Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
625 A Memory Taken to Heart yet Unable to Be Recalled
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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625 A Memory Taken to Heart yet Unable to Be Recalled

'Small brother, why are you such a scaredy-cat?

'Small brother, let me sing you a song…'

"Sister Pei Ge? Sister Pei Ge?"

Noticing that she was staring into the distance with vacant eyes, the perplexed Qin Qitong tugged her arms and softly called her name.

The other finally recovered from her trance at the girl's call.

"Mhm?" Pei Ge turned to look at the girl, the lost look still vivid on her face.

"Sister Pei Ge, why are you staring into space again? What were you thinking of?" Qin Qitong asked curiously.

What I was thinking of?

She paused at this.

What… was I thinking of just then?

She realized with a start that she was unable to recall her earlier thoughts while zoning out.

"I can't remember it anymore." With a complex look, she frowned back at the young lady beside her.

The latter burst out laughing at her expression.

"Sister Pei Ge, you're truly amusing. You even forgot what you were just thinking of moments ago." Qin Qitong laughed aloud.

She could only shake her head helplessly at the girl's laughter.

What was I thinking about just now? It seems to be important…

"Qitong, how did your cousin escape in the end? Did he get injured?"

Shoving away the memory she could not recall, she continued pressing for more details about Ji Ziming's kidnapping incident.

"Ah, my cousin didn't suffer much injury. The little girl who was with him helped him escape while the kidnappers were away." Qin Qitong shrugged.

"Th-Then what about that girl?" For some reason, she was very mindful of the little girl this young lady was talking about.

"That girl? As that room's window was placed high, two persons were needed to help one get out. Thus, after my cousin left, that little girl remained inside." She told her the truth. However, when she mentioned the little girl, her expression was a little strange.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"W-Was that girl all right?" Pei Ge continued asking, worried.

At this moment, the two did not realize that her attitude indicated that she was more worried for that little girl than Ji Ziming.

"Mhm. She's pretty lucky, so nothing untoward happened to her." Qin Qitong nodded with a smile.

However, upon hearing this, Pei Ge did not feel relieved. Instead, she frowned and asked, "How could nothing happen to her? If she released your cousin as you said, then how could the kidnappers just let her off like that?"

"Ha ha! That's why I said that she's lucky. Before those kidnappers could do anything to her, the police already saved her with my cousin's help. Thus, other than being frightened and receiving some damage to her throat, she was totally fine."

Her frown deepened. For some reason, she felt that the things this young lady had told her were inaccurate. It was as if… there were mistakes somewhere.

That girl… it's impossible for her to be totally unharmed. She—

"Alright, Sister Pei Ge. Let's not talk about this stuff anymore!" The man's cousin happily hooked her arm through hers again, interrupting her thoughts.

Her hazy and incoherent thoughts quickly dissipated with this yanking.

"Sister Pei Ge, let's go out to play tonight! My cousin isn't home, anyway, so you must be free!"

Returning to her senses, she shook her head. Her eyes were a little unfocused.

"Not today. I have something on tonight; I can't go shopping today with you."

"Eh? My cousin isn't even home, so what do you have to do?" The look in this young lady's eyes turned suspicious, clearly unconvinced by her reason.

"I'm going home to learn." She smiled at her. Even though she said this softly, her tone was serious, and it did not seem as if she were joking.

"To learn?" Qin Qitong widened her eyes, clearly not expecting such a reply.

"That's right; to learn." A brilliant smile graced her lips.

She wanted to go back home and learn from Professor William!

The professor doesn't teach every day, so I will of course place a lot of importance on such an opportunity to learn!

Bidding the lady goodbye, she got into Li Qi's car and made her way back home.

Unbeknown to her, Qin Qitong received a call from Mother Ji after her departure.

"Hey, aunt. What happened today exactly? Why did uncle not come over?"

She quickly asked this question upon answering the call.

"Sigh… Your uncle did go this afternoon, but…"

Hearing the whole story from her, the young lady had the same reaction as the former.

"That's impossible. Sister Pei Ge isn't a scheming person who only wants my cousin for his wealth like my uncle is describing her!"

She vehemently rejected that claim.

"That's right. I said the same thing to your uncle, so he was slightly convinced. He even agreed to having Ge Ge come over for a meal to reevaluate her."

"Ah, I see! Ha ha! Aunt, you are still the most powerful." Her worry dissipated at this news.

"He he, of course! Who is your aunt?

"Still, you should inform Ge Ge about this."

"Okay. Rest assured; I'll make sure to complete my mission."

Pei Ge naturally did not know of this pair's conversation. Presently, she was already at home and timely opened her computer to attend Professor William's online lecture.

"Hani, you've improved a lot. I really want to meet you in person!"

She smiled at the professor with a crown of white hair and a pair of blue eyes. "That day will surely come."

"Oh, but your teacher here is greedy. Not only do I want to meet you, I even want you to stay in Harvard and become my actual student!"

She could not hold in her laugher at his exaggeration.

"Professor, you should let me off. I'm almost hitting my thirties, so forget about going back to school."

"Doesn't China have a term called 'lifelong learning'? Age isn't an issue with me. Hani, I'm sincerely inviting you to Harvard to further your learning. Don't waste your talent."

She stilled at his sincere invitation.

Go to Harvard…

That's actually my dream, but now…

In her mind, her aging mother and… that man's handsome face appeared.

"I'm sorry, professor. Right now, I don't want to change my lifestyle," she politely refused, looking apologetic.

"Oh! My girl, it's fine. Just remember that Harvard's doors are open to you if you ever change your mind…"


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