Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
618 Affections for Someone Turning into Obsession Over Time
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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618 Affections for Someone Turning into Obsession Over Time

As she closed the anti-theft door, Fu Mingxuan's earlier words resurfaced in her head.

'He's actually a devoted and faithful man.

'You are his second girlfriend. He was deeply in love with his first girlfriend…

'I didn't expect him to actually fall in love and date you…'

It definitely was unexpected… After all, the two of them were not really a couple… Everything was a pretense!

Now, all was clear.

Why would someone like Ji Ziming come to her for a pretend girlfriend for his parents?

Everything he did was for that girlfriend he had no choice but to break up with…

Thinking about it now, her recent thoughts were quite laughable!

Of that annoying fellow liking her and of her wanting to lose weight for him…

"Ha! Pei Ge, wake up!" she shouted, slapping herself on the cheeks.

Slap! Slap! These two solid slaps seemed to return her to reality.

"Pei Ge, since he already has someone he likes, in the future, you should… should…"

You shouldn't like him anymore. You shouldn't carry any more hopes toward him.

However, she quickly realized that she could not say these words aloud.

'I don't care. It's my business who I like. Even if he doesn't like me back, he can't control me liking him!'

Qin Qitong's words reverberated in her head.

"Right… Liking someone is a personal matter; it has…" nothing to do with Ji Ziming.

Even if I can't help but like him now… time will heal everything. All I can do now is to let nature take its course…

She straightened her body. Although her expression still did not look very good, it was at least not the lost and confused look she had earlier.

"Go to sleep, Pei Ge. Go to sleep and forget about all these…"

As she mumbled that, she slowly walked upstairs, her back exuding a sense of loneliness and bitterness.


A blue flame lit up the cigarette between Fu Mingxuan's fingers.

His long slender fingers held on to the cigarette gently. He pursed his thin lips, took a small breath, and exhaled a cloud of white smoke.

In the fumes, his face looked unspeakably gloomy.

He, who was supposed to have driven off, did not leave the Pei Ge's bungalow and, instead, stared at it for a long time while leaning against his car door.

He only left when all the lights in the house had been turned off.

His slender fingers gently flicked his cigarette away.

Clack! The cigarette fell onto the stony path.

"Pei Ge…" he mumbled, a cold look flashing across his gentle face. "You and Ziming are lying, right…"

His lips were unturned slightly.

"You two aren't actually in a relationship."

His words from earlier were not asked out of curiosity but a test.

He was testing the nature of the two's relationship.

He did not expect that he would succeed.

"Does this mean that I still have a chance…"

He lowered his head, his long lashes hiding the emotions in his eyes.

Still, the hesitation and bitterness at the corners of his mouth could not be hidden.

"Is what I'm doing… really the right thing?"

He pursed his lips when he recalled the pointed words he had told the woman earlier.

He had said them deliberately purely out of… indignation.

He was indignant that he was one step behind… so the girl of his dreams had become someone else's girlfriend.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was indignant that… even if they were not in a relationship, he could not get in between them.

Although the man was his childhood friend, he could still not give up on the woman he had been waiting for over a decade.

Sometimes, when one liked a person, their feelings neither disappeared over time nor grew stronger.

Instead, they became… obsession.

That girl had become a deep-seeded, irremovable, sweet obsession in his heart.

He pulled his lips into a bitter smile and sighed. Taking one last look at the completely dark house, he got in his car and drove off…

Under the moonlight, no one would know that a man had once stopped by here with complex feelings in his heart, the only trace he left behind being the cigarette he had thrown away…


The next morning, Pei Ge woke up before her alarm.

Her alarm only rang when she was already stretching and yawning while facing the morning sun.

Once she turned off the alarm, she changed her clothes, washed up, and got dressed before leaving her room.

The moment she left her room, she realized that the man did not return home yesterday.

Quite unaccustomed to this, she stared at the empty living room.

Usually, that annoying fellow would be up earlier than her and be waiting to stare at her eat breakfast in the dining room.

Looking at the empty dining room, she blinked.

"Aiya. Let's eat out for breakfast today…" She told herself this.

She then opened the anti-theft door with her bag.

The instant she stepped out the door, she saw Li Qi already waiting for her outside.

"Sis Pei Ge, good morning!"

"Morning!" she greeted with a smile, getting in the car.

"Sis Pei Ge, you're so early today." The young chauffeur chatted her up as he drove.

"It's not that early. Weren't you even earlier than me?" she replied distractedly, looking through the messages on her phone.

Nothing. There was nothing… That annoying fellow did not call or text her.

She pursed her lips tightly at this thought.

Nothing happened to that annoying fellow… right?


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