past eight.

"Why is that annoying fellow not back yet?" she murmured. When she recalled how she had bawled her eyes out due to him, she made the decision to avenge herself for this private issue by making use of her power!

She went downstairs and walked to the entrance lobby. Noting the tightly closed door, she nudged her lips and resolutely locked it from the inside.

"Hmph! Although curfew is at 10 PM, this young lady isn't happy today, so curfew is moved forward!"


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