Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
623 Purging this woman from her son“s side.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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623 Purging this woman from her son“s side.

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Mother Ji had a lost expression on her face. She just could not fathom what her beloved was saying today.

She needed to think carefully of what he was saying!

"Dear, you've been tricked. That woman isn't a simple person."

He lightly sighed and walked to her side.

"What do you mean I was tricked? What about being not simple? Can you speak properly?" She frowned slightly and looked up at her husband with a confused yet stifled expression.

Which woman isn't simple? Also, how was I tricked?

"Okay, don't continue standing there. Let's sit down and I will slowly explain it to you." He held her hands and gently urged her.

"Mhm." Mother Ji nodded and followed him to sit on the sofa.

He held her hands and slowly started describing what had happened today.

"Didn't you tell me to go meet our son's girlfriend? I went to meet her, but…"

Once he finished telling her what had transpired today, what he did not expect was for her to reject vehemently his claim at once.

"Impossible. I am very clear on what type of person Ge Ge is. She's certainly no such person!"

Not having expected his wife to still treat their son's girlfriend as a good person after what he had just told her, a deep frown appeared on his forehead.

"Dear, I have no need to lie to you. Think about it; why would I do that?" He looked at his wife helplessly and became even more discontented with their son's girlfriend.

He had totally not anticipated his wife to support and trust Pei Ge unconditionally.

Even the truth he spoke to her fell on deaf ears.

"Hubby, I know that you won't lie to me, but she's definitely not that type of woman. You probably misunderstood her." She did not have a trace of smile on her face as she looked at him solemnly.

He was momentarily made speechless by his wife's seriousness.

"Hubby, you probably misunderstood her. She's truly a very good child and certainly not the scheming and spendthrift woman you pegged her as," she said with conviction.

"I truly witnessed her being arrogant and even heard her say those words. Could that be faked? I'm sure that I didn't misunderstand her." He also started getting angry. An ugly expression also appeared on the face of his ever agreeable wife.

His rage would turn up a notch every time he thought of how his wife actually took a position against him.

Of course, she could sense his cantankerous mood. Lightly sighing, she softly soothed him. "Hubby, don't be like this. How about we call Ge Ge over to our house and talk this over properly? I think there's a misunderstanding here somewhere."

"Misunderstanding? Dear, you are too innocent. How could there be a misunderstanding?" He shook his head and lightly sneered, continuing, "Anyway, I can't let that woman continue staying by our son's side."

"Hubby, what did you just say?" She frowned as she felt that something bad was about to happen. "Don't tell me that you're preparing to separate the two?"

The man, who was truly intending to do exactly that, halted mid-speech at her words.

"Let me tell you: Don't you ever do that. Our son finally started liking someone else, and it's actually such pure and natural feelings. You're definitely forbidden from doing anything to ruin it!" she agitatedly resisted.

Although she indeed liked Pei Ge, what was the most important was still her son's feelings for the woman. If not for that, she would not like her this much, too.

As a mother, how could she not know how deep her son's feelings for Pei Ge?

Also, as a woman, she also knew that that young lady was truly kind-hearted. Although that lady's family's background was only average, she did not care about it. The only thing she cared for was whether Pei Ge could give her son happiness or not.

Hence, she truly wished for her stupid son and Pei Ge to end up together.

Father Ji was so stunned by his wife's reaction he did not even dare to continue voicing out his thoughts.

"Hubby, I don't want to hear anything about you attempting to separate the two, or else I will get angry." Mother Ji pouted and hugged his arms.

"…" The man, whose arms were being hugged, had no words to speak.

He could only deliberate about what that their son's girlfriend had actually fed his wife to make her this supportive of her.

She was even threatening him for her sake!

"Mhm? Hubby, why aren't you speaking? You'd better not be thinking of any bad ideas!" She cocked a brow, her voice becoming more saccharine.

He hastily shook his head in denial and strainedly smiled at his wife. "No way. You already spoke, so why would I still be coming up with any bad ideas?"

She nodded at this before she beamed. "That's great, then!"

"But…" She peered at the man sitting beside her. "I think we should still invite Ge Ge over sometime to clear up this deep misunderstanding you have of her!"

"… There's no need to invite her over." His brows moved ever so slightly as he pointedly said this in a slightly cold tone.

"There's a need to do that. After all, she's the woman who meets our son's eyes; she may even become our daughter-in-law in the future!" His wife had a deep smile on her face when she said this.

The furrow in his forehead deepened upon seeing how excited his wife was while saying all that.

Daughter-in-law? What a joke. I'll never let an unsightly and scheming woman like her enter our Ji family's door!

It seems that I need to think of a way to purge that extremely scheming woman from my son's side quickly.

Cough! Of course, I must do this without my madam wife's knowledge!


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