Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
647 Two people are missing each other.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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647 Two people are missing each other.

Her stern and cold look instantly dissipated once Wu Yongkang, who had listlessly exited her office like a dehydrated leaf, was truly gone.

"Oh, my momma! The post of general manager is truly something no average person can take up!"

She sat back in her chair and patted her D-cup chest as she mumbled about how keeping a straight face while lecturing people was something no average person could do!

"Hey, Xiaoyu! Did you hear all that? Was I very domineering earlier or what? Especially when I slapped these files on the table, did you think I was very cool?"

She picked up the phone she had left lying on the desk and gleefully talked to it.

It turned out that the attitude she had displayed in front of her secretary was all an act!

Plus, the person who had given her this idea was none other than her best friend!

Having been here for quite some time now, she realized that this company's employees were very complex and did not fear her.

To be more accurate, none of them thought of her as anything.

Depressed, she called her best friend to complain and got this idea of acting very fierce and evil.

When she was scolding that male subordinate of hers, the mastermind behind all this was of course listening to everything!

"Not bad, not bad, Ge Ge! I truly didn't expect that you had it in you to be that domineering and assertive!" Tang Xiaoyu praised generously.

She snickered, happily muttering, "Isn't it because—"

She suddenly closed her mouth.

In her mind, Ji Ziming's flawlessly handsome yet detached face surfaced.

Her expression earlier was modeled after that annoying fellow…

After hanging around him for so long, she had unconsciously committed his every expression to her heart and buried them deep within…

As she was fiercely lecturing that secretary earlier, she was actually thinking of his expression.

"Because of what? Don't tell me that it's because your potential has exploded?" her best friend teased cheekily.

She hastily collected her thoughts at her question.

"Pfft! That's right! My potential has exploded!" She laughed, playing along.

Bantering for quite some time, she then started feeling troubled again.

"Although I gave that subordinate a warning, I couldn't possibly warn everybody one by one, right? It's even more so because I'm just a general manager of the planning department."

"Ge Ge, don't worry too much. You're not as weak as you think you are! Truthfully, after going through years of education, I think that you're still that class monitor who could handle her classmates the best.

"Back then, be it the rebellious type or not, intellectual or otherwise, which of our classmates wasn't obedient to you?

"Actually, to manage that company, you just have to adopt the attitude you had back when you're still the class monitor!"

Hearing her best friend mention this so nonchalantly, her eyes squinted slightly in suspicion.

"Can managing students be the same as managing employees?"

Isn't the difference between the two a little too huge?

"You don't have a choice, anyway, so just make a Hail Mary effort! Relax. I think you can do it! Strive on, Manager Pei! I see potential in you!"

"… Scram, scram, scram! Why do I have such an unreliable friend?"

She scolded with laughter and hung up the call.

Manage the employees like how I used to manage my fellow classmates?

In the end, she decided to heed her best friend's advice.

Once the phone conversation ended, she started considering things seriously.

A long time passed, and as if concluding something, a resolute expression appeared on her face.

She looked at the string of numbers saved on her phone, which had come along with the change of SIM cards, and dialed it for the first time.

Toot… toot… toot… Involuntarily, she felt nervous hearing this sound.

Still, her resolve did not waver.


The call finally got through.

She listened to the indifferent voice on the phone and, taking a deep breath, shoved away all the anxiety she felt.

"Hello, Uncle Ji, I'm calling to make a request."

"Let me guess; you want to come back."

A voice tinged with mockery came through the receiver.

"Of course not," she vehemently denied.

"Then, what do you want by making this call?"

"I…" She paused, continuing resolutely thereafter. "I want to be promoted to the top position."

A bar in the capital.

"Yo, Ziming! I heard that your Little Chili is missing!"

Mu Heng, who had entered the room in a flamboyant manner, quickly caught sight of his best buddy drinking red wine alone.

"Isn't drinking alone when you're sad very boring? Wait a moment; I'll call Gaofei and Mingxuan over. We, brothers, will drink together today!"

He did not get a reply from him, though.

Giving him a worried look, Mu Heng agilely got up and called Liao Gaofei.

After making the call, he sat down next to the man.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ziming, don't worry too much. Since your father said that Little Chili's away for training, it must truly be the case. Don't worry; your dad is so generous, so he definitely won't mistreat her."

He patted his back comfortingly.


Ji Ziming put down the crystal wine glass on the table with a dark face. Anyone could see that his mood was at its troughs.

"Even if he wants to train that stupid woman, there's still no need to keep her whereabouts from me."

A week had already passed. He finally realized that the woman, who had always been by his side and whom he had not placed much importance, could actually disappear in his life.

Everything happened so fast that he was at a loss on what to do.

Since it was just a short three-day trip overseas, he decided to lecture that stupid woman, who had never once replied to his messages or called him, once he returned.

Who knew, though, that… because of his pride and him not wanting to lose face, that stupid woman would actually slip away from his grasp?

Did she feel uneasy when she was being sent away? Did she… hate me for neglecting her and setting her aside?


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