Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
630 Listen properly; my boyfriend is Ji Ziming.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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630 Listen properly; my boyfriend is Ji Ziming.

The entire jewelry shop descended into an eerie silence following that slap.

As though she had performed an amazing feat, everyone's gazes were on her.

"Pei Ge, you! You—" Ji Lelin, the receiver of that shocking slap, came to herself.

She, who had never been slapped by anyone before, actually suffered such a tight slap on the face in public, and the one who had done so was someone she currently loathed, so how could she possibly just swallow this down?

Hence, while she spoke, she raised her hand to slam it on Pei Ge.

Alas, the slap that was supposed to echo about did not as it was stopped midway.

"Miss Ji, that's enough." Fu Mingxuan's icy eyes glinted coldly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Nobody present expected the usually gentle him to emit such a frigid aura, which made one shiver in a cold sweat.

"Release me, you dumb man!" Feeling so humiliated when he caught her wrist, she lifted her other one to scratch and pry him away. Right now, she was acting like a total shrew.

This mistress of the Ji family was suddenly far from her admirable image before.

"Lelin, don't do this. Quickly let go of Brother Mingxuan."

"Lele, quickly release him. Did you forget that you had just made a phone call?"

Her two friends rushed to pull her back from the man when they sensed her losing her cool.

Still, how could this lady who had lost her cool still heed their words?

She grabbed onto him tightly. Including her hands, she even used her teeth to grab, scratch, and bite him.

Fortunately, besides coldly and disdainfully eyeing her, he did not raise his hand against her.

He let this lady, whose height just reached his shoulders, scratched and grabbed him without retaliating.

Pei Ge had totally not expected her slap to result in such a farce. What was more unexpected to her was how uncouth and unsightly Ji Lelin looked when she lost her cool.

"Hey! Crazy, quickly let go! Come at me if you have issues; don't hurt innocent people!"

Logic returned to her when she saw that the man was about to exhaust his patience, and she rushed between the scuffling pair to pry them apart.

Fu Mingxuan had done that earlier to shield Pei Ge from any harm. Now, seeing her rush in and Ji Lelin move to slap her, he finally made his move.

As a corollary, the scene became even more chaotic…

"You vixen, I'll beat you to death today!"

"Crazy woman, you'd better release your hands now!"

"Ge Ge, don't come over!"

"Lele, don't be rash! Didn't you call Wen Qimo over? He'll be here soon!"

"Brother Mingxuan, are you alright? Lelin, you release him first…"

A cold growl penetrated this pandemonium.

"What are you lot doing?!"

The moment she heard this shout, Ji Lelin, who had been acting like an irrational shrew, stopped what she was doing at once.

With her being the promulgator of everything, everyone else also stopped once she did.


Her trendy hairstyle and neat clothes were now a complete mess. Instead of the rich sorority she was, she looked like an insane person.

Albeit being better off than her, the rest did not escape this scuffle unscathed.

Wen Qimo looked at Ji Lelin and then at the rest. When he noticed the scratch marks on Pei Ge's face and her messy hair, he frowned deeply.

Not caring about the others, he strode purposefully to her.

"Ge Ge, are you okay?" He reached out his hand, looking guilty and remorseful.

Pak! She surprisingly smacked his hand away angrily.

"Wen Qimo, look at the mess you've created for me!"

Yes, she was mad at Ji Lelin, but the one she blamed for this was him.

If not for him, would she meet this farce when she was just out shopping for a present?

"Ge Ge, I'm sorry. This is all my fault." Knowing that she was angry, he continued apologizing to her.

Unfortunately, her anger had reached its peak, so no matter how much he apologized, she remained unmoved.

"Wen Qimo, I care not for your reasons or difficulties; in the future, stop using me as your shield! Please settle this Miss Ji by yourself! I don't want her making things hard for me again! Also, you'd better make her stop pestering me!" She narrowed her eyes warningly.

"You woman, who gave you the right to talk like that to Qimo?! What do you take—" Ji Lelin was instantly enraged by her audacious words.

Quickly enough, Wen Qimo cut her off.

"Ji Lelin, are you done being crazy?! Shut up!" he angrily bellowed.

Although she was speaking up for him, he did not give her a shred of face.

"…" She instantly felt wronged. Was she not speaking up for him? How could he be fierce to her, instead?

"Wen Qimo, you jerk! What is so good about this promiscuous woman?! Look at her! She has changed partners so many times! She—"

She pointed at her and hurled mounts of abuse. Alas, again, her words were cut short.

This time, however, the person who had interrupted her was not the man but Pei Ge, instead.

"Miss Ji, I have tolerated you long enough." She shot her a cold glare. Not bickering with her in the past was her choice for she pitied the fact that she had fallen in love with someone gay.

Unfortunately, this woman's actions had riled her up so thoroughly she did not pity anymore and did not want to tolerate her again.

"I don't know how you concluded that I'm a promiscuous woman. Don't tell me that it's just from seeing me walk with different men?"

She scoffed. "Hur hur! If that's so, the whole street is filled with promiscuous women, and that includes your mother."

"You!" Ji Lelin angrily balled her fists up.

Her anger did not stop Pei Ge from proceeding to chew her out, though.

"Perhaps, are you implying that, since you're this type of person, everyone is like you?"

"Pei Ge, don't go overboard! Who is like who?!" Ji Lelin growled.

"Hur hur? I'm overboard? Great. I will tell you know, then. This young lady here has a boyfriend and does not like this Wen Qimo you love! Listen properly; I only have one boyfriend, and that is Ji Ziming!"


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