Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
626 Why do you have a different man again?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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626 Why do you have a different man again?

With a grateful but apologetic face, she turned off the video call and exited the chat room. For a while, she was unable to pull herself from her earlier conversation with the professor.

Ever since her father died and her family's business went bankrupt, she had not received such high praise.

Due to the tremendous pressures in life, she was focused on making meet ends and neglected her studies.

Although she had the brains, she was not a genius to know things without learning them first. Once she let up on her academics, her results dropped dramatically.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She did study day and night in the last few months of high school, yet she could only attend a third-rate university due to financial constraints.

Once she graduated, most of her time was wasted staying in her second uncle's branch company.

Who knew that, one day, she would have a chance to attend the university of her dreams?

"Harvard…" she mumbled to herself. The temptation of Harvard was really strong on her.

Unfortunately, she was no longer young; she was turning twenty-seven soon…

Where would she find the excess time to go study abroad?

Even if she did have the time, she could never fork out that much money to support her education overseas.

Besides, what would happen to her mother if she left?

Just as she was wrapped up in these self-conflicting thoughts, the doorbell rang.

Ding dong!

The incessant ringing of the doorbell brought her back to reality.

Someone's here.

Is that annoying fellow back?

This thought had just come to her when she shook it off.

It can't be that annoying fellow. He has keys to this house; why would he need to press the doorbell?

She walked to the door as she mulled over these possibilities.


When she opened the anti-theft door, she saw Fu Mingxuan, clad in a light-brown windbreaker, smiling at her.

"Senior?" She was shocked to find him outside her house.

Fu Mingxuan's smile deepened at the shock on her face.

"Why? Surprised to see me here?"

She nodded frankly, asking, "Yeah, senior. Why are you here?"

Actually, what she wanted to ask was: "Senior, why are you here again?"

He was here just last night, and now he was here again. Moreover, this was clearly not the time for visiting someone!

"Senior, are you here to see Ji Ziming again? He's not back yet."

She did not wait for his reply and just informed him of this.

"I'm not here for him; I'm here for you," he clarified, gently smiling at her.

"Ah? Senior, you're here to see me?" She looked at him dubiously, unable to fathom what business he had with her.

"Yes, I'm here to see you." The smile on his face deepened further, yet his tone sounded anything but serious.

"Senior, is there something you need from me?" She looked at the man questioningly.

"En. I have a favor to ask of you." He nodded.

"What favor?" She blinked in confusion.

"I don't know if you are free now, but can you go out with me for a bit?"

She was taken aback by his unexpected request.

"Ha?!" She gawked at him. "Go out with you? What do you mean?"

"I'm hoping you'd help me choose a gift." He smiled at her, his mood getting better the more she stared at him.

"Choose a gift…" She still did not get what he meant. "Senior, why don't I get you? Pick what gift?"

Noting her confusion, he started explaining things at her.

"You know that there's a girl I've had a crush on since high school, right?"

"Mhm." She nodded.

"Her birthday is coming, so I want to get her a gift, but I'm not sure what to get for her, so…"

She finished his words for him.

"… So you came to me?"

"Exactly." He nodded with a smile.

"But, senior, you shouldn't come to me for this. I'm not good at this type of things. You should go get help from someone knowledgeable at it," she said, a little exasperated.

She was in fact not making excuses and was telling the truth.

She did not usually purchase things for herself, so she was in no position to give him advice on what gift to buy.

"Ge Ge, she's of your age, and… your personalities are quite similar, so I think that she'll like the same things that you like." He gave this reason after her refusal.

She paused at his words before she shook her head wryly. "I don't know her, though. You'd better be off getting ideas from her friends."

"Ge Ge, I don't know her friends. I haven't even found her yet. I… only know that she's your age and that your personalities are similar, so please…"

Perhaps due to boredom or… moved by his gaze filled with devotion, she eventually succumbed and accompanied him in choosing a gift.

After she hopped in the man's Mercedes, she felt that she had temporarily lost her sanity to agree with helping him choose a gift for a stranger.

The car quickly arrived at the largest shopping mall in the capital.

Once he parked his car in the basement, she took the elevator to the mall to select a gift with him.

"Senior, is there anything that she likes?" While in the elevator, she started asking for his goddess's interests.

"She likes food."

He looked at her tenderly when he gave that reply.

Likes eating? That's quite like me.


As she was chatting with him, the elevator doors parted open.

"Hah! Why is it a different man again? We should really let Wen Qimo see your true colors!"


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