Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
649 Ziming is not the type to two-time.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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649 Ziming is not the type to two-time.

"Anyway, it's your fault that our friend left."

Seeing that Fu Mingxuan was drowning his frustration with alcohol, the two decided to ignore him in favor of their conversation.

"My fault? Could I really anger Ji Ziming into walking out on us? You're thinking too highly of me."

Mu Heng rolled his eyes at Liao Gaofei.

With just his bit of skills, how could he cause that high and mighty man to storm off?

It was more like he would be tortured by that man until he fled, instead!

"Your mention of that woman and your words definitely made him unhappy." The other nudged his lips as he lifted his cocktail off the table, apparently confident in his supposition.

"Think about it; that woman is Ziming's first girlfriend and his first love. Although he's now dating Miss Pei, he's likely still hung up on his first love." Liao Gaofei sipped his cocktail in a totally relaxed manner. With the man gone, he really dared to say anything now.

His supposition was bound to go unsupported by Mu Heng, though.

"That's impossible. Dumb bird Liao, you're truly dumb. How can you think that of our friend?"

Mu Heng snorted and gave the other man an eyeroll. "Don't you know what Ziming like? If he likes someone, he will only like that person and won't let himself be entangled with another.

"It's true that that woman is his first girlfriend, but since he's now dating Pei Ge, that means that he's let go of his first love and only has his present girlfriend in his heart." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Surprisingly, the usually flamboyant man said something eloquent.

Liao Gaofei, who had only said this in jest, received a shock from his words.

"I-I was just making a wild guess for fun… Why are you being serious for?"

He blinked and gave him a bewildered look.

Before Mu Heng could speak, Fu Mingxuan chuckled.

"Do you know where Ziming has been recently?"

"Mhm?" Mu Heng inclined his head curiously.

His father had sent him outside the capital to deal with an important company issue, so he had no time to be concerned with his best friend's matters.

"He's been to New York," Fu Mingxuan remarked, rubbing the edges of his glass.

"What of him being there…" He moved to brush off this topic, yet soon his expression changed.

That woman is in New York!

Nudging his lips, he laughed, "Going to New York doesn't mean anything. The Ji's business is big, and it's not like they don't have branches abroad."

"However, the two did meet, and Ziming even gave her a gift," Fu Mingxuan said with a bright smile, his hand leaving the wine glass. "Can this mean anything?"

"… Of course, it can't." Mu Heng's lips twitched, but his eyes remained resolute. "The Ziming I know won't ever be so indecisive and two-time—"

He defended him resolutely, but before he could finish speaking, the other cut him off again.

"Is that so? What…" he asked, his smile deepening, "if the two aren't really a couple?"

The other two men were stunned.

The sources of the two's surprise differed, though. Of the two, Mu Heng was shocked while Liao Gaofei was baffled.

"The hell, Mingxuan! You're joking, right?!" Liao Gaofei was nonplussed.

"Who knows? I was just making a wild guess here." Fu Mingxuan's lips curled slightly at the corner.

Before the two could digest this fully, he also got up off the sofa and moved to leave.

"Anyway, I still have something on, so I'll get going first."

Hearing him say goodbye, Liao Gaofei raised his head confusedly.

"Weren't you done with company matters? Why the hurry to leave when we've just arrived?"

"I have personal matters." He smiled and waved at them before leaving the room.

Hence, this luxurious private room was left with two men.

An elegant and slow music pervaded the air.

How could these two still be in the mood to listen to music, drink alcohol, and flirt with the girls, though?

"Strange. Mingxuan is really strange today…" Mu Heng frowned slightly, a hazy thought forming in his head.

He had this nagging sensation that the man's every action and word today was aimed at Ji Ziming and Pei Ge…

"How is he weird?" Liao Gaofei looked at him with confusion.

"In everything. Especially on that matter between Ziming and Pei Ge, he kept giving this weird vibe." His frown deepened and his eyes narrowed.

Clearly, Liao Gaofei did not realize this.

"Heh! What can be up with him? He's just being sensitive because of his goddess! I think he's been feeling stressed out lately since his progress with his goddess hasn't been smooth, and that's also probably why he had such a reaction when he saw the good relationship between Ziming and his girlfriend!"

Although Mu Heng was still filled with confusion, he set it aside after Liao Gaofei's explanation.


Liao Gaofei's energy level spiked anew when Mu Heng returned to normal.

"He he! Since the two proper dudes are gone, let's go play an exciting game!"

"Sounds good!"

Leaving the bar, Ji Ziming was of course unaware of such an exchange between his friends.

He quietly gazed outside the car window. Somehow, the night made his handsome face look especially cold.

"Have you found traces of Pei Ge?"

"… Not yet."

Du Wen nervously answered while driving.

"Continue looking, then. Don't stop your search."

You dumb woman, even if your number got replaced, couldn't you give me a call with your new one?

Or is it that you don't want to see me at all… and think that there's no need to contact me…

Fu Mingxuan left the bar and got in his car. However, instead of putting on his seatbelt and driving off toward the urgent matter he had spoken about, he just leaned back into his seat. His eyes then flashed with coldness and fatigue.

Sitting there silently for a while, he whipped out a cigarette.


He took a drag of the stick. Under the swirl of its smoke, the tiredness on his face became more pronounced.

"Hur… Fu Mingxuan, Fu Mingxuan. I think you've fallen into the devil's trap…"

Earlier… what were you even saying?

It's really unlike you at all…

Pei Ge, who was busy with work in Tianjin, did not know that, 200 kilometers away, two men were feeling distressed over her.


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