Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
632 I saw your boyfriend in New York!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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632 I saw your boyfriend in New York!

As a corollary of that earlier incident, Pei Ge became sincere and hardworking in choosing a present for Fu Mingxuan's goddess subsequently.

She carefully chose a unique key-shaped necklace according to his description.

While this silver necklace with embedded rubies was not as expensive, and precious, as the two before, it was more exquisite and cuter. In addition, the meaning it represented was something the rest did not have.

That was because this necklace was not just an ornament but… an actual key.

This key did not open a door.

Rather, it could open a special diary.

"I actually think that you can confess to her on her birthday!" Holding the necklace in her palms, she excitedly suggested this to him.

"You should go write on the diary first – one entry a day. Write down your feelings for her using a reminiscing and recollecting method on every entry! Write down your first meeting with her and when you started liking her! Also, why you like her…"

After rattling off a whole bunch of things, she finally concluded. "Anyway, just write your feelings for her on every entry! I guarantee that you will succeed with this method! I'm a genius! This is so romantic!"

"Really?" Her excitement amused him.

"Of course, yes! Anyway, if a man does this to me, I'll be so touched enough to fall in love with him!" She grinned.

His eyes dimmed at this, and his gaze on her turned gentler.

The woman, however, was drowning in her endless imagination and did not feel a shred of it.

"Let's go. Since you spend so much effort choosing such a nice gift for me, I need to thank you properly and treat you to supper," he said with a smile.

She quickly shook her head and rejected it, though. "Not supper, I guess. I'm currently on a diet!"

"A diet, huh…" He paused at this.

"Mhm, a diet. I can't eat a full meal in the afternoon and can only eat some fruit at night." She smiled while saying this.

"… I think you look fine like this and don't need to go on a diet." After some contemplation, he softly said this as he gazed at her slightly round face.

"Ha ha! Senior, you must be comforting me." She laughed at this.

"No, I'm speaking the truth," he replied seriously, his gaze gentle.

How were men not attracted to beauty?

Still, he realized that, no matter how she looked, he still liked her. His feelings would not change just because of her looks.

He had just realized this, too.

He preferred beauties and had a high aesthetic requirement, yet he actually felt that she looked adorable like this…

Was it because his obsession was ingrained or because… he loved her too much?

"Senior? Senior?" She called out to him, whose gaze was transfixed on her. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He shook his head and laughed. "I was just thinking about how beautiful you will look after you slim down, just like when you were in school."

"Pfft! Maybe! Haven't you seen online that all fatties are potential stocks?" She did not think too deeply into it and just continued with his joke.

Clearly, after that earlier incident, the two of them had become much closer.

That night, she returned home in his car. Once she showered, she saw his text message, but unlike in the past, she did not reply curtly and politely to him.

Chatting with him for some time, she eventually bid him a good night and prepared to sleep.

However, just as she turned off the lights to sleep, her phone unexpectedly rang.

"Who is it? Calling me at this hour…" she mumbled, proceeding to pick up the phone she HAD placed beside her pillow.

When she saw the caller ID next, her eyes widened, and she rushed to answer the call.

"Hey, Ge Ge! Guess who I saw in New York!"

Before she even spoke, Tang Xiaoyu's vivacious voice came through.

"Hah? Did you call me at this hour just to ask me something nonsensical?" She rolled her eyes exasperatedly. "Please, big mistress, do you know what time it is in China now?"

Her best friend cared not about that, though, and just laughed before continuing. "Ge Ge, guess!"

"… Guess what?" she asked confusedly.

"Of course, it's to guess who I saw!" Her best friend sounded amused.

"How will I know that?" She nudged her lips in exasperation. "Xiaoyu, stop playing the miming game with me. I still need my beauty sleep!"

"Fine, fine. You, woman, are too boorish!" The other was dispirited at her uncooperative attitude.

"I saw your boyfriend, the great CEO, here in New York!"

She was stunned at this, and all her sleepiness vanished.

That annoying fellow actually went overseas…

But… why didn't he tell me about it?

"You actually couldn't even guess this; how stupid! It's so simple!" Her best friend grinned.

Regaining her senses, desolation overtook her face. She then gloomily said, "How would I guess that? I didn't even know that he's abroad."

"What? Isn't he your boyfriend? Why d'you not know that he's overseas?" Tang Xiaoyu lost all her mood to tease her.

"We…" At this moment, she actually did not know where to start explaining.

"What happened between you two?" Quickly catching on that she was hiding something from her, her best friend quickly interrogated her.

"Nothing. Xiaoyu, it's already very late, and I'm sleepy; let's talk another day."

After she said that, she bid her a good night and hung up the call.


Once she ended the call, she looked at her phone and lightly sighed. Her mind was only filled with Ji Ziming.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Why did that annoying fellow not tell me that he's going overseas? Even a text message would do, too.

Still, did something important occur for him to leave the country in a hurry?


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