Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
633 Miss Pei, your father-in-law asks me to bring you over.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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633 Miss Pei, your father-in-law asks me to bring you over.

She did not sleep well that night due to Tang Xiaoyu's late-night call. The moment she closed her eyes, Ji Ziming would appear in her mind, and she would keep thinking about him…

Hence, she had visible panda eyes when she went to work.

"Hah… Good morning!" She greeted He Yan with a yawn.

"Morning." Noting the dark circles under her eyes, her colleague asked concernedly, "Did you not get enough rest last night?"

"Yes, I didn't." She nodded and smiled lightly.

How could I possibly get enough rest last night?

She worried about his whereabouts when she did not know where he was, yet when she did learn of his location, her mind became filled with confusing thoughts of why he had suddenly gone overseas.

"You stayed up the whole night?" Seeing that she was still fine despite her lack of sleep, He Yan did not worry much about her anymore.

Pei Ge just shook her head, answering helplessly, "I merely had insomnia."

She chatted with her colleague for a while before she turned her focus on her work.

The man was not around, but that did not mean that their work would stop; after all, it did not revolve around his presence.

Going through the document in her hands, it was lunchtime in the blink of an eye.

Having lunch with her friends, she wanted to ask about the man to his cousin, but before she could, Qin Qitong beat her to it.

"Sister Pei Ge, what did you do yesterday afternoon? Did something unexpected happen?" the young lady asked softly, perplexed.

Pei Ge's brows twitched at this, and she mumbled inside, Don't tell me that those gossipmongers already made known what had happened yesterday to the whole company?

"Oh. I heard a few women slandering me with no rhyme or reason. As their words were ugly, I couldn't bear it and scolded them."

She heedlessly shrugged and even continued amusedly. "I was so angry back then I even spouted arrogant words."

"Ahhh! I know now. This is the truth, huh. I knew it! My uncle truly misunderstood you!" The girl proclaimed with confidence after her explanation.

This made her confused.

"What do you mean by your uncle misunderstanding me?" She blinked in confusion at the girl.

"Ha ha!" The girl noticed her blur look and laughed. "Sister Pei Ge, didn't I tell you that my uncle was coming to the company to meet you yesterday?"

"Yeah." She nodded but was still perplexed. "I thought he didn't come?"

She had been in a state of anxiety the rest of that afternoon.

"He he! It turned out that my uncle really came, but he did so while in disguise to spy on you. He's so sly!" The girl tut-tutted.

Her eyes widened in shock at once. "He was in disguise?!"

"That's right! He secretly came and coincidentally saw you arrogantly scolding those people. In the end, he didn't say anything and just left." Qin Qitong helplessly shrugged.

"…" Pei Ge did not know what to say for a moment.

She did not expect herself to be so unlucky yesterday!

She also did not expect to be caught in the act by Ji Ziming's father the first time she did something like that!

Now, he's probably taking me for a gold digger who's only dating his son for money! Can I get any unluckier?!

The young lady shot her a pitying look when she saw her crestfallen face and consoled, "Relax. There's still aunt on your side! After her brainwashing, my uncle is ready to give you another chance. He even agreed to having you at their home for a meal for him to reevaluate you!"

"…" Pei Ge's expression turned even uglier at this.

Could that annoying fellow's father be so easily pacified? It's likely that his impression of me has hit rock bottom due to that incident, so how could he easily change his mind about me so fast?

Looks like that meal will be full of treachery!

Wu wu wu! Why was I so rash?! I probably got possessed back then to make such a dumb move!

It just had to be that man's father who saw it! Gosh…

She ended her lunch close to tears, yet no a drop would come out. Thus, she returned to her office and totally forgot to ask Qin Qitong why Ji Ziming had gone to New York.

Up until quitting time, her mind was muddled. Thoughts of the man's father replaced thoughts of Ji Ziming himself.

She was about to clock out when her mind cleared up a little. She prepared to buck up and properly thought of how to handle the man's father and change his impression of her, but who knew that—

"Hello, Miss Pei. I am here to fetch you under master's orders."

She had just stepped out of the company building when, instead of seeing Li Qi who usually took her back home, she was accosted by a man wearing a black suit and white gloves.

"You are?"

She blinked at the stranger confusedly.

"Hello, Miss Pei. I am Zheng Yan…"

The moment she heard his self-introduction, she felt depressed.

She had truly not anticipated the treacherous party to arrive this quickly and suddenly!

The girl had only informed her earlier that the man's father wanted to have her come over for a meal and to reevaluate her. Now… someone was here to fetch her under his order!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This is… too catastrophic!

Unable to accept this fact for a moment, she screamed in horror inside.

Although she was unwilling, she still got in the car the man's father had sent over and made her way to the Ji family's villa unprepared…


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