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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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636 Ming Ming likes Ge Ge now.

She froze when she heard the couple's conversation.

Her brain was telling her that the two were just guess, their speculation did not equate to truth.

However, she still could not control her heart…

"Hubby, don't talk nonsense! Ge Ge is still here!"

Mother Ji was shocked by the words that had come out of her husband's mouth. In her confusion, she glanced at Pei Ge and noticed her frozen look.

"Hubby, our son isn't that kind of person. He's already with Ge Ge; he must be in New York due to an important issue." While she was looking seriously at her husband, her words seemed to be more for her.

Pei Ge pursed her lips when she heard Mother Ji defend her son, thinking to herself bitterly, I am just Ji Ziming's shield and not his girlfriend.

"Important matters! What important matters?! Is it so important that we can't even get in touch with him and that no one around him knows he's abroad?" Father Ji ranted further, regardless of who was listening.

Clearly, he was upset with his son's trip to New York at this time of the year.

"Old Ji! I already told you that our son isn't like that! Can't you trust him a little?"

Mother Ji was frustrated by how he could not be humored.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Setting aside that there's nothing wrong with him going there at any point in time, even if he's there to celebrate that woman's birthday, what's wrong with that? The one that our Ming Ming likes now is Ge Ge, anyway! She is his girlfriend!" She yelled at her husband in frustration.

Her yell was apparently effective as the ranting man visibly calmed down.


"Don't you 'honey' me! How can you not trust our son? This is too much!" She furiously glared at him.

"It's not that I don't trust our son; it's just… th-that I'm worried," he stammered, glancing carefully at her.

None of that arrogant air he had earlier was present now.

She was really upset with him, though, so she did not hear him out.

"Worried? Worried about what?! Our son isn't a young boy anymore; he knows what to do and what not to do!" She cut him off crossly.

Pei Ge watched the two argue and just sat there senselessly.

Arguing with him for a while, Mother Ji only remembered her son's girlfriend then. Her cold look receded and was replaced by warmth as she turned to regard her.

"Ge Ge, don't listen to him. How can our Ming Ming be like that?"

This gentle voice helped Pei Ge come to herself, but she had yet to wrap her mind around it, so…

"What woman…" She stared at her. The question she had been meaning to ask slipped out of her mouth.

Her question caught the two off guard.

"Er…" Seeing the confusion on her face, Mother Ji was at a loss on how to explain things.

On top of that, that woman was someone she hated to talk about. If not for him bringing her up today, she would not really let Pei Ge know about such a woman's existence.

"You don't know her? Did Ming Ming not tell you?" Contrary to his wife's dilemma, Father Ji had no qualms about it.

He did not like either this woman or that one, so it did not matter to him to say it aloud.

Pei Ge gently shook her head.

"Hmph! Ask him yourself, then! That's between you two!" he coldly retorted.

Hearing his words, her clouded mind cleared up at once.

She was not really Ji Ziming's girlfriend, so why did he need to tell her about it?

When Mother Ji saw her expression change, she glared at her husband. She blamed him for her son's girlfriend's look now.

"Old Ji, come with me for a bit!"

She stood up from the couch and fiercely dragged him out of the living room.

Because of the force she used and her sharp nails biting on his flesh, his expression did not look good.

"Honey—ow! Be gentler."

Loneliness and envy flashed in Pei Ge's eyes as she watched the two leave lovingly.

This was probably what true love looked… Although she was, in name, that man's girlfriend, the two of them registered their marriage, and they lived under the same roof, they still could have such a harmonious time with each other…

"Old Ji, what is wrong with you?! Didn't I already tell you that the thing with Ge Ge is a misunderstanding? Why are you still making things difficult for her? You even said things like that!"

She began lecturing him once they were out of the living room.

"Honey, how do you know that it's a misunderstanding?" he asked, gently holding her hand in his.

"Of course, it's because Ge Ge said so," she replied truthfully, rolling her eyes.

"Hmph! Of course, she would defend and make herself look good when speaking to you! Why else would you like her so much?" He scoffed and narrowed his eyes.

"Hubby, I'm telling you; Ge Ge isn't like what you think, so please stop attacking her. Once you stop judging her with your preconceived notions, you'll realize that she's a really nice girl." She sighed, her voice softening.

"Besides, between Ge Ge and that woman, who do you prefer for our Ming Ming? Who do you want him to marry?"


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