Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
642 From today onward, you are Manager Pei!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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642 From today onward, you are Manager Pei!

"I saw him again today and with a woman at that!"

Hearing this, Pei Ge felt as if her head would explode.

She involuntarily recalled the conversation of Ji Ziming's parents.

'That stupid boy must have gone there to celebrate that woman's birthday!'

'He went there to meet that woman…'

"Ge Ge? Ge Ge? Ge Ge, are you still there?"

Tang Xiaoyu questioned her frantically when she did not respond after a long time.

"… Yes, I'm here," she finally replied.

"Ge Ge, are you okay?" her best friend asked worriedly, noting her abnormal response.

"I'm fine," she assured softly.

How could her sensitive friend not pick up on her mood, though?

"Ge Ge, you must have not heard the second half of my words!" She grinned.

"Mhm?" Pei Ge hummed listlessly and questioningly.

"Ha ha. I saw your boyfriend with a woman, but there were others around him. I could tell that it's that woman who was clinging to him. As for your Ji Ziming…"

Tang Xiaoyu paused at this point, seemingly wanting to let her hang in suspense.

It was a pity, though, that her target was too affected by what she had just heard to care about anything else.

Her whole attention was on one fact. So… that annoying fellow really went to New York to celebrate a woman's birthday.

"Hey, Miss Pei! Why aren't you giving me any reaction?!" Her best friend raged when she did not pay attention to her words.

"Just say it if you have something to say." Her reply was still listless, though.

"I'm really done with you. Can you please not let your imagination run wild? Your boyfriend didn't even act inappropriately with that woman. I just wanted to tease you a little!"

The other hastily explained, a little frightened by her reaction.

"Please, my big mistress Pei, I saw your boyfriend on Wall Street earlier. Except for business, do you think it's possible for him to date some random woman here? You should stop being paranoid. This young lady here has such sharp eyes, and I can see that your boyfriend is truly here for business purposes."

Her mood remained unchanged even after hearing Tang Xiaoyu's hasty explanation.

If she had not heard some stuff from the man's parents, she would not have put stock into this.


"I understand, Xiaoyu. I'm a little sleepy, so I'll go to sleep now. I have a busy day tomorrow."

Bidding the other good night, she quickly hung up the phone.

She then stared at her phone screen for a long time before eventually letting out a long sigh and lying back in her bed again.


In the kitchen of a certain apartment in New York.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah! Pei Ge, you b*tch, how dare you hang up on me?! You are so cruel!" Tang Xiaoyu screamed in anger as she stared at her phone.

"You stupid girl! You actually hung up on me for a man?!" she nagged, holding the phone before her face.

"Xiaoyu, what's wrong?"

A male voice came from the kitchen doorway, which was supposed to have only her.

"Ah! Zhengrong, it's nothing!" She quickly hid her phone upon hearing the man's voice.

"Is that so? I thought I heard you calling someone… Pei Ge?"

"Ugh… Yes, I was just on the phone with Ge Ge to report her boyfriend's whereabouts! It's the man we saw a few days ago!"

"… Oh."

"Zhengrong, wait a while. Lunch will be done in a jiffy!"


The next morning, after having breakfast, she carried her luggage down the stairs to the car Ji Ziming's dad had arranged for her to ride and making her way to Tianjin, a city which was 200 kilometers away from the capital.

Not until she got in the car did she learn that the branch company she was transferred to was in Tianjin.

In addition, the moment she got in the car, she was made to change her phone number.

Her lips curled up at the passing scenery outside the car window.

That annoying fellow's father is truly a man of his words. In fact, I think that this is no test but a ploy to separate me and his son, instead.

"Tsk!" She snorted when she thought of this.

Do we even need to be separated? Also, with the nature of my relationship with that annoying fellow, unless the contract is destroyed, can our fake relationship be broken off?

At this moment, she was suddenly curious of what look that man's father would have if he were to see their marriage certificate.

She burst out laughing at this thought.

"Pwa ha ha!"

Still, besides the taciturn chauffeur, only she was this car's passenger. Hence, her sudden laughter in such a quiet environment was quite… creepy.

As their destination was not very far from the capital, the car quickly arrived.

"Miss Pei, we are here."

Once the chauffeur stopped the car, its door was opened by a man in a uniform from the outside.

"You must be Manager Pei from headquarters!"

Before she could speak a word to the smiling man who had opened the door, his words gave her a scare first. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What did you call me?"

She asked, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

Did this man just call me 'Manager Pei'? Is there a mistake here?! When did I become a manager?

"I called you Manager Pei; Is there something wrong with it?" The man looked at her perplexedly.

Manager Pei…

She paused for a while but soon recovered herself.

Looks like Uncle Ji is truly testing me out…

He really sent me over to train, huh, and he even gave me the manager post.

T-That's a little too stubborn! I've never been a manager of anything!

Gosh… Please just let me off! Can I even pass this test?


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