Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
637 Do you still want our son to get married or not?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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637 Do you still want our son to get married or not?

"Besides, between Ge Ge and that woman, who do you prefer for our Ming Ming? Who do you want him to marry?"

Father Ji, who was standing next to his wife, paused at her question.

Prefer more?

In his mind, the two women appeared…

It seemed that Pei Ge, who had come to visit them today, was more pleasing to his eye.

Although she was of common birth and her family was not well off, setting aside what he had seen yesterday, her present behavior as a guest in their home was only ever well-mannered and courteous.

Her table manners did not pale in comparison to those socialites.

If he did not know that she was from a common family, he would really think that she was a socialite from an influential family just from her manner.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Despite what he thought, he did voice it out.

"Hmph! None of them is suitable for our son. Both are not good enough to be my daughter-in-law!"

He scoffed coldly.

Immediately after he said that, his wife smacked him on the arm.

She slapped him hard before she rolled her eyes. "Why can't you come to your senses? Tell me; how many have our son shown interest in while growing up besides Ge Ge and that woman?" she demanded angrily.

He started to consider her words.

His son indeed seemed not… to have shown interest in many women…

"Since we managed to get that woman out of the country, if we get rid of Ge Ge, do you think that, given his temperament, our son will still find you another daughter-in-law to continue the Ji family's bloodline?"

Seeing him seriously considering her words, she decided to exaggerate things.

Fortunately, her exaggeration appeared to have worked on him.

His expression changed for the worse right after she spoke.

"He dares!" He scoffed, but his voice sounded unsure.

"Don't you know your son's temper?" When she heard the uncertainty in his voice, her lips slightly upturned at the corner, and a ghost of a smile could be spotted in her eyes.

"Okay, hubby, just set your prejudice aside and chat with Ge Ge. I really do like her. Even if you don't believe in your son's judgment, can't you believe in my judgment of people?"

"Hmph!" Even though he was scoffing again, it was clear that he had softened after her persuasion.

"Why are you grunting? You're not a pig," she teased amusedly.

He looked at her a little exasperatedly. "Fine. On the account of my wife, I'll give her this one chance."

"That's what I'm talking about! Let's quickly go in and not make Ge Ge wait for too long!"

With that, she dragged him back into the living room.

"Ge Ge, was it boring sitting here alone?" Dragging her husband to a seat, she smiled at her.

Pei Ge returned the smile and watched the two return to their seats. Inside, she still felt conflicted over the fact that that annoying fellow had gone abroad to celebrate a woman's birthday.

However, owing to his father's words and the couple's brief exit, she managed to regain her composure.

As such, right now, her mind was already calm.

"Uncle, auntie, it's getting late; I think…" She smiled politely at the two. "I should get going."

"Go?" Mother Ji paused when she heard that she wanted to leave and rushed to stop her. "It's still early. Stay a bit longer.

"You see; your uncle here just told me that he wants you two to talk in private." She continued smiling at her as she elbowed her husband surreptitiously.

"… Huh?" Pei Ge's brain turned into a mess again.

Ji Ziming's father wanted to talk to her in private… They were kidding, right? He disliked her so much; why would he want to talk to her alone?

"… En. You come sit with me in my study," he affirmed coldly. The hopelessness of being setup by his wife was not evident on his face.

Pei Ge's eyes widened at his confirmation.

Ah! This is the ambush waiting for me, huh! she grumbled to herself.

"… Oh." Even though she did not want to, she could only follow him to the study room upstairs.

She obediently climbed up the stairs after the man's father and dared not to look around.

Soon, she saw him stopped before a mahogany door.


When the door was opened, the smell of books and paper assailed her.

"Come in."

He coldly told her.

She followed him into the study without delay.

Entering the study and seeing the rows upon rows of books, she could not help but think of how similar Ji Ziming was to his father in terms of looks and hobbies.


Father Ji did not sit at the area for attending to guests. Instead, he sat behind his work desk as if talking to a subordinate.

Of course, she was not exactly being treated as a subordinate, seeing as his subordinates never got to sit in front of him.

She stopped looking around and sat across him obediently.

He stared at her coldly; his palms interlocked as he watched her sit down obediently.

"Miss Pei, I must say that you've really got some tricks up your sleeve. If you didn't use them on my wife and son, I'd definitely hire you."


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